World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1790

The Seven Demon Killings type truly and Demon Execution Heavenly God said such fierce! However must study very difficultly, but Shen Xiang comprehended a point now, clear feeling the terror of Seven Demon Killings type. For example a moment ago, when he knocked out the fist, the change of the period of revolution and strength coordinates together, formidable strength already appearing ruined the house, because the speed quickly was too too fast, therefore caused the strength stealth, therefore house already avalanche, but retarded a period of time to pour. This is Xiao Chou and Tai Qiang has not felt any indication reason, because the house was already destroyed, the speed of just destroying is too fast, moreover coordinates very well with strength, therefore makes the house drop down without enough time! in other words, Shen Xiang's strength has surpassed the actually time rule! Without using Divine Power, is only fleshly body strength, can display rule strength slightly, this is also Shen Xiang exclaims in surprise the Seven Demon Killings type formidable reason. What's the matter?” Xiao Chou is unable to understand that before was in good condition, is only half suddenly, the house but actually becomes this, even if were destroyed by very formidable strength, that destroyed process, although is also very short, but at least can see the house is anything turns into the fragment. But Shen Xiang destroys this house time does not have the process, in a flash, the house turns into the fragment to appear in the ground, even drops the split open process not to have continually. Similar to a person, previous instantaneously is a child, suddenly turned into the Sir, then turns into old man. Now the experience of Xiao Chou and Tai Qiang is this, they felt one have not experienced that time that the house collapses, during that time lost! Master, said quickly, do not smile!” Xiao Chou wants to break unable to think baldly. That is one cultivation technique that I just studied, can change a revolution of time slightly...... This is changes under the function of strength, but the change of time can also make strength stronger.” Shen Xiang contains to say with a smile, now he to the Seven Demon Killings type, behind first type five changed in addition to anticipate. Xiao Chou exclaims in surprise again and again, asked: How fierce, can teach me?” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Perhaps you cannot learn!” Tai Qiang suddenly lowers the sound saying: This is in the Seven Demon Killings type?” Shen Xiang nodded! Xiao Chou has listened probably also to the Seven Demon Killings type, therefore he is dejected at this time. unexpectedly is the Seven Demon Killings type, can you such quickly?” A Tai Qiang face is shocking: Initially I had looked, but is actually confused, my Master as well as nine Martial Uncle, comprehend less than the least bit.” But Shen Xiang just joined Demon Execution Temple shortly, unexpectedly can display so strange strength through the Seven Demon Killings type.

Shen Xiang has made one breathing out the movement, hints him and Xiao Chou keeps secret. This house what to do? This is Old Tai rents!” Xiao Chou said. Reconstructed that's it, the value several money, did not ruin this.” Tai Qiang said that he admires to Shen Xiang now. Walks, three days of time almost arrived, we go to the Demon Execution Temple set, has a look to announce anything matter.” Xiao Chou said. Shen Xiang they arrive at Demon Execution Temple twenty layers quickly, many people already arrived here, Wang Jinshi and Yuan Baibing also here, afterward other War-God one after another arrive, not long, all squads have arrived in full. Those who disappoint the people is quite, has not seen that ten second group of disciples, that may be formidable Heavenly God! But Demon Execution Heavenly God has not appeared. I made a long story short, I convene to come here everybody today, must say a good news!” Ren Tianyong said with a smile: Everybody should know that we then must counter-attack Hell Temple, according to the latest information, Hell Temple has raised a number of Devil Ghost in the Devil Yang valley, moreover they use various Devil Ghost to fuse, the strength is very strong.” Now had presented many this Devil Ghost in Devil Yang valley outside Devil Yang forest, now we can going of open and aboveboard solve these Devil Ghost!” Ren Tianyong puts out a black crystal , to continue saying: So long as can get so far as this type of crystal, comes back to award marks, one jin (0.5 kg) ten points, suffice one extremely to obtain value five hundred thousand divine coin low-grade divine tool, the hundred thousand minute can obtain value 5 million middle-grade divine tool!” Hundred extremely?” The fifth child asked with a smile. High-Grade divine tool! So long as you can get so far as, guarantee has!” Ren Tianyong said with a smile: Everybody, these time delivers the activity of divine tool, because these Devil Ghost are very good to kill, but everybody is careful, so long as has carried on Devil Yang valley outside forest, do not enter the Devil Yang valley, only if your squads have War-God.” Hears to have the opportunity to get so far as middle-grade divine tool, everybody was excited. Now starts Let's go, if Hell Temple sends out War-God to stop you not to need to be worried that our Heavenly God waited for them there, if they dare to hinder us to eliminate Evil Devil, then we can cutting of directly and honestly kill them.” The people leave Demon Execution Temple immediately, rushes to Teleportation Formation. Small Junior Brother, your squads, only then three people, very suffer a loss, or joins my squad, I am War-God, moreover my squad also several Profound God, we can enter the Devil Yang valley, can get so far as that type of crystal in inside.” Wang Jinshi gives Shen Xiang sound transmission. Does not use! Tai Qiang and Xiao Chou are the friend of mine, I and their together, does not need to be worried that meets exposed to be too many!” Although Shen Xiang has relieved the tracing incantation, but to avoid revealing too many matters, he plans to continue to hide the identity.

