World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1789

Shen Xiang understands now that Deicide Sword Art convenient, later do not make Sword God, the price of paying may not only be 10 billion, may be higher. Azure Dragon also is really fierce, Hell cannot surround him.” Yang Yan said with a smile: You do not need to be worried his, he in Divine Prison, should cross now very well.” Azure Dragon is crosses well, but Shen Xiang must go to rescue him. Big brother Yang, I come to here am want to make you help.” Before Shen Xiang, plans in four divine coin with hand to purchase herbs alchemy to sell surely, sells-out purchases herbs again, so the relapse, sufficiently collects ten hundred million divine coin to go to Divine Prison to redeem Azure Dragon, which knows that Azure Dragon unexpectedly slaughters, kills that ticket Profound God completely. Said!” Yang Yan said with a smile: Can add on my certain gang.” I need to be many some middle-grade saint medicine! I mainly am used for alchemy, so long as is pill who many people purchase , helping me buy first.” Shen Xiang puts out together jade token , to continue saying: Here is four surely divine coin.” Yang Yan understands that Shen Xiang must do, this wants the crazy alchemy rhythm, he had heard Shen Xiang's alchemy technique is mysterious, but has not witnessed. middle-grade Saint pill quite many people purchase, generally is primarily strong soul Quenching Body, therapy to detoxify, this is in the market condition compares sells, because pill of some rare side doors the quantity are few, will therefore make people think that does not sell well, this pill's effect is quite unusual.” Yang Yan received jade token that Shen Xiang hands over, inside has four surely divine coin. Shen Xiang just arrived at Gods, can get so far as this divine coin, Yang Yan also is quite accidental. Good, can get so far as anything to make anything, I look for you after a period of time again!” Yang Yan asked: „Has your tracing incantation driven out?” Shen Xiang lightly smiled: Good, but Infernal Demon Emperor too anxious words, perhaps from newly incantation under my body, therefore I must a bit faster promote the strength to be good, I walked first!” Yang Yan delivered Shen Xiang to downstairs, Shen Xiang leaves hurriedly, returned to Demon Soul Executing City.

Shen Xiang just returned to Demon Soul Executing City, his side jade token vibrates, this jade token is the certificate of Demon Execution Temple disciple, has the use of pass on message. Three days later, in the Demon Execution Temple set!” This sound is Ren Tianyong, obviously has any matter to announce. Fight ended!” Shen Xiang walks on the street, seeing the people to discuss this matter, moreover Demon Execution Temple wins total victories, cuts to kill massive Devil Ghost, seals up the gate of different Devil Ghost comes. He returns to Demon Execution Temple, wants to look Wang Jinshi asks three days later has any important matter to announce, but actually does not see the person! Afterward he arrives at the Yuan Baibing shop, had not found Yuan Baibing, these War-God unexpectedly have been missing completely, Shen Xiang guessed that they were called by Demon Execution Heavenly God. Returns to the mountain village house, Xiao Chou and Tai Qiang here. „The three days later set, did you receive to inform?” Xiao Chou asked. Shen Xiang nodded: What matter is?” Tai Qiang said: I listened to Master saying that was Temple Master Heavenly God must hold any congress, probably must strike awe, counter-attacked Hell Temple, concrete I was not clear.” Xiao Chou said with a smile: When the time comes certainly must attack brutally, I already prepared!”

Master, you a bit faster go to study Executing Demon Divine Art, otherwise when the time comes and Hell Temple does, you cannot resist.” little rascal, are you look down upon Master I?” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Where I dare, I know that Master has been very strong, even if falls behind temporarily, later can definitely quick surpass.” Although Xiao Chou said that but at heart is a little that meaning. Shen Xiang is also all right to do now, stays in the secret room studies that Seven Demon Killings type. Now he only knows that the first type must use physical strength, the first type has seven changes, each change is very strong, the change that but everyone comprehends is different, therefore Temple Master Heavenly God cannot instruct him on this exhaustively. Only can by oneself, I have Enlightenment Stone luckily!” Shen Xiang closes the eye, starts to read comprehend Seven Demon Killings type first, now he must do is senses the first type to change, uses this change, releases own fleshly body strength, displays formidable Demon Execution strength. Along changes, with the strength change of body, makes strength change with the change of body?” Shen Xiang according to these chant, controls own fleshly body strength to revolve, making his skeleton unceasing emanation resounding, the muscle also in high and low fluctuate, looks like is very strange. „It is not good, does not have a clue!” Shen Xiang has tried more than double-hour, the whole body is the perspiration, moreover pants, but has not actually harvested. Must coordinate Heaven Refining Technique!” Shen Xiang calmed down, Demon Execution Heavenly God has mentioned this point to him repeatedly. I have a look in Heaven Refining Technique to use the fleshly body strength method first!” Shen Xiang starts comprehend Heaven Refining Technique, seeks for fleshly body.

Not long, he found the method about fleshly body strength, but the content are not many, but narrated how to display fleshly body strength to coordinate Divine Soul strength to achieve to quenching the whole body. Displays fleshly body strength directly, is makes fleshly body carry on violent and ingenious dashing, or sends out the art, generally needs the body to carry on to move to be able the display of maximum degree strength to come!” The words that such makes, needed the close combat! In Heaven Refining Technique narrated that lets the fleshly body strength maximum degree display, must first coordinate the speed, then found the goal crisp, can have very strong lethality!” Seven Demon Killings type along during changes first changes, is change between strength and speed, is quick and slow, so long as just right, in addition the strength of fleshly body suddenly displays, corresponding strength that produces will be different!” „The first type knows that two types changed, it seems like these changes have the relation! Now coordinates chant to give a try again.” Shen Xiang coordinates Heaven Refining Technique and Seven Demon Killings type first some chant, then starts various practices in the secret room. Two days later, house suddenly ta that Tai Qiang rents! Xiao Chou and Tai Qiang drink to chat in the hall, but at this time they were actually covered by the ruins, what making them be startled, this house really collapsed is too strange, this house was very solid, must make words but actually, strength that needed was strong, even if will be fleshly body strength the lane will collapse, but also first a little weak trembled to transmit. However this house is actually among suddenly, does not have the indication on the avalanche, but made them think that a stranger matter just occurred, they moved some fragment gently, unexpectedly suddenly turned into the dust, gust blew gently, many fragment of house turned into the powder. In Shen Xiang heart wild with joy, because he knows that he grasped the Seven Demon Killings type first two changes successfully, the change and time variation of strength, moreover this change can also have a strange mixer action mutually.