World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1794
Shen Xiang is secretly excited, although only then several, but they dare to come, should have very big assurance. Senior Sister also came...... Ten War-God only came several, other?” Shen Xiang cannot help but thinks in the bad direction. Ren Tianyong, Yuan Baibing, fifth child and Senior Sister and old ten, only then their five?” Shen Xiang saw these five War-God, they land on that altar directly, Yuan Baibing emits flame, fires ashes these dead shape his miserable disciples, he does not endure to continue to look that these corpses suffer hardships. Demon Execution old undying for many years was so discrete, is so self-confident, has come finally also a big cropper, Ha Ha......” incisive grating laughter raids with the cold wind, the Devil Ghost group of tumult was peaceful at this time. Shen Xiang just started also to think what speech is Infernal Demon Emperor, but afterward carefully thinks that thinks is not, he and Infernal Demon Emperor have the contact, regardless of the sound or the aura, likely is not Infernal Demon Emperor. Evil God, you can the rebirth, this be Infernal Demon Emperor in secret are helping your, Infernal Demon Emperor is audiences Temple one, unexpectedly the evil thing puts your this type damages Gods, he will certainly encounter the audiences Temple punitive expedition.” Ren Tianyong sound ice-cold, these time died that many companion and Senior Brother younger brother, in his heart is full of the anger. unexpectedly braves Evil God, moreover before , was killed by Demon Execution Heavenly God, should be infiltrated Hell, now resurrect, obviously was very related with Infernal Demon Emperor. Now who knows that I came out, but you are also only one group of deceased people, I will deliver you to see Infernal Demon Emperor.” Evil God laughs wildly: You at all are not my match, even if other that five fellows have not died, you still link my wool not to injure.” Evil God laughs wildly, Ren Tianyong has put out a long sword, has completed the plan of going all out. Bang! The earth trembles suddenly, is not Evil God gets rid, is not Ren Tianyong their five, but is other people! Is Master!” Wang Jinshi pleasantly surprised shouted. Evil God, the previous time cannot purify your Divine Soul, this time I will not let off absolutely your!” This was really Demon Execution Heavenly God came, knew one had five disciples dead, Demon Execution Heavenly God angrily. Originally by the sky that the evil aura fills, at this time shoots golden light, the huge golden palm, across that dark clouds, the racket has fallen, crushes the Devil Yang valley divine formation. In that instantaneous, the space lifted a ban, in the Shen Xiang heart is greatly happy, hastily releases strongest space strength, locks all around Devil Ghost. Receives!” The Shen Xiang movement is very rapid, takes away 100,000 black crystals all of a sudden, all of a sudden dropping down big piece Devil Ghost.

Who does?” The angry sound conveys together, this is the Evil God sound, other ten ten thousand Devil Ghost suddenly turned into the violent wind filled with dust to vanish, obviously was Evil God is protecting these Devil Ghost. This batch of Devil Ghost are behind appears, meets beforehand Shen Xiang is more formidable, regarding Evil God is also the treasure, but has 100,000 to drop down all of a sudden, this made him angry. Now only then Shen Xiang also stands there, although he turns into the Devil Ghost appearance, but one wants to know that definitely is he does, that Evil God is clear, at present this Devil Ghost at is not that other party comes out. Bastard, Will kill me that many treasure, dies!” That Evil God almost goes crazy, the sound is having the incomparable hate. In that instantaneous, Shen Xiang by very fearful evil strength locking. What dying is you!” Demon Execution Heavenly God loudly shouted, the complete bang breaks that divine formation, golden light shines in the entire Devil Yang valley, the ground these Devil Ghost corpses were purified by this golden light completely, the valley air/Qi of all Evil Devil vanish in this flash completely. Demon Execution Heavenly God executes the Devil God Palm might to be infinite, Divine Power is boundless, at this time is to urge to send to peak, at this time is similar to the dark night fierce positive, the vast incomparable Devil Yang forest, inside all demon were purified, turns into the white fog to dissipate completely. This shock strength front surface impact comes, making the Shen Xiang heart jump crazily, he experiences to this ancient Temple Heavenly God finally is fearful. Demon Execution Heavenly God executes Devil God Palm not to fall, that Evil God sends out yelling that the pain shouted, saw only the sky to present a shadow, that was Evil God that was just about to run away, his build was very big, but Shen Xiang they can actually see Evil God at this time clearly little was melted. I will look for Infernal Demon Emperor calculate!” The Demon Execution Heavenly God angry roar, god palm falls on Evil God, this time, Evil God Divine Soul is unable to flee, these formidable Godhead were destroyed cleanly. Remaining palm strength is still fearful, but Demon Execution Heavenly God can actually receive immediately, this point of controlling force makes Shen Xiang admire, at least he cannot achieve, the palm strength that hits must receive to be quite difficult, if the operation is not good, but can also injure to oneself. The Devil Yang valley air/Qi of all Evil Devil vanished, the silver moonlight sprinkles, the cool breeze is intermittent, returned to normal, Demon Execution Heavenly God descends from the upper air slowly, this is the attire simple white hair old man, the long eyebrow lets fall, the back is straight, although he at this time is very sad Nu, but he has not actually given people a severe feeling, obviously he usually is very gentle. This is overawes Gods Demon Execution Heavenly God, originally he not to person a very old feeling, but knew that these time loses that many disciples because of own negligence, five love the disciple, this made him old. Master......” Ren Tianyong shouted one lightly. Demon Execution Heavenly God closes one's eyes, exudes the long sighing with sadness sound, when he opens the eye, actually probably changed a person, filled sorrowful both eyes, at this time becomes sharp incomparable, glittering the threatening point, probably a handle sharp incomparable sword is coming out of the sheath that instantaneous. Goes back to recuperate for three months, three months later, sunrise, Hell Temple set!” The Demon Execution Heavenly God sound fills killing intent.

