World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1798

Those who make Shen Xiang accidental is, God of Wealth unexpectedly is youngster, is long that immaturely, if not he behind with four might threatening Heavenly God, Shen Xiang has not believed. God of Wealth comes, looks to Demon Execution Heavenly God, to Demon Execution Heavenly God lightly smiled: Demon Execution, heard that you some important matters announced today, otherwise I am disinclined! Truly speaking, this competition definitely is our God of Wealth palace wins.” He said that these words are not wild, their God of Wealth palace is filthy rich, can only pound others not to have the temperament with High-Grade divine tool. little rascal, 100 billion divine coin, do you dare to bet?” Demon Execution Heavenly God sneered. Although God of Wealth is the youngster appearance, but his God of Wealth palace in Gods many years, is one of the ancient Temple, Demon Execution Heavenly God shouted him for little rascal, was not because he seemed like young, but was Demon Execution Heavenly God is old antique. Good! However...... I with obtaining 100 billion divine coin, this is the matter that does not need to question, but you......” God of Wealth makes the tut tut sound, is having a smile shaking the head: In the past I remember that Fire God has also bet with me, if his father does not go into action, he almost lost to me Fire God Palace.” unexpectedly has such matter, this makes the Fire God Palace's disciple think immediately somewhat cannot gain ground. Many years, we had not gathered together, for these years, everybody thinks that saved many divine coin, might as well now on several on good liking to gamble!” God of Wealth that gentle immature sound flutters to various places of this conference site, making the people discuss. So long as is a normal person, with the God of Wealth gambling, the financial resource of his God of Wealth palace, the disciple who will train definitely will not be fearful. Demon Execution Heavenly God puts out a fiery red round bead, the head is so big, he lifts up high: How do I use this to mortgage? This is Highest God Fire Pellet, Heavenly God on the scene should know this thing value.” Good!” God of Wealth two shine immediately, pleasantly surprised saying with a smile: I really do not have came in vain today, this Highest God Fire Pellet I must decide.” Shen Xiang looks at that grain of Fire Pellet, only felt that a invisible heat wave is attacking his Divine sea, if not for Demon Execution Heavenly God receives, he thought that he will possibly be burnt. Demon Execution Heavenly God holds up that Highest God Fire Pellet shortly, on the scene has many person whole bodies to brave the flame, if not for were extinguished the flame by their Heavenly God hastily, perhaps will be burnt. Good fierce thing!” In the Shen Xiang heart exclaimed in surprise.

Tai Qiang knits the brows: This cultivates flame Yuan pill who the flame Highest God concentrates, this is very precious thing!” What is Highest God?” Shen Xiang asked in a low voice. Above Heavenly God is Highest God, after having this Highest God Fire Pellet, can perhaps become Highest God, this has divine coin unable to buy, otherwise God of Wealth already was Highest God.” Tai Qiang said. Afterward walks was one crowd wears the person of black clothed, God of Wealth also immediately looks at the past, that evil aura from them, this very obviously was Hell Temple. Snort!” Demon Execution Heavenly God depresses the anger in heart, coldly snorted, no longer looked that crowd wears the black robe, is leading the person of black topee. Infernal Demon Emperor in inside, Shen Xiang can induce to that aura clearly! At noon starts this congress, all needs to wait for a period of time. Goddess Palace came!” whispered of Xiao Chou near the Shen Xiang ear. After Wang Jinshi hears, lightly snorted and said: Your these little rascal, may have the ideas of Goddess Palace these Goddess carelessly, the consequence is very serious.” Shen Xiang looked that wears the female of pale golden dress to that crowd, he has not looked for the familiar person from inside, although these Goddess are very attractive, but Shen Xiang could not be interested. Goddess Palace attracted the attention of many men, but Shen Xiang sighing of slightly, then again has not actually looked. Several Temple have not come, is some cannot throw the fellow of person!” If thunder cry sound suddenly resounds, frightens everybody to jump, is peaceful immediately, looks below that vast fighting fields, there station over the face dignified guy, is wearing black armor, grasps the broadsword. I am Heaven Punishment God, is responsible for managing to supervise this numerous empathize ratio!” Heaven Punishment God suddenly looks to Demon Execution Temple, asked with that thick crazy sound: Demon Execution Heavenly God, you said that something announced that what matter is?”

