World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1799
In Legend, the Demon Execution Heavenly God first group of disciples have ten, now only came ten, as for also has other, possibly only then Demon Execution Heavenly God knows. „Are you old Senior Brother?” Ren Tianyong stands up immediately, gives these old Senior to salute hastily. Ren Tianyong, you had seen my many times actually, but you have not recognized me to come.” Short hair man lightly smiled, his smiling face is somewhat stiff, looks like he does not like smiling, moreover he gives back to a person very strange feeling, first is on him does not have a little aura, to person a very blurred feeling. Demon Execution Heavenly God said: These two are my son, what short hair is the eldest son, of long hair is the second son, introduced oneself.” These four first group of disciples after simple self introduction, Shen Xiang they also know that their names, did not know about them. Demon Execution Heavenly God eldest son named Zu Chao, second son named Zu Ming, their wife is also the Demon Execution Heavenly God apprentice, grows up together, probably also a little origin, will otherwise not be the Demon Execution Heavenly God first group of disciples. The Zu Chao wife build is petite, on face brings to smile sweetly, the sound is very sweet, named Yao Shuang, she introduced oneself, said one were small Junior Sister. The Zu Ming wife said one is a third child, named Liang Yunling, the appearance is beautiful, to the person very gentle feeling, is some does not like speaking, she spoke few. Now Ren Tianyong they can determine that the Demon Execution Heavenly God first group of disciples have four, is these two pairs of husband and wife at present. Conducts compared with the goal to not let fellow love people carries on to slaughter to spell to fight, but for the progress, seeks for own insufficiency during the competition! Because this opportunity is few, the rule that usually audiences Temple sets also has big binding force, keeping everybody from understanding profoundly own strength, now is a good opportunity, I believe after Heavenly God love disciple passes through this matter, on mood certainly bigger promotion.” Heaven Punishment God has not announced the rule directly, but told everybody first, at competition, selected to stops well. But looks at now the major Temple stances, definitely like this, will not be having the murderous aura look from these Temple Heavenly God, probably momentarily will spell life and death. After audiences Temple establishes, major Temple have enmity, cannot through the violent way solution, because this needs to pay the enormous price! For example declares war, generally needs to carry on declares war continuously three times, needs each time many divine coin, moreover may not win the opposite party, therefore this matter little has occurrence, generally is Heaven Punishment God carries on the mediation.

If launches great war in private, will then be besieged by numerous Temple. The graciousness grievances resentment of therefore for many years accumulating, will solve through the Temple outstanding disciple the present, audiences Heavenly God thought that this is compared with the true goal. Master, you should compare one time before, at that time Senior Sister hadn't Senior Brother participated?” Ren Tianyong asked. No, that time was in the second batch, this time for final victory, I, only then sent them to come out, although the previous our Demon Execution Temple rank was not very bad, but I was very uncomfortable.” Demon Execution Heavenly God said. This first group of disciples, unexpectedly first time openly make an appearance, this made Shen Xiang they have the confidence to win. Now I am worried is not they, but is your little rascal, puts out the strongest strength to come to me, must win, otherwise my Highest God Fire Pellet must give God of Wealth, I to your penalties, certainly must when the time comes double.” Saying of Demon Execution Heavenly God face threat. Xiao Chou was whispering low voice: „Do we look like so are really weak?” The fat fifth child traces bald of Xiao Chou, said with a smile: We look like very weak, that is the good matter, Ha Ha......” Heaven Punishment God has not announced the rule, but makes the person put out at the same time the great tablet, the great tablet places under that spacious fighting fields. The great tablet shines red light, appeared arrived all Temple names. Wins one is a point, after all competition ended, score highest arranges first, be only first can be rewarded.” Heaven Punishment God said.

This rule only then these old Heavenly God know, Ren Tianyong they, although was also very old, but regarding Gods the Temple history is tender. Content of competition is very comprehensive, has pill, to fight, and these four subjects! pill, is alchemy. Fights, is the fight competition. Is the refiner competition. formation competition.” unexpectedly must compete with that many, Shen Xiang they also think is only pure to fighting competition. This tests the individual, but the comprehensive aspect also has the group war, this also with many points of competition, concrete after and other individual competition ended, I will announce again.” Demon Execution Heavenly God knit the brows, whispered: These many patterns, probably are evidently disadvantageous to us!” Yuan Baibing said: Master, refiner I am an expert, alchemy?” Ren Tianyong their several look immediately to Zu Chao Zu Ming they, sees only them to shake the head. Master, I only understood that refinement Saint pill, does not know whether.” Yao Shuang said. How this must have a look at when the time comes the rule, if not good, then do not go to attend the alchemy competition, few one point of nothing.” Demon Execution Heavenly God nodded. I also understand alchemy, at present can only refine low-grade Saint pill, if the condition permits, I also want to try.” If only the competion refines low-grade Saint pill, he wins to himself is very confident. Shen Xiang understood that refinement Saint pill this matter, Zu Chao they do not know, Shen Xiang's cultivation base is also only Low-Rank True God, has this level, that was very good.

Yao Shuang is Heavenly God, although she does not take alchemy as main direction, but she also understood that must refine Saint pill not to be easy. Heaven Punishment God continues to announce the rule, said: „The first round competition, is alchemy! Each Temple only allows to send out five alchemy divisions, so long as obtains first, Temple that is at can add a point.” Our Demon Execution Temple good alchemy masters hid deadly, a short time could not find very much, can we waste this score really the opportunity?” Demon Execution Heavenly God regrettable sighing. How can obtain first? Can refine Divine Pill?” Has the Heavenly God loud voice inquiry. Refines Divine Pill Dan God not to be many, these Dan God by the restraint of Temple, usually were not drifted about from place to place, only then minority Temple can relate on these Dan God, but must make them to compete with that is impossible. Refines Saint pill! low-grade middle-grade High-Grade is good, now asks various Temple alchemy masters to enter the arena.” Heaven Punishment God replied. Demon Execution Heavenly God looked at Shen Xiang and Yao Shuang, said: You go, alchemy after is not your specialties, if loses, I will not punish your!” Had Demon Execution Heavenly God these words, Shen Xiang they have felt relieved, can see from Zu Chao Zu Ming their facial expressions that they were also afraid by Demon Execution Heavenly God are punished.