Shen Xiang at this time changed own appearance, Demon Execution Heavenly God visits him: When the time comes can't you come?” Kills ten ten thousand Devil Ghost fellow unexpectedly all of a sudden is Shen Xiang, Ren Tianyong their five people cannot think in any event unexpectedly is this including little rascal that Executing Demon Divine Art has not studied, even if they, that quick movement had not killed a moment ago possibly that batch of Devil Ghost. Naturally goes, I am also Demon Execution Temple one!” Shen Xiang said: Let alone I and Infernal Demon Emperor have enmity, previously always he copes with me, now I had the opportunity to attack to him.” Three months of preparation, somewhat is urgent regarding Shen Xiang, but when the time comes has Demon Execution Heavenly God to blow Infernal Demon Emperor, he does not need to be worried about other. Demon Execution Heavenly God nodded, then the diving posture, suddenly passes. Goes back to prepare, before this time, was different, we must attack Hell Temple finally!” Ren Tianyong is pinching tightly the fist. Shen Xiang opens space passage, said: Walks from here, can a bit faster leave this Devil Yang valley!” At this time people is very sad, on the one hand must make war with Hell Temple, moreover was died that many companions. Ren Tianyong their several leave from Shen Xiang's space passage, arrives at outside forest, through the relation of jade token, they gathers together quickly. After Demon Execution Heavenly God leaves the Devil Yang valley, told outside disciple this matter, therefore the mood of people are same at this time. Does not have the words, the people had the sorrowful mood to return to Demon Execution Temple. Shen Xiang they return to the mountain village, arrives in the Xiao Chou house, the Tai Qiang house had been ruined by Shen Xiang, now is reconstructing. „Did Master, what inside exactly have?” After Xiao Chou comes back, sighed, inquired. This is also Tai Qiang wants to know. Shen Xiang said the Evil God matter approximately: In brief this time our Demon Execution Temple loses seriously, Temple Master Heavenly God also very much rebukes oneself, therefore he makes the decision, must make war with Hell Temple.” Two Temple make war, does not know that audiences Temple can prevent, this matter has violated generally the audiences Temple rule.” Xiao Chou traces baldly, three months must go all out, militant he, in heart some anticipations. No, if Demon Execution Temple declares war to Hell Temple, moreover Hell Temple accepts a challenge, then not contrary, but when the time comes cannot implicate other Temple and Divine City!” Tai Qiang knew about these rules very much.

Shen Xiang asked: If Hell Temple doesn't accept a challenge?” Tai Qiang to Shen Xiang one bowl of liquor, replied but actually: „If not accept a challenge, that continues to declare war, declares war continuously three times, the opposite party does not accept a challenge, then attacks again is not contrary.” Naturally, declares war one time to need five hundred million divine coin, therefore our Demon Execution Temple, if wants not to be attacked Hell Temple by the situation of audiences Temple punishment, must spend 15 hundred million divine coin.” Regarding Demon Execution Temple this type influence that does not have what industry, this 1.5 billion are not the small numbers! „Is this good? Our did Demon Execution Temple lead by the nose by Hell Temple? Hell Temple is clarifying makes us declare war to them, but is actually not willing to spend.” Shen Xiang curls the lip to say. Wang Jinshi opened the door to come at this time, said: Our Demon Execution Temple does not need to spend, because Evil God is Infernal Demon Emperor puts, according to initial agreement, Evil God, so long as appears in Gods, that is the Hell Temple mistake, Hell Temple either meets the penalty of audience Temple, either by our Demon Execution Temple punitive expedition.” Hell Temple affirms to choose the latter, was jointly coped by audiences Temple, even if two Hell Temple both may unable to withstand.” Tai Qiang and Xiao Chou salute to Wang Jinshi hastily, after all this is their elders. Nine Martial Uncle, Evil God in the past what's the matter? This phase of history resembles few people to mention.” Tai Qiang usually very much likes collecting this story. Because Evil God and God of Wealth are brothers...... In brief this matter is very complex, concrete I am not clear! In the past because Master had scruples God of Wealth, therefore did not have to eradicate Evil God completely.” Wang Jinshi whispered. unexpectedly has such matter! Shen Xiang they feel very accidental. Wang Jinshi sighed lightly: In the past God of Wealth was not this, my Master suspected that God of Wealth was controlled many years, perhaps present God of Wealth is not actually God of Wealth!” This lets suddenly the matter that Shen Xiang remembers demon emperor, in the past demon emperor also by a very ingenious method control!