World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1795

Shen Xiang has thought God of Wealth actually is such, because Ice Dragon was enslaved by God of Wealth, therefore God of Wealth gives his impression to be bad. Nine Martial Uncle, you are so late, what matter has to tell our?” Xiao Chou asked that Wang Jinshi was very usually warm-hearted, if asked them to help, they will not reject. Wang Jinshi said: My squad only the remaining 12 people, I have hoped that now you can join! My squad loses in a big way......” Wang Jinshi sad light sighed one, dozens, only remaining 12, she for many years also had experienced many such matters now, therefore she has seen through. This......” Xiao Chou somewhat awkward saying: Old Tai is the big Senior Master disciple, but I am also the fat Master apprentice, joins your squad, this is not quite good!” This does not need to be worried, their squad present people compared with my many, therefore they will not mind.” Wang Jinshi said: If you join, I will find the way to help you make with the quickest speed harness the god attire, three months later attacks Hell Temple!” Tai Qiang said: So long as Master did not oppose that I do not have the opinion.” Xiao Chou also nodded. Wang Jinshi looks to Shen Xiang: You?” Did not matter, as for matter that the god installs...... Gives me! They are my good friend, I will help them solve.” Shen Xiang asked: „When we embarked before, had said received exchange for the Divine Weapon divine tool matter also keeping a promise with points?” Speaking of this, Xiao Chou and Tai Qiang at present one bright, they know that Shen Xiang has made many black crystals with that method, does not know that gets so far as many. Naturally calculates that now many disciples line up in Temple, how many do you have?” Wang Jinshi asked that although she saw Shen Xiang to make but actually ten ten thousand Devil Ghost, but actually does not know that Shen Xiang got so far as in these black crystals with very ingenious space strength storage equipment. Shen Xiang flexure the face, said: 100,000 jin (0.5 kg) this, concrete I have not called!” Wang Jinshi and Xiao Chou Tai Qiang was shocked immediately, Shen Xiang unexpectedly has made 100,000 jin (0.5 kg), this is hundred ten thousand points, can receive in exchange for High-Grade divine tool. Probably 140,000 black crystals, black crystal almost one jin (0.5 kg) this, should have 140,000 jin (0.5 kg).” Shen Xiang takes inventory the black crystal that in Hidden Jade Ring has deposited fast, said. Wang Jinshi exclaims: Ten ten thousand had Devil Ghost that drops down instantaneously, been taken the crystal by you?” Thinks that Shen Xiang controls very exquisitely to space strength, Wang Jinshi now was not that surprised, she discovered that she underestimated Shen Xiang.

Nine Martial Uncle, Demon Execution Temple Yuan Qi damages severely now, can Brother Shen not trade divine tool?” Tai Qiang some cannot believe that Shen Xiang gets so far as that many black crystals, that is adds also to be more than ten great war god squads. Wang Jinshi said: Relax, our Demon Execution Temple will not go back on word, Shen Xiang he kills that many Devil Ghost, this is the big merit, even if he has not gotten so far as that the polycrystal, Master has also planned to reward him.” This can receive in exchange for High-Grade divine tool and two good middle-grade divine tool, our does Demon Execution Temple have these many good Divine Weapon really?” Shen Xiang was worried that own request is too high, baffles Demon Execution Temple. Wang Jinshi said with a smile: Since Master he declared war to Hell Temple, then he must certainly show Demon Execution Temple all strength, old Senior Brother definitely will appear when the time comes, that is the Master first group of disciples, has been very mysterious, very fierce that's it!” Remembered that ten mysterious apprentice, Shen Xiang they have the confidence. Walks, we go to Demon Execution Temple, gives Master your black crystals, he wants these things to be useful.” Wang Jinshi said. Shen Xiang arrives at Demon Execution Temple with Wang Jinshi, and sits with Demon Execution Heavenly God in a hall, Ren Tianyong, Yuan Baibing and other disciples. Altogether more than 140,000 jin (0.5 kg), you get so far as that many, making Infernal Demon Emperor lose so many this Devil Ghost, should make him love dearly a while.” Demon Execution Heavenly God very gratified looks at Shen Xiang: You have not learned Executing Demon Divine Art, when copes with these Evil Devil, so, I have not actually misread you!” Ren Tianyong their several curl the lip secretly, they know that the Shen Xiang study Executing Demon Divine Art is that pit father Seven Demon Killings, they studied in the past many years, half a loaf of Kung-fu have not been have learned. What Divine Weapon do you want? Said directly!” Demon Execution Heavenly God arrives at side Shen Xiang, the affection feels the Shen Xiang's head. High-Grade Divine Sword, is a middle-grade shear, a middle-grade lance or long spear are good.” High-Grade Divine Sword is Shen Xiang wants, the scissors and lance are Tai Qiang and Xiao Chou. Demon Execution Heavenly God puts out a azure bronze sword immediately, some sword blade rusty stains, look like somewhat obsolete, does not have that type of threatening point, likely is very ancient thing. Master...... this was too bad the sword a point!” Yuan Baibing is Refining Master, he concluded immediately this is not good Divine Sword: Although is High-Grade Divine Weapon, but was too ancient, the air/Qi of inside Spiritual God is too weak.” Demon Execution Heavenly God hey has smiled two: Little Bing, on you stiffest is divine armor that? With tried to know.” Yuan Baibing curls the lip saying: Master your old man is so fierce, can hold to put on my divine armor with the branch, let alone you take this thing.” Demon Execution Heavenly God he he smiles: I make Shen Xiang puncture, this was always OK! Don't you have the confidence to your divine armor? But Divine Sword in my hand old antique, your this thing feared, divine armor that you refine is also mediocre!”

