World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1800
Time that Shen Xiang walks, reveals own appearance, because Infernal Demon Emperor and God of Wealth already saw are he, he does not need to conceal again. This little rascal is Shen Xiang, is the fellow who lets the Infernal Demon Emperor massive hemorrhage, God of Wealth also loses many divine coin.” Grasps Heaven Refining Technique, how does not know his alchemy technique!” Heaven Refining Technique is mainly not used to fight? Is used for alchemy not to be perhaps good, he should be only True God now, where to does not go.” Yao Shuang also had a scare, she does not know that with little rascal that enter the arena, is Infernal Demon Emperor becomes enemies to deep Shen Xiang. Has heard so much about you!” Yao Shuang said with a smile to Shen Xiang tenderly. This given name is not good.” Shen Xiang smiles helplessly. Quite noticeable old man that walks from God of Wealth palace that region, this white hair old man calm and composed, walking approach slowly, many Temple sends out several alchemy divisions, collects full five as far as possible, only then the God of Wealth palace sends out one. However, old man of this God of Wealth palace is famous title Pill Saint! alchemy master who can also refine High-Grade Saint pill! Secret Pill Saint in God of Wealth palace, the God of Wealth palace is really fierce, unexpectedly can let this title Pill Saint momentarily with.” Looks at Goddess Palace quickly, is title Pill Saint. Words that has not misread, this should be pink clouds Pill Saint, is really attractive! Itself is powerful Heavenly God, moreover understood that refines Divine Pill.” Fire God Palace is fierce, sends out two title Pill Saint, is famous pair of sub- Pill Saint!” Fire God Palace's Pill Saint is a twin, the middle-aged person appearance, their this time pressures are not small, because they face two very competent Pill Saint now. Shen Xiang sizes up Goddess Palace that pink clouds Pill Saint, this is in several title Pill Saint is most popular, because she is a very beautiful female, she looks calm at this time, does not have the tense feeling. Four title Pill Saint appeared! This should be the contest between title Pill Saint, where has other alchemy master anything matters!” Good, before self-confident Demon Execution Temple , can only send some little rascal to keep up appearances!” Looks at that black robe person quickly, is that side Hell Temple, heard that this is very strange Pill Saint, specially with corpse anything comes alchemy.” Good, this is Hell Temple title Pill Saint, I have heard, probably named any Hell Pill Saint.”

Title Pill Saint is existence of very close Dan God, is in many Temple accounts the treasure. I announced rule that now wins, you were carefully good!” Heaven Punishment God suddenly shouts that somewhat shakes the ground to shake. Each alchemy master chooses to refine a Saint pill, low-grade middle-grade High-Grade is good, ten herbs, can refine to have Saint pill Divine Halo Saint pill, then obtains first, speed quickest that is a focus.” Saint pill Divine Halo! Shen Xiang first time has listened to this view. „, Anything is Saint pill Divine Halo!” Shen Xiang asked that only hears all around many alchemy masters to send out the ridicule the sound, throws the look that despises to Shen Xiang. Saint pill Divine Halo does not know that you also do dare to come to compete with?” Is, has not reached this level, dares to say Pill Saint?” Heaven Punishment God complexion sank, stared that the alchemy master of several taunting, then explained: Saint pill Divine Halo is Saint pill who you refine, outside will have a Divine Halo package, this Divine Halo quite Yu Shengdan soul, will make Saint pill have a higher quality! Has Divine Halo Saint pill, compared with excellent quality Saint pill high ten times.” Shen Xiang has not thought that unexpectedly will have Saint pill of this shape, he had not refined before, he has not grasped to refine now. Must refine to have Divine Halo Saint pill, generally when congealing pill works hard, for example rapidly melts together many grains of pill who soon concentrates, the fusion, this can obtain quality quite high pill forcefully, can concentrate Divine Halo.” What speech is Goddess Palace pink clouds Pill Saint. Shen Xiang nodded, casts the grateful vision, now may nobody teach him these, can know that a point is. How you know refine, now also late! Must study the refinement to have Divine Halo Saint pill, is not the a day or two matter, even if I have the alchemy master of good talent like this, has studied nearly millenniums.” That pair of sub- Pill Saint in which said. alchemy master of approach has more than 800, can refine Saint pill's Pill Saint, Temple has 300, each Temple can send out five alchemy divisions to come , the alchemy division but who some Temple send out are quite few, therefore alchemy master not anticipated that many. Shen Xiang was responsible for distributing herbs old man there to receive ten dragon blood Saint pill's herbs from one, then casually looked for a position, put out pill furnace to sit down. After waiting for all alchemy masters to prepare, Heaven Punishment God starts on the announcement competition of loud voice! „The second child, blames you, initially is not willing to him good pill furnace, you to have a look, in the field most disappointing pill furnace is his, broken stove that five divine coin buy.” Wang Jinshi tenderly snorted and said. This...... He early did not say that I can give him a moment ago middle-grade divine furnace!” Yuan Baibing let go.

