World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1791
The ambush that person here is discrete, perceived after some do not suit, then slightly is moving, does not plan to lash out Shen Xiang evidently they. After approaching, Shen Xiang gives Xiao Chou and Tai Qiang sound transmission: This fellow is worried unable to take us, therefore he has not planned to get rid, you quicken a step, will be far, like this he from me will sneak attack me! Because I am weakest one, he will definitely not let off sneak attacks my opportunity.” Master, this appropriate?” Xiao Chou somewhat is worried about Shen Xiang. You when the time comes left deft point to be all right!” Shen Xiang is not afraid, although that person of strength is strong, in the situation that but must know in him can also sneak attack successfully, that is the almost impossible matter. Xiao Chou and Tai Qiang step out, leaves behind Shen Xiang intentionally! Really, that person with same has gotten rid, the movement that Shen Xiang expected was swift and violent, is similar to a black color break-up shoots! Early has preparation Tai Qiang and Xiao Chou, the speed is not slow, the flash dodges to Shen Xiang by, opens up the fierce offensive, attacks several moves all of a sudden, they have used Executing Demon Divine Art, Divine Power that releases is having the sacred brilliance, is similar to tide rush over. Shen Xiang the shunt, has put out Vermilion Bird Soul Bow, is emitted an arrow to that by the person who Demon Execution Divine Power submerges! The attack of flash, but is actually Xiao Chou and Tai Qiang fully strikes, residual fallout makes the big piece trees shake, but that person was also burnt by that strength burned black, lies to pour in the ground. Is Hell Temple, has not thought that we meet quickly!” Xiao Chou walked to kick that person of two feet, has not died, but lay down in the ground **. Shen Xiang walks, holds down that person of head, will use devil art Divine Soul will attract. This Godhead discards, inside has the Infernal Demon Emperor brand mark.” Xiao Chou said. All right, I am remaining!” Shen Xiang puts in Hidden Jade Ring that Godhead, in Hidden Jade Ring is an independent space, after turning, isolates with outside, Infernal Demon Emperor not sensation.

This Godhead is unsellable, but regarding having Heaven Refining Technique Shen Xiang, this Godhead but alchemy good material. It seems like the Hell Temple fellow already ambushed here, Master, perhaps we will be sneak attacked by that fellow, the concealment abilities of these bastards are so strong, is really troublesome.” Xiao Chou scolded one lowly, looked at all around, is worried also to have the ambush. Shen Xiang said with a smile: Has me, they hide in the ground, I can discover that we a bit faster enter the deep place to seek for these Devil Ghost now! I thought that Devil Yang valley outside Devil Ghost will be quite more.” Xiao Chou and Tai Qiang nod assent, afterward three people rush to the Devil Yang valley fast, they approach through Space Gate little. Soon arrived at the Devil Yang valley, here Devil Ghost were many.” Xiao Chou looks at the footprint of tread, these footprints look like a little likely are humanity. Tai Qiang said: These Devil Ghost are swims Hell Temple to fuse, can perhaps with some beasts fusions, the strength not be definitely weak, we do not despise these Devil Ghost.” Xiao Chou said: Wants is not crowds, we did not fear!” Shen Xiang suddenly knits the brows, looks at a direction: Has Devil Ghost in that side, several, did if wanted have a look in the past?” Several?” Xiao Chou hesitant, shouted: Walks!” They come to be so long, has not cut to kill Devil Ghost, now finally meets, naturally must ask for advice these Devil Ghost strengths. Three people of cautious and solemn walks, they want to adopt the way of sneak attack. In Shen Xiang's space domain, they go into hiding very well, saw that five Devil Ghost, is long is the same with the gorilla, but the whole body is black hard armor, the back also brings the sharp thorn, the mouth to reveal two long steel teeth, is dodging the point.

Old Tai, that highest gives me, you choose a head casually! Master do not move here.” Xiao Chou gives Shen Xiang and Tai Qiang sound transmission. Tai Qiang nodded, afterward they attack rapidly, is similar to two golden lightnings shoots generally, suddenly, the Xiao Chou lance is bringing strong Demon Execution Divine Power, passes through a head of Devil Ghost. Tai Qiang shear the upper part shear of Devil Ghost! Xiao Chou pulls out rapidly the lance , the thorn to another Devil Ghost, simultaneously avoids the black dope that other Devil Ghost spray like lightning, these liquid sputtering on the trees, unexpectedly get a great tree to turn into black water instantaneously. Has acute poison, was careful!” Shen Xiang gives Xiao Chou sound transmission: That Devil Ghost that you attacked a moment ago has not died!” Was held to put on Devil Ghost of head by Xiao Chou, has roared, head hole suddenly overflow very thick black liquor, wound instantaneous recover completely. But by Devil Ghost of Tai Qiang shear body, after two sections of bodies merge, unexpectedly links together, fully restores. These Devil Ghost what's the matter?” Xiao Chou fierce leaps, jumps airborne, avoids black light that several Devil Ghost spray, these black light is also bringing the pale-green venom, occupies point words, definitely will not have the good deed to occur. Tai Qiang also tightly frowns, his shear already the head shears of several Devil Ghost, but these heads and bodies have the suction to be common probably, even if kicks out of the way, can fly fast and body links. Came several heads! Tai Qiang, you use the quickest speed to cut their heads, other give me!” Shen Xiang said. Tai Qiang complies immediately, after avoiding the attack of Devil Ghost, head of fast scissors next two Devil Ghost. Shen Xiang use space strength, opens leads to the tyrannical space together the crack, then makes that two heads, when he thinks the solution, that two five Devil Ghost unexpectedly grow the head fast.

This way is not the means that you try with Executing Demon Divine Art first!” Shen Xiang gives them sound transmission, then uses Primal Chaos Spirit Eye, examines the black crystal of Devil Ghost within the body, that is the sources of their energy, so long as makes the black crystal, these Devil Ghost were good to cope. unexpectedly in this place! Moreover is so small!” Shen Xiang saw these black crystals with Primal Chaos Spirit Eye, hides in the skeleton of thigh, only then the walnut is so big. At this time, came several Devil Ghost, Xiao Chou and Tai Qiang deals with very strenuously, because these Devil Ghost itself are not weak . Moreover the attack is the belt is poisonous, is unable to cause heavy losses to them. Separates takes the thing spatially!” After Shen Xiang locks the black crystals of these ten Devil Ghost thighs, uses the strength of Law of Space, will separate. 12 grains of black crystals appear in front of Shen Xiang suddenly, but at this time the attacks of these Devil Ghost also stopped, even stands continually is unable to come to a stop, with executing Devil God Palm rumbles the black smoke by Xiao Chou and Tai Qiang. How did suddenly drop down?” After the Xiao Chou heart lives the doubts, immediately looked to discovery that Shen Xiang is, sees only nearby Shen Xiang float 12 grains of black crystals. Shen Xiang happily said with a smile: These fellows, although is fierce, but does not have the brain, does not understand to defend me, was made with ease by me!”