I must declare war to Hell Temple! Infernal Demon Emperor he makes Evil God return to Gods, made my five love people, several hundred Temple disciples died completely.” Exclaiming that Demon Execution Heavenly God is in a towering rage, body Divine Power puts greatly, frightens many junior complexions to be pallid. This matter everybody heard, but actually does not know that is Evil God does, no wonder Demon Execution Temple will lose seriously! Heaven Punishment God, Infernal Demon Emperor makes Evil God run, clarifies must damage Gods, shouldn't you make what?” Temple Heavenly God said. The Shen Xiang familiar sound conveys together, this is the Infernal Demon Emperor sound, his start to talk spoke. Evil God greatly noisy Hell, I do not blow him, making him run, this was my is not right, I am willing to subject to a penalty, but I did not accept declaring war of Demon Execution Temple.” The Infernal Demon Emperor sound is very calm, but has one to make the meaning of person very uncomfortable sinister. Demon Execution Heavenly God expected Infernal Demon Emperor not to meet head-on directly. Then I will continue to declare war!” Demon Execution Heavenly God looked angrily at Infernal Demon Emperor one, then loudly said: Shen Xiang has joined Demon Execution Temple, who dares to have his idea again, so long as is known by me, I extinguish Temple that he was at directly, this conforms to the audiences Temple rule!” Grasps Heaven Refining Technique Shen Xiang, arrived at Gods, and has joined Demon Execution Temple, no wonder Infernal Demon Emperor will counter-attack, emits Evil God. Shen Xiang makes Infernal Demon Emperor lose seriously, God of Wealth also by pit, but Demon Execution Heavenly God said now that other Temple people do not dare to be what kind. Good, nothing announced that then starts the competition of this congress, this also initially constructed the rule that audiences Temple sets, 1 million years one time will compare.” Heaven Punishment God did not care to this matter probably, moreover he also looked. Shen Xiang induced to several strength, but completely was blocked by Demon Execution Heavenly God. „Is that Ice Dragon?” Shen Xiang looks side God of Wealth is standing a tall and thin man, his expression is simple-hearted, probably is the servant is the same, other people are sit, but only he stands in God of Wealth behind. This bastard!” Shen Xiang is looking angrily at God of Wealth, initially Ice Dragon by the God of Wealth force was a slave.

Heaven Punishment God must announce starts, Shen Xiang suddenly induces to light breeze to blow, the region that they are, had four people suddenly! Four very young men, two male two females, are longer much the beautiful appearance, they look like look like two pairs of husband and wife. Father!” Master!” Shouted that father's two men, that two females shout Master! All people were waiting for that at this time Heaven Punishment God announced the rule, but Heaven Punishment God had not announced that is looking at Demon Execution Heavenly God this position. Demon Execution Heavenly God suddenly were many four young people, obviously this has not discovered them to arrive including Heaven Punishment God, this has initiated a tumult. Your girls, marry to be so long, but could also not change a statement.” Demon Execution Heavenly God said with a smile: You came well!” Ren Tianyong they had guessed correctly that these four young people, should be the first group of apprentices in Legend, is not ten, has four, including two Demon Execution Heavenly God sons, another two females are his son's wife, but also is the Demon Execution Heavenly God apprentice. Demon Execution Heavenly God unexpectedly has the son, let alone these juniors, are these Temple Heavenly God, is knows now that regarding these four young people, other Temple Heavenly God did not understand, but very strong that's it, this gives other Temple very big threat feelings.