World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1797

Shen Xiang ill-humored saying: Senior Sister, others also think that you are unhappy, wants to comfort your, your present unexpectedly chats with the families.” Wang Jinshi said with a smile tenderly: My present mood was much better, said, tomorrow can go to audiences Temple with Master, I think that was very excited.” Shen Xiang nodded, he also so, goes to the expert fights of other audiences Temple and Temple compares notes, but can also experience other War-God, more important Demon Execution Heavenly God brings very big murderous aura to go, because he must declare war to Hell Temple at that time. Xiao Chou and Tai Qiang obtained middle-grade Divine Weapon that they admired, their very grateful Shen Xiang, they also think one need the Profound God strength to get so far as. How to prepare? Tomorrow will want!” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile: With my one group, when the time comes should not be a drag on my!” Xiao Chou said with a smile indifferently: I worried actually Master you will be a drag on our!” Shen Xiang has tapped the head of Xiao Chou, ridicules saying: Your this arrogant problem cannot change, oneself a little strength, dares to despise Master I!” Tai Qiang he he smiles: Brother Shen strength that does not need to question that otherwise is unable to get so far as so many black crystals, gets so far as this Divine Weapon to give to us! We have prepared, very anticipation at the competition of audiences Temple!” Xiao Chou and Tai Qiang are confident, Shen Xiang nodded: Then well rests today, recuperates the spirit, perhaps tomorrow will go to start to audiences Temple to compete with!” Goes to other audiences Temple and Temple disciples competes with, regarding this matter, Shen Xiang they anticipated that Ren Tianyong their these five War-God are also so. Next morning, Shen Xiang they rushed to Demon Execution Temple long time ago, Ren Tianyong and other War-God already here, they lived in this Demon Execution Temple, saw Shen Xiang, Xiao Chou and Tai Qiang three people is very energetic, in look self-confident ray, Demon Execution Heavenly God very satisfied nod. „The competition of audiences Temple, is not the competion strength constantly, when the time comes will propose the competition rule by some old fellow! Naturally, the pure fight competition will have, moreover that competition way danger(ous), may discard the poor life very much, when the time comes do not show off power that's it.” The Demon Execution Heavenly God serious urging said. Shen Xiang they nodded. „!” Demon Execution Heavenly God puts out formation plate, making the people stand above, afterward he opens formation plate, then arrives at one fully is every large or small Teleportation Formation plaza. This is audiences Divine City, is biggest of a city Gods, if you comes, must pay divine coin!” Demon Execution Heavenly God they were saying to Shen Xiang. Has Gods of War-God qualifications, can come and go out this big Divine City at will!” Tai Qiang nodded: It seems like we must take advantage that this good amusing several days to be good.”

Demon Execution Heavenly God said with a smile: Has won the competition, is casual you such to play!” Loses the penalty of competition, the people knew, but Demon Execution Heavenly God also the suddenly change penalty, cloudy said with a smile at this time: If in you have a fellow to lose, then accepts the penalty on all.” The people heart jumped fiercely, they line of sight centralized in Shen Xiang and Xiao Chou on them. little rascal, do not implicate us!” Yuan Baibing somewhat worried that he looked said to that fatty: „The fat fifth child, your this bald apprentice is good, looks like somewhat weak!” The fat fifth child laughs: My this apprentice is not fierce, if you do not think that he loses the competition, you should provide some good god attires to him, even if lends him to use a period of time to be also good.” Ren Tianyong said with a smile: „The second child, you on other stingy, that penalty are not crack a joke now, circles the city to run, but must shout one are an idiot!” In their this group of people, has Shen Xiang to be quite calm: That penalty for me is not anything, in any case I am not a celebrity!” Shen Xiang their three little rascal truly are not the celebrities, but that five War-God are, their facial skin is thick , after is out of control, others take this matter to crack a joke. Audiences Temple is grand, altogether several hundred big great towers stand in great numbers in this giant audiences Divine City, these great towers are also major Temple here construct, they send the representative to move into here, major Temple in some audiences Divine City also many industries. This is our Demon Execution Temple in Temple that audiences Divine City establishes, how short others' that many.” Xiao Chou has contrasted other great towers, somewhat disappointed saying. What can that senior level cadre? Others' high that our short, therefore many people come here, will place our most to love the attention, this can attract the attention.” Saying of Demon Execution Heavenly God righteousness words: Your these little rascal were too tender, did not understand that gathers the move of disciple.” After the people enter this Temple, greeted with here Palace Master, then goes the middle that high biggest great tower, that is audiences Temple. These Temple construct that big, inside should be air-to-air.” Shen Xiang looks the great tower that all around these reach to the sky, thinks in these great towers nobody. This actually, for example middle audiences Temple, inside has strange thing, will compete with will also carry on inside.” Demon Execution Heavenly God curls the lip saying: In the past constructed this audiences Temple, our major Temple left many strength, may not only be constructs an outer covering to be so simple.” Shen Xiang had also known about the functions of this audiences Temple, but does not understand why must leave that big strength to construct such Temple.

