World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1792

Sees Shen Xiang to reveal such one, a Xiao Chou face is panic-stricken, with hand according to atrium: Master, can you make casually my heart?” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Naturally is not easy, if you felt that has weak space strength to approach you, you definitely will have an action to perform, so long as you responded quickly, I am unable to go well, but coped with these Devil Ghost to be quite easy-to-use!” Only if after me, can achieve to be quietly, does not have the fluctuation of a little space strength, perhaps then I can take with ease your heart.” Xiao Chou is excited immediately: Then we go to the Devil Yang valley, when the time comes I and Old Tai divert these Devil Ghost attention, you got rid that's alright in side.” Shen Xiang nodded: We should better a bit faster, the strengths of these War-God squads are so formidable, perhaps the slow point words, will kill off by them.” Tai Qiang said with a smile: These Devil Ghost are not good to cope, in the Devil Yang valley also will perhaps have formidable Devil Ghost.” After having found out the Devil Ghost characteristics, Shen Xiang also thought that Devil Ghost does not have what to be good to fear, so long as did not meet these very formidable that's alright, regarding former that ordinary Devil Ghost, he 2-3 can take the black crystal. The position that they are, approached the Devil Yang valley very much. The forest leaf is the paint black, the vision is hard to penetrate, therefore in the forest is quite dim, at this time the front has strong luminous, explained that quick can go out of the forest, can see to enter the Devil Yang valley the entrance. Finally walked, that was the Devil Yang valley!” Xiao Chou is pointing at front that by a big region that black Qi covers. Devil Qi clashes, does not know that inside is hiding any fierce thing, these War-God squads should enter inside!” Tai Qiang said: Master, although has said that in squad does not have War-God do not enter, however our strengths add, should not be weak! Moreover Brother Shen has fierce space strength, when the time comes meets danger(ous), can flee fast.” Outside the Devil Yang valley has many Devil Ghost, but regarding Shen Xiang them insufficient, moreover disperses very loose, needs to seek in the forest, said again many squads in forest, the competition is fierce, might as well goes to the Devil Ghost nest directly. Then, they have not cared the urging of Ren Tianyong, without Profound God, directly entered the Devil Yang valley. They in the mouth, resulted in the chest to be depressed by barometric pressure of strong the extremely Evil Devil. Inside really very danger(ous)!” Xiao Chou has exclaimed in surprise one, but the face displays no fear, Tai Qiang is also so. Shen Xiang did not fear, wear a look of smile: If inside Devil Ghost really many, smooth, each of us should be able to get so far as middle-grade Divine Weapon.”

Mentioned middle-grade Divine Weapon, Xiao Chou has been enthusiastic immediately, said with a smile: A bit faster kills, has Master is good, we can omit many strengths.” Three people welcomed the strong evil aura of heading on, the stride are advancing to the Devil Yang valley. Soon, inside transmits intermittent sinister low and deep roaring hiss, hears appallingly, inside was being covered by the light black fog, is unable to see clearly the distant place, has increased the meaning of thicker sinister to here. Master, I am unable to induce with Divine Power here am too far!” Xiao Chou becomes very vigilant. I am also same!” The Tai Qiang step was slower. I am good, here black fog can corrode Divine Power.” What Shen Xiang use is space strength, therefore all around all sounds, he still grasps very clearly. For Shen Xiang does not let Xiao Chou and Tai Qiang revelation aura, space domain that he releases also covers them. That ten War-God have come in!” Shen Xiang induced to the distant place transmits the weak fluctuation, and has carried on great war in inside, here majority of Devil Ghost was attracted the past. Xiao Chou with Tai Qiang has not thought that Devil Yang valley inside environment is so bad, if no Shen Xiang, perhaps they already drew back, because they thought that at this time looks like a blind person is the same, but here is crisis-ridden. Relax, these black fog outside, should not have the black fog in inside!” Shen Xiang is bringing Xiao Chou and Tai Qiang approaches the Devil Yang valley gradually the deep place. After going out of the black fog-region, front is bleak tumultuous times places, is vast, Shen Xiang they see the distant place to have every large or small black Devil Ghost. These Devil Ghost with previous time attacks Demon Soul Executing City is different, these Devil Ghost are colorful, but they common features, are the reproductive property are very strong. Formidable Devil Ghost coped with War-God Profound God, the remaining these were not fierce.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Tai Qiang sees front Devil Ghost to besiege one to grasp the robust man of five colors gamp, then startled shouted: Is that fellow, he is my Eldest Senior Brother, the five colors gamp in hand is good low-grade Divine Weapon.” Xiao Chou said: We do not go to his place, this fellow temperament is not good, our past words, definitely will be scolded by him.”