Yuan Baibing was stimulated, shouted: Who fears anyone, come!” He puts out at the same time black round shield, places the ground, said: This is in my hand best middle-grade divine shield, even if has High-Grade Divine Weapon, uses the Divine Weapon person few brush, difficult wound divine shield in the slightest.” Demon Execution Heavenly God gives Shen Xiang ancient sword that said with a smile: Sliced off edge that's alright, so as to avoid by his envious hatred.” Sees Demon Execution Heavenly God to be so self-confident, Shen Xiang was somewhat unpredictable, this looking like somewhat obsolete ancient sword, was used to cope with this divine shield, can cut iron like mud really? Shen Xiang is grasping Divine Sword, is similar to the ordinary sword weight, does not have the feeling that Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade that type sinks very much, the sword hilt is somewhat cool, his revolution Divine Power, wants to pour into Divine Sword Divine Power slightly, but seemed actually stopped up by anything, is unable to pour into. Do not use Divine Power!” Demon Execution Heavenly God said: Uses this to have a threshold the sword, is no one can pour into with ease Divine Power, even if their several, perhaps cannot achieve.” Does not believe!” A Wang Jinshi face refuses to accept. Ren Tianyong, the fat fifth child with old ten is also same, thinks one can achieve. Demon Execution Heavenly God has patted the Shen Xiang's shoulder: First this divine shield side truncates, then tries to them, this crowd of little rascal were getting more and more arrogant, he he......” Shen Xiang is grasping Divine Sword, has blown in that divine shield edge gently, such blows, makes the Yuan Baibing eyeball almost stare, lets his self-confident divine shield, unexpectedly like others stingy, one blows one gently. Shen Xiang has also tarried, he has not thought that this is so fierce sword unexpectedly, this definitely has very big origin! Hehe, scared!” Demon Execution Heavenly God teased smiles: Gives Little Shi the sword this, making her give a try, can lose Divine Power.” Some Yuan Baibing being absentminded receives divine shield, looks like he has many issues to ask, but actually bore. Shen Xiang gives Wang Jinshi Divine Sword, after Wang Jinshi receives, immediately transports other oneself that High-Rank profound Divine Level Divine Power, afterward she frowns tightly, the body unceasingly spout Divine Power. „It is not really good!” Wang Jinshi tried the moment, pretty face rose micro red, she gave Yuan Baibing the sword. After Yuan Baibing receives, first carefully observes this Divine Sword, after all can blow a skin his divine shield with ease, he naturally wants have a good look to look, but he actually could not see that anything comes, because this conceals the sword handle important thing in the interior, but outside is very succinct, is hard to see the technique of refinement.

„It is not good!” Yuan Baibing shook the head, he has also tried the moment. Afterward Ren Tianyong and fat fifth child and old ten have attempted one time, nobody can transport Divine Power. Master, I acknowledged that this is a good sword, but you use to Shen Xiang, can this harm him, cannot transport Divine Power to enter in the sword, when with the sword attacks, the might greatly reduces.” Yuan Baibing said. Wang Jinshi also nodded, her father is Sword God, she practices the sword since childhood, many sword technique need the Divine Power coordination. Shen Xiang, you , if not think appropriately, I trade to you again, but must wait for ten days.” The Demon Execution Heavenly God smile looks at Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang received this ancient sword, asked: This should have the background the sword very much, names?” Shen Xiang has decided to want evidently, this makes Ren Tianyong their several not think clearly, although this sword is fierce, but is very impractical! Ren Tianyong said: Shen Xiang, this sword, although is sharp, when fights with others, others have Divine Power to protect the body, this does not have Divine Power to attach the sword, is hard to break others' Divine Power defense, is impractical!” Um, but I like this very much the sword, although cannot transport now Divine Power, perhaps but builds up to bridge over that ridge every day.” Shen Xiang attains this sword time, liked. Demon Execution Heavenly God said: This does not have the name the sword, was I picked in the past from a place.” Really is this!” Yuan Baibing said: „Is that place called Highest God forbidden land?” Good, that place this thing, you later become Heavenly God, best goes to that place informed and experienced.” Demon Execution Heavenly God sits, long sighed: Highest God forbidden land regarding Heavenly God is not very danger(ous), so long as the luck is not too bad, goes to be able to live.” Later you become Heavenly God, first trial goes to Highest God forbidden land.” Shen Xiang sees Wang Jinshi their several not to speak, is serious, knows that Highest God forbidden land is damn place.