This audiences Temple has mountain to have the water, that quite in another world, and has 18 Purgatory in, from first layer to 18 th, in each has all kinds of danger(ous), moreover each is equal to a dangerous situation, is very mysterious! But War-God tries to practice also in inside, if has rushed to 18 Purgatory, is qualified Heavenly God, can found own Temple.” Ren Tianyong explained the functions of this audiences Temple. Let alone War-God, even if Profound God, regarding Shen Xiang is very remote matters. This audiences Temple, should be the God of Wealth domains, here most industries are his, this fellow creates divine coin specially, all day purchases the precious thing with divine coin, therefore his strength is also very strong! His four apprentices, is fierce.” On the Yuan Baibing face full is the envy, they like mad can gain to divine coin, but some God of Wealth and his apprentices, directly make. Shen Xiang has stayed in Divine Prison, knows how divine coin operates, divine coin besides can purchase the thing, but can also be used for refiner, this can improve the speed and quality. Ren Tianyong their several people entered audiences Temple with Demon Execution Heavenly God, arrives at a very giant conference site, this should be a giant arena, here has the beautiful sunlight, is hard to imagine this is in that audiences Temple. Circular giant arena sits many people, on the auditorium with the region that divides, Demon Execution Heavenly God brings Shen Xiang they to arrive at the region that Demon Execution Temple assigns. Demon Execution Temple came, unexpectedly that few people! Well, haven't these Heavenly God disciples come? Has Ren Tianyong their these, didn't they plan to compete with?” This has not started, perhaps waits to come, does not know what is the first batch of second batch! Although the second group of disciples are also very fierce, but the first batch are quite mystical!” Demon Execution Temple has come the big cropper in the Devil Yang valley, Ren Tianyong their ten War-God, now only remaining five, the quantities of these squads also reduced half.” Demon Execution Heavenly God can also sit still, said that he had feared Infernal Demon Emperor is inadequate?” „......” Sees Demon Execution Heavenly God to arrive, other Temple disciples immediately discuss spiritedly. Words that Temple altogether 300, all come, this place will also be very lively, because some Temple came more than hundred people, Demon Execution Temple truly is least. Shen Xiang also heard, Demon Execution Temple is in three hundred Temple the population are least, is poorest Temple, but strength actually before. Old Senior Brother haven't they come?” Yuan Baibing asked in a low voice: Master, the God of Wealth four big apprentices are very strong, words that they do not go into action, several of us have won also uselessly!”

Demon Execution Heavenly God lightly smiled: Calm, they will certainly come! You do not need to be worried that you when the time comes may probably try hard, if you lose, the penalty that their several receives will be also heavier. If your juniors by these fellow envious hatred, later definitely will be maltreated by them.” Ren Tianyong their several complexions changed. Master, you were too ruthless, they were hated by old Senior Brother, this also very miserable!” The fat fifth child could not smile, he looked to Xiao Chou: Light boss, regardless of competes with anything, you cannot lose!” Shen Xiang asked: Temple Master Heavenly God, old Senior Brother in them has the society Seven Demon Killings type?” He such asked that Ren Tianyong their several War-God are also curious. But Demon Execution Heavenly God sighed: Cannot learn, the regret of my lifetime is until now, except for me, nobody can half a loaf of Kung-fu of Seven Demon Killings type, now look your!” Tai Qiang and Xiao Chou know that Shen Xiang grasped the Seven Demon Killings type, but Shen Xiang had told they do not say. They cannot learn, you passed to this little rascal this Seven Demon Killings type, Master your also native of Taikeng!” A fat fifth child face sympathy looks at Shen Xiang. Demon Execution Heavenly God low snort|hum said: You, when has begun studies for several thousand over ten thousand years, although has not learned, to afterward you on studying other Executing Demon Divine Art, as well as in the practice, isn't problem-free? You understand anything!” At this time Wang Jinshi shouted lowly: God of Wealth came, his four big apprentice, four small God of Wealth!” The people look immediately that Shen Xiang saw Yang Yan, Yang Yan and his father follow in Brilliant God behind! God of Wealth arrives, audience one peace, now God of Wealth, but of a side overlord Gods, is grasping the massive wealth, the strength is powerful, some rumors said that the God of Wealth four apprentices, casual can shake some medium Temple.