World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1796

Several days later I will let people deliver that shear and lance.” Demon Execution Heavenly God said: You go back to prepare first, in two days, I will lead you to go to audiences Temple, when the time comes must compare notes with other Temple fellows, you must win! If lost, Hehe......” Demon Execution Heavenly God smiles sinister finally, making Ren Tianyong they cannot help but tremble. „Do I also want to go?” Shen Xiang asked. Naturally must go, when the time comes must make other Temple know that your Shen Xiang has joined my Demon Execution Temple, who dares to have your idea again, you get angry with him at the scene.” Demon Execution Heavenly God coldly snorted and said. Ren Tianyong asked: „Can Master, what when the time comes compete with? We understood first!” Demon Execution Heavenly God sighed: Previous audiences Temple sits together to let the disciple competes with, you probably had not been born! A twinkling on the past that many years!” Altogether the competition in three aspects, Heavenly God, Profound God and True God! Profound God is your several, Heavenly God does not need you to worry! Shen Xiang deals with the competition of True God, when the time comes you called that Titan descendant, that little rascal that called Tai Qiang, they were strength good True God.” Yuan Baibing said: „Is Shen Xiang True God? How can't I see?” Wang Jinshi and Ren Tianyong also think strange, they remember Shen Xiang just joined Demon Execution Temple time, should be only Demigod! Um, before attacking the Devil Yang valley, I just broke through.” Shen Xiang nodded. You go back to prepare well, one cannot lose!” Demon Execution Temple looks at Shen Xiang with a cloudy sad look their several, probably was telling them, if lost, the consequence will be serious. After Shen Xiang goes back, with a Xiao Chou saying matter, making Xiao Chou excited turned several somersaults.

Good, has been able with the fellow fights of other Temple, when the time comes I certainly to show I strongest strength, making them experience fierce of my Demon Execution Temple.” Xiao Chou one excited, has drunk tens of thousands liquor continually, still cannot constrain the joy in heart. Shen Xiang he he smiles, asked Tai Qiang: Old Tai, you? Is ready not to have!” Although Tai Qiang is not that talent extremely good person, but he mixed that many years also to live, the present is High-Rank True God, and has very rich story, therefore he was very calm. Since Temple Master Heavenly God has the so big confidence to me, I will certainly not disappoint him!” Three people drink midnight, respectively return to the room to rest. Shen Xiang sits on the bed, puts out that ancient sword, gentle stroking sword blade, the heart said: Since your I am predestined friends, but I choose the sword to take weapon, this also and Deicide Sword Art has relationship, then I name as Deicide Sword to you!” Then, he drops the blood on sword blade, has had the relation with Deicide Sword, so long as after him, can use this frequently the sword, this will have the feeling of sharing the same roots with him the sword, can make him utilize skilled. Shen Xiang does not dare to practice the Seven Demon Killings type here, because previous time did not have the Tai Qiang house lane, he planned that the Demon Execution Temple exercising martial arts room cultivates, although he grasps two changes of Demon Execution type, but also insufficient quantity. For the competition of audiences Temple, he planned that is familiar in these ten days well, if, he also plans to comprehend third to change again, is used to guard unprepared. Dawn, Xiao Chou and Tai Qiang greeting does not hit, directly ran the Demon Execution Temple exercising martial arts room, Shen Xiang went late, the good exercising martial arts room has filled, the remaining some were small. Senior Sister, is your here good, is quiet enough!” Shen Xiang arrives at floor that Wang Jinshi is, her here has a spacious comfortable exercising martial arts room.

Later you directly came in that's alright, I not here practice now, I was go to a higher place, Master prepare specifically to aim at our exercising martial arts rooms there to us.” Wang Jinshi has patted the Shen Xiang's face: Senior Sister walked, ten days later meets again, well diligently!” Ten days of somewhat were short regarding Shen Xiang, now what he can do is only quantity that two changes, if thought after one grasped, the surplus time, he attempts to comprehend the third change. In an instant passed for eight days, Shen Xiang had not left the Wang Jinshi martial arts room, he has utilized now very skillfully to that two changes, but did not have the actual combat. Two days, give a try to sense the third change!” Shen Xiang thought that the seven changes of first type, should have the connection. „During seven change, I grasped the change of strength and time, both coordinate, can launch the attack of time strength! Then the third change should have the connection to be right with this, moreover fleshly body strength can achieve!” Shen Xiang racks brains. Has thought one day later, Shen Xiang suddenly opens the eye. „The speed of time coordinates the strength size, can have the different strengths! If hard and soft should also be two changes, moreover mainly can be used to defend.” After Shen Xiang thinks, starts to attempt, unifies Heaven Refining Technique and chant of Seven Demon Killings type, revolution physical strength, controls strength to carry on the change of hard and soft in fleshly body. Can produce the rebound or the cushion strength ability pliable but hard to break, firm can resist the lever to prick, the hard and soft coordination with each other changes, this need strength strong and weak coordinates, if joins the time variation again, the effect is not definitely common! Seven changes can fuse mutually.” Shen Xiang revolution sutra, he felt that own muscle and skeleton cooperating with strength, becomes very stiff. „During seven of along changing change, the foundation change should be the strength change, the change of time should be two types, the speed two change, is hard and soft two changes, said that also the remaining final two types changed, gives me to select the time again, the first type I can practice.”

sutra that in the Shen Xiang heart the great happiness, afterward revolution supply changes, sees only his arm to let fall immediately, he used another hand to pull, like drawing gluten such, can draw is long, but will actually not break. Was almost successful, later is familiar to utilize during the fight again! This Seven Demon Killings type first, should be narrated that the foundation strength utilization of fleshly body, no wonder is hard to practice, I have Heaven Refining Technique and Enlightenment Stone luckily, otherwise is not easy to cross the threshold.” Demon Execution Heavenly God had not said with Shen Xiang which seven change is seven changes, because this is the words that comprehend, can have an explicit practice direction, if told directly, instead will have not the good effect. In the past Demon Execution Heavenly God also like this instructed Ren Tianyong they, afterward after they could not comprehend, Demon Execution Heavenly God told them seven main point of changes, but is unable to practice. Shen Xiang goes out of the exercising martial arts room, sees Wang Jinshi to sit on a rocking chair, raises head to look at the decoration of suspended ceiling. „Is Senior Sister, in a daze?” Shen Xiang said with a smile: „A depressed appearance, feared that the competition did lose?” You have guessed right, Master he and we said that if who loses the competition, who must run through the Demon Soul Executing City main street and small alley, moreover jogs, running time must run while shouted that I am idiot.” The Shen Xiang eyebrow corner/horn jumps, this penalty truly very awfully! So long as does not lose, that not that's alright?” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Senior Sister is so fierce, obtains Jade Mist Divine Sword, definitely will not lose!” This is natural, Senior Sister I will definitely not lose, I am worried about you!” Wang Jinshi giggle smiles: Thinks that you shouted one are an idiot time, has the feeling very much!”