Good, you must add carefully!” Xiao Chou and Tai Qiang were fantasizing at this time must choose any middle-grade divine tool to be good! A bit faster walks, haven't you seen that group of fellows to think hungry ghost reincarnation such? Went to late the estimate not to have including the wool.” Shen Xiang is patting their shoulders. Shen Xiang does not know that Devil Yang valley, but Tai Qiang knows that must go to the Devil Yang valley also to need to walk long journey, first transmits to small Divine City, then walks from Divine City. If there is a fierce divine tool person, can go with the quick speed, for example Azure Dragon that Azure Dragon cloak, speed very rapidness. This group of bastards, have this flying apsaras divine tool.” After Xiao Chou goes out of Divine City, seeing many people to ride large-scale flight divine tool, flies fast to the Devil Yang forest. Tai Qiang and Xiao Chou want to pursue, but actually held on by Shen Xiang. They walked, we go again, comes with me!” Xiao Chou and Tai Qiang can only believe Shen Xiang, arrives by a hill with Shen Xiang, sees only Shen Xiang to open space passage. I almost forgot that Master has this move, Ha Ha!” Xiao Chou excited saying with a smile. Afterward they stride in that space passage together, Shen Xiang, has learned the position from Tai Qiang there. Has not arrived, but should be quick!” Tai Qiang puts out a god plate, determined position that at this time is. Shen Xiang continues to open Space Gate, after consecutively for several times, they arrive in a Dashanding, but the front is the piece vast forest, this forest is quite unusual, the leaf is the black. The trees are long very big, luxuriant growth of leaves and branches, dense and numerous collecting in the same place, the gale have blown, the leaf shakes, seems is similar to the black sea water is fluctuating. This was the Devil Yang forest, Devil Yang valley in the end of forest, but also!” Tai Qiang said. Xiao Chou sees the distant place to have huge flying disc, Yuan Baibing has dozens people to jump down from above, curled the lip saying: It seems like we are not the first batch come here, these two Martial Uncle itself are Refining Master, he also snatches anything!” Naturally is snatches to sell, this fellow lacks divine coin very much! flying disc that he uses is really good thing, then flew quickly.” Tai Qiang said.

When the Shen Xiang three people wait and see the Devil Yang forest, the rear area has many flight divine tool to arrive one after another, flies sky over the forest, then plunges into the forest in abundance. We walk!” Tai Qiang flies sky over, flies in the direction that a nobody walks. Shen Xiang they just entered the forest, jade token suddenly are shocked, this is the urgent pass on message of Ren Tianyong. Hell Temple also sent, will run when the time comes perhaps into the Hell Temple person, opened directly kills is! Hits must run away, do not spell hardly.” After Xiao Chou hear, said: Cuts to kill the Hell Temple disciple, can award marks!” Should unable, Master he not to have said that also do not spell for us hardly.” Tai Qiang said: When the time comes we carefully.” Shen Xiang now is True God, Xiao Chou and Tai Qiang do not know, therefore they take the lead, but also urged Shen Xiang to be careful once for a while. I arrive at Gods, although has not learned easy-to-use Executing Demon Divine Art, but before me, has studied some fierce Suppressing Devil divine art, moreover I will also use Demon Execution god Gang, enough I coped to practice the Evil Devil strength fellow.” Shen Xiang said: Do not despise me!” Resulted in Master! These that your Seven Demon Killings type crude person, you before studied, are used to cope with this Gods Evil Devil is not easy-to-use.” Xiao Chou is grasping the lance, walks in the forefront, shear in Tai Qiang hand with the demon flower that trims off some to bite once for a while. Has the person!” Shen Xiang suddenly gives Xiao Chou and Tai Qiang sound transmission: Behind front that tree, this fellow goes into hiding very wisely, I had almost not discovered!” The range that the space sensation domain of Shen Xiang release, covers is broad, all objects in this space sensation domain will appear in his mind, the person who therefore that hides goes into hiding, so long as he and Shen Xiang are in the same space unable to go into hiding. Really? How we had not discovered.” Xiao Chou one startled, he and Tai Qiang thinks that his induction ability is good, but Shen Xiang tells them now the position, they used Divine Power to seek for not to find. Continues, do not alarm that fellow! He wants to plot against us, our beat somebody at their own game, when the time comes comes unexpectedly!” Shen Xiang to Xiao Chou and Tai Qiang sound transmission, making them not stop. Shen Xiang induces to the person who that hides is not very strong, with the Xiao Chou Tai Qiang similar rank, so long as Xiao Chou and Tai Qiang know beforehand there has the ambush, can be victorious, therefore Shen Xiang was too not worried that he when the time comes does not plan to get rid.