Tai Qiang looks at that direction, said: „It is not, he has probably enough to do now, our does if wanted help him in the past?” Shen Xiang also sees Demon Execution Divine Power of that guy to weaken little, obviously is very strenuous, although his attack is cut-throat, even some Devil Ghost were rumbled the completely squashed dregs by him, the Devil Ghost reproductive property is formidable, so long as the flesh and blood separations of black crystal with these Devil Ghost, fast will not regenerate. Eldest Senior Brother, how only then your? Other people?” The Tai Qiang shear in distant place scissors, the thighs of dozens Devil Ghost was cut to fall, afterward was burnt down completely with Vermilion Bird Soul Bow these thighs by Shen Xiang, simultaneously takes away these black crystals. Your how many do little rascal come to court death? Our squads died more than ten, Master is missing, the fellow who Hell Temple sends is fierce, they were ambushing we to be very long, now we must withdraw!” The guy exclaimed: You a bit faster walk, I help you resist these Devil Ghost, quick......” He has not said that Shen Xiang opens Space Gate, then a Xiao Chou foot tramples him, sends out this Devil Yang valley him. Starts!” Shen Xiang both eyes dodge, present hot glow, his gushes out intermittent Divine Power, the ground gushes out flame, turns into one Tai Chi Diagram, Tai Chi Diagram in revolving, has the extremely strange suction, coordinates Shen Xiang's space strength again, making all around Devil Ghost no matter how walk, likely is ordinary in same place ta step. Xiao Chou and Tai Qiang see all around over a hundred Devil Ghost instantaneously by the Shen Xiang anchorage, in the heart shocks at the same time, has gotten rid, with executing the Devil God Palm bang hits all around Devil Ghost, hits remnantly their fleshly body, making their defense strength be defeated and dispersed, facilitates Shen Xiang to take out the black crystal. Shen Xiang space strength puts, vanishes by these black crystals that he locks in the thighs of these Devil Ghost instantaneously, arrives at his all around. Opens kills!” Xiao Chou shouted that uses stronger Demon Execution Divine Power with Tai Qiang, like is pats the ant, executes a Devil God Palm palm palm to make, rumbles the black salt these Devil Ghost fleshly body. The Shen Xiang complexion is dignified: „The first War-God squad, unexpectedly died more than ten, it seems like that this inside ambush are many! You also first exit, I worried that and other I cannot attend to you! Only then my words, I will be quite easy to withdraw.” Xiao Chou and Tai Qiang regarded one mutually, nodded. Delivered to outside forest that's alright us.” Xiao Chou said. Shen Xiang opens space passage, after Xiao Chou and Tai Qiang walk, then left this Devil Yang valley. Changes!” Shen Xiang turns into gorilla same Devil Ghost immediately, aura that releases, is just the same as these Devil Ghost.

All the way, Shen Xiang meets many Devil Ghost, these Devil Ghost have not attacked him, with is the same, these Devil Ghost that he suspects are the thought is simple, distinguishes through the aura similar. Then, Shen Xiang mixes in crowds of Devil Ghost, does not pay attention while them, locks the black crystals of their thigh, uses space power to separate takes the thing spatially, takes these crystals fast. Grain of black crystal one jin (0.5 kg) this, I have gotten so far as more than 300 probably now, is only more than 300 jin (0.5 kg)! Takes 10,000 jin (0.5 kg) to suffice the hundred thousand minute, when this must get so far as, this radically is a pit!” In the Shen Xiang heart considers as finished secretly, discovered that must sufficiently collect the hundred thousand minute not to be easy, at least must kill 10,000 this Devil Ghost to suffice. This Devil Yang valley is giant, Shen Xiang such quickly gets so far as more than 300 jin (0.5 kg), therefore he is quick, so long as sufficiently collects 1000 jin (0.5 kg), can receive in exchange for one extremely, then obtains value five hundred thousand divine coin low-grade Divine Weapon, regarding many people, this is very good. Hopes here Devil Ghost to be more, suffices me to make 30,000 jin (0.5 kg) this black crystal, trades three middle-grade divine tool.” Shen Xiang already was counted Xiao Chou and Tai Qiang share. In addition, Shen Xiang also wants to know that in what happened, the Ren Tianyong squad loses ten people, this was very massive loss. Does not know that the Dao Master elder sister is what kind, she should also in this!” Shen Xiang somewhat is worried about Wang Jinshi, Wang Jinshi arranges ninth, although she is the Sword God daughter, but she cannot use that Deicide Sword Art, the strength will fall short greatly. Outside Devil Ghost are many, several thousand heads, are only two double-hour, Shen Xiang completely takes away their black crystals, but he has not actually cut to kill these Devil Ghost, too took the trouble. This is the Yuan Baibing flame aura, good intense great war.” Shen Xiang has not heard any sound, but actually felt that the strong flame aura raids, obviously is battlefield distance here is far. The words that these Devil Ghost so run, will truly cause not the small casualties, this is Infernal Demon Emperor makes these Devil Ghost? Fuses also well, does not use a method, the average person is very difficult to massacre them.” Shen Xiang looks at all around Devil Ghost group, in the heart admires Infernal Demon Emperor secretly, uses in the Hell evil strength, makes that formidable a number of Devil Ghost regiments. But is known by Demon Execution Temple, means that this batch of Devil Ghost are doomed to be eliminated. Didn't have the flame aura? Did the fight end?” Shen Xiang has not induced to the Yuan Baibing flame aura transmits, he suspected that this Devil Yang valley deep place definitely has fairyland.