World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1793

Shen Xiang walked long journey, gets so far as some Devil Ghost black crystals. Front is the place that Yuan Baibing fought a moment ago!” Shen Xiang sees the front to present a piece of jet black ignition trace, the ground is burnt De'ao to get down, but also is remaining to burn the hot aura, Devil Ghost does not dare to approach. The burnt down ground is very broad, Shen Xiang guessed that was Yuan Baibing was used to eliminate Devil Ghost a moment ago. These Devil Ghost black crystals are very firm, very difficult fever melt, moreover energy muddy of internal implication is wild, not suitable alchemy, to be different before that batch of Devil Ghost crystal.” Shen Xiang on the road has attempted. Arrives at the Devil Yang valley to be so long, Shen Xiang has not met very fierce Devil Ghost, words that meets, he will not be attacked, because he camouflages at this time very well, can shuttle back and forth with ease in the Devil Beast group. After crossing that burnt down region, Shen Xiang induces to the Yuan Baibing flame aura, is away from him is not very far. This fellow burns Devil Ghost, can quickly obtain the black crystal, one, I am also very so difficult to meet Devil Ghost on the road, it seems like do not go in his direction.” Shen Xiang also planned Yuan Baibing there has a look, now he guessed that Yuan Baibing is killing Devil Ghost fast, must obtain the massive black crystals, before he found from Wang Jinshi there that Yuan Baibing lacked divine coin these days. Traded a direction, Shen Xiang has met quickly a number of Devil Ghost, afterward use space power of quantity, separated to take spatially the black crystal of Devil Ghost within the body. Where does not know the Dao Master elder sister! The Ren Tianyong squad lost more than ten people.” Shen Xiang displays Nine Heavens Mental Exploration, emits several wisps of Divine Soul to fly to the four directions, seeks for the Wang Jinshi trace. 5000 jin (0.5 kg), must it seems like make 30,000 jin (0.5 kg) are not too difficult.” Shen Xiang arrived here is only the half day, with ease gets so far as 5000 jin (0.5 kg) that black crystal, makes 5000 jin (0.5 kg) again, can receive in exchange for middle-grade divine tool. Just took away a number of Devil Ghost black crystal in him, violent wind filled with dust suddenly blows, covers the entire Devil Yang valley, he releases to seek for Wang Jinshi Divine Soul, was corroded by this violent wind filled with dust, all diverged.

„The powerful Evil Devil storm, what fierce Evil Devil it seems like had to get rid, was Hell Temple inside Heavenly God?” In the Shen Xiang heart is musing, walks in the direction that gust blows. This violent wind filled with dust continued shortly after to stop, making Shen Xiang feel what was inconceivable, this violent wind filled with dust just vanished, around him presented massive Devil Ghost, these Devil Ghost unexpectedly were this gust blows! Was was breeding Devil Ghost a moment ago? How to achieve?” Shen Xiang surprised looks at Devil Ghost of all around these dense hemp, these Devil Ghost looked like compared with beforehand great strength, protective armor was firm, ordinary Divine Weapon was hard to puncture thoroughly. Shen Xiang observed with Primal Chaos Spirit Eye, these Devil Ghost black crystals still hide in the thigh, moreover he camouflages these Devil Ghost at this time, had not been discovered that therefore he uses space power, takes out a number of black crystals very much with ease. These do Devil Ghost create? If no True God strength, even if Demigod is hard to cope with this Devil Ghost!” In Shen Xiang heart suddenly one startled, if Infernal Demon Emperor puts in world of Nine Heaven these Devil Ghost, that consequence is serious. Shen Xiang suspects some Infernal Demon Emperor continuously this plans, only then dies more people, he can obtain the massive ghosts, he can promote quickly. Was worried that Infernal Demon Emperor will do such, at this time Shen Xiang is relentless takes the black crystals of these Devil Ghost within the body. Devil Ghost does not have the black crystal, although can also live, but is unable to absorb the energy to store up to within the body, will die gradually. A day passed by, the motion of Demon Execution Temple starts for day, had many matters! Eldest Senior Brother, inside exactly what happened, why haven't they come out?” Tai Qiang looks at the mouth, a face worried.

Now is night, sky the bright moonlight of hanging is somewhat red, the Devil Yang valley will blow an evil influence once for a while, makes whistling the sound, very sinister. After Xiao Chou and Tai Qiang come out, found that guy in the evening. Does not know that now the Devil Yang valley was unable to go, moreover inside person cannot come out! This is Master tells me, so long as to the night, the entire Devil Yang valley has been able to become more fearful! Not is only our squads, other Martial Uncle squads lose seriously.” The guy whole face is sorrowful, because leaves dead into the fresh companion with him, now in inside, moreover died more than ten. What? Why can like this? We come time, did not say that will have the second group of disciples to cope with Hell Temple?” Xiao Chou hastily asked. No, this Devil Yang valley inside Devil Ghost, may not only be Hell Temple participates in breeding......” guy fist grasping: Master said that like this, in brief this time we have planted, inside Devil Ghost will be only getting more and more, is getting more and more fearful!” That batch of Devil Ghost that before attacked a city also will perhaps appear in inside, if did not have the Heavenly God strength, their danger(ous), can only look that now Temple Master Heavenly God can appear.” Xiao Chou and Tai Qiang are not worried about Shen Xiang very much, because Shen Xiang has that formidable space strength. To the night, Shen Xiang also induced to some does not suit, the black crystal that now he gets so far as had more than 2000 jin (0.5 kg), he is satisfied, because here Devil Ghost are many, comes, Devil Ghost that he meets is basically difficult to run away his hand. Space was prohibited!” Shen Xiang has met a number of Devil Ghost, but is actually not able to use space strength, this makes his heart jump suddenly, this means that he is unable to open space passage to leave here fast.

What's the matter? Before was fortunately good!” Shen Xiang at this time in the Devil Ghost group, this is a number of Devil Ghost that he just found, when he prepares to start, space strength expiration. In the valley suddenly resounds a low and deep cry to eat delicacies, sounds a little likely is goshawk that type, but is very sad, when Shen Xiang hears this sound, all around Devil Ghost suddenly travel along. These Devil Ghost are the human form, but seems like the gorilla, the body has hard armor that the belt punctures, looks like very unwieldy, but at this time actually flexible runs. Shen Xiang wants to clarify what's the matter, mixes in this crowd of Devil Ghost, dashes about wildly with the Devil Ghost group. After less than half double-hour, the Devil Ghost group anchors the footsteps, but the front has turreted tall tower, likely is a altar, this altar is giant, above has many sharp thorns, bloody corpses like this were punctured to puncture sharp, under the light red moonlight illumination, is sinister is very fearful. Is the Demon Execution Temple disciples!” The Shen Xiang heart jumps, the person who these squads died, unexpectedly has over a hundred, is in the War-God squads, the strength is very strong, unexpectedly is hard to escape by luck. More and more Devil Ghost accumulations here, 200,000 heads, these Devil Ghost suddenly bellow, that appalling roar acoustic shock results in the ground to tremble, after the mountain valley reverberates, the sound is strange. This is......” Shen Xiang suddenly induces to several very formidable aura, has Yuan Baibing and Ren Tianyong, is approaching fast.