Demon Execution Heavenly God has swept pill furnace of other alchemy masters, shakes the head sighs: Truly is, most disappointing is his pill furnace, this thing gives me, when the water jar I think disappointing.” Temple Master Heavenly God, you do not need to be worried his, his alchemy always does not rely on pill furnace.” Xiao Chou is confident to Shen Xiang's alchemy technique, he has experienced many times. Because Shen Xiang pill furnace is very disappointing, must have is taunted by other alchemy masters. This pill furnace appeared here, affected my mood, as Pill Saint, nice pill furnace did not have, does not know that this brat can refine Saint pill.” My grandson with pill furnace that the mud pinches compared with his good, Ha Ha......” Shen Xiang turns a deaf ear, he knows that his strength, does not rely on pill furnace, pill furnace is only auxiliary. He paid attention a moment ago, Heaven Punishment God said that must refine Saint pill Divine Halo time, that several famous title Pill Saint frowned, looks to come out to refine to have Divine Halo Saint pill not to be easy. Heaven Punishment God has also said that the deadline of time is ten days, the time that regarding outstanding Pill Saint, refines Saint pill who excellent quality requires longer, ten days are very also reluctant, let alone refine on difficult many Divine Halo Saint pill. Shen Xiang put Blood Dragon Ginseng to enter in pill furnace from the beginning, put the produce fire flame combustion, many alchemy masters upon learning this, lowly smiled. At this time Shen Xiang discovered that here all alchemy masters, one time is to put five, moreover they before refinement, will also put out a jade plate, first carried on the simple refinement outside herbs. For example the stamp crushing, wraps with Divine Power, making five melt one. Refinement has Divine Halo Saint pill, at least needs five, altogether has ten herbs, in other words, first time failed, the second time! However this brat, is impossible to succeed to 100 him.” Yao Shuang was somewhat anxious, to Shen Xiang sound transmission: Where your does alchemy technique study?” Is I studies independently!” Shen Xiang replied truthfully that refines following pill, is almost he tries to find out. Yao Shuang is very speechless: „, To oneself the too tremendous pressure, I be not supporting diligently!” Shen Xiang in numerous alchemy Master Yan, probably just studied the alchemy kid at this time, anything does not understand, tampers with, wastes herbs. Isn't Divine Halo Saint pill? I was also to refine in the past have Dan light pill, should be similar, was peak quality Saint pill, because of Saint pill, therefore was different from these Dan light.” Shen Xiang compares to relax, not, because did not understand that the refinement feels to be flustered, regarding him, this is a time very good promotion opportunity.

Now tries trial to make Divine Halo Saint pill!” Shen Xiang refines a dragon blood Saint pill furnace is three grains, but many Pill Saint limits are two grains! dragon blood Saint pill leaves pill quantity to be few, only then Shen Xiang choice, only then pill many Saint pill, is quite easy to congeal Divine Halo. Does not have the external force interference, the speed very rapidness of Shen Xiang alchemy, he uses too extremely builds up! He is True God, the True God strength of use is now more formidable than beforehand Divine Power, this too extremely built up also strengthens compared with before. For example, in the past when he used too extremely to build up alchemy, inside change is looked, when now his alchemy, the pill furnace internal situation will be very stable, without any sound, was hard to induce obtains, the aura that because Shen Xiang's too extremely built up sending out restrained peak, will not make any aura reveal in the slightest. When alchemy, consumption Divine Power, for flame, but after the flame fuses herbal Spirit Qi, will release the quantity of heat to volatilize many herbal Spirit Qi along with pill furnace, this is the matter that many alchemy masters have no alternative. But now, Shen Xiang has overcome this point completely, therefore his pill furnace is very at this moment icy cold, without heat, after resembles him herbs loses, anything has not done to be the same! Regarding pill furnace interior all controls, he can say that arrived at Perfection, reaching the pinnacle Realm, even if these title Pill Saint is hard to compare him, but they think that now Shen Xiang has not started to set on fire alchemy. „Did he start alchemy?” Demon Execution Heavenly God is puzzled: But I cannot induce slightly the aura of flame, this brat is doing anything!” My big Master he entered the best alchemy condition now, you are waiting surprisedly.” Xiao Chou sees Shen Xiang this time facial expression, knows that Shen Xiang is earnest, this manner he is hard to forget. Zu Chao knits the brows: This is unlikely, I specially practice the flame, moreover I also fused fire Bead of Mysterious Laws, below each pill furnace internal flame I can induce obtain, the only Shen Xiang's flame has not appeared.” If he really in alchemy, but I cannot induce his flame, can only explain the flame that he uses, broke through conventional Law of Fire, is different from the normal flame!” Yuan Baibing is Refining Master, is primarily the flame, but he has not actually heard such view. Senior Brother, what is not the normal flame?” Yuan Baibing enquires modestly. Normal flame characteristics, burn down the destruction, but not normal flame, is opposite, that is not common Law of Fire, even cannot be the fire, but has the characteristics of flame! Can destroy, can create!” Demon Execution Heavenly God said: Also is ancient Creation Fire, Primal Chaos Fire, Fire of Life, although several names, but is the same.”