World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1801
The Shen Xiang use book assigns Divine Ability strength, releases Creation Fire to come alchemy, this can guarantee when he leaves pill quality, this type of flame integrates him to practice elixir that Life Slaughtering Technique releases again, can produce some herbal Spirit Qi, can make the pills quality higher. At this time all alchemy master wholly-absorbed alchemy, the refinement produces Divine Halo Saint pill, generally needs five herbs, only refines one grain, this tests the level of alchemy master. Regarding Shen Xiang, five herbs only refine one grain, even if the Divine Halo Saint pill's quality is good, that is also a waste, if herbs refines one grain, that has very big value. According to a moment ago the views of these alchemy masters, the Divine Halo Saint pill's quality was excellent quality ten times, price also expensive ten times, five herbs, Shen Xiang can refine 15 grains of dragon blood Saint pill, contrasted Divine Halo Saint pill is also same. „Are these alchemy masters doing? Drained that many herbal Spirit Qi, don't they manage?” In Shen Xiang heart surprised, because fights on the field at this time, covers a rich medicine to be fragrant, all kinds of herbal Spirit Qi gather together. These herbal Spirit Qi flutter from pill furnace of many alchemy masters, in pill furnace puts in five herbs, words that simultaneously refines, if the control strength is insufficient , can only release some herbal Spirit Qi and ensure pill furnace internal stability, this is also one type, but action. In comparison, that several famous title Pill Saint were different, they when alchemy, although will also drain many herbal Spirit Qi, but does not have that many. These scatter in herbal Spirit Qi of upper air, in the Shen Xiang eye is grains of pill, if not he is competing with now, he definitely completely will absorb, then these herbal Spirit Qi refined into pill. Must concentrate pill, I give a try!” In Shen Xiang's pill furnace presented three groups Qi ball that contracts gradually, when these three groups of cyclones soon gathering syntan, he controls these three groups of cyclones to dash together immediately, wants to make them melt together. But this such as he has not hope that these three groups of cyclone violent dashing, have a greatly strengthened explosion! Of bang, pill furnace has the sad bang, that pill furnace cover was exploded to fly, in upper air of wild Qi Energy by pill furnace to flying. Dragon Blood Dan of failure turns into very thick blood fog, is similar to the blood is the same, floats in the air, appears very beautiful chilly beautiful, is similar to the hanging brook gradually is fluttering. unexpectedly exploded the furnace!” Although Shen Xiang exploded the furnace, but ridiculed his alchemy master at this time also only then minority, because just started shortly, Shen Xiang can Blood Dragon Ginseng refined into this degree, this be able to congeal pill's stage, if traded to be them, they could not achieve. Again according to Blood Dragon Ginseng herbal Spirit Qi that in pill furnace braves, this degree of herbal Spirit Qi, at least can be concise two grains of dragon blood Saint pill. Regarding Pill Saint of True God strength, this was rare. Shen Xiang emits Divine Power immediately, herbal Spirit Qi that welling up wraps, received pill furnace, then covers the cover, puts in Blood Dragon Ginseng again , to continue to refine.

„Is this fellow doing? Does he want to build up Divine Halo Saint pill with least herbs?” „Before, he did not have alchemy probably, has not overflowed including a flame aura and herbal Spirit Qi, but has not thought of him actually the Blood Dragon Ginseng fining to this degree! Moreover uses broken pill furnace!” The alchemy master on the scene, saw that Shen Xiang has many skills, but they think that Shen Xiang has not undergone the long-term practice, in such a short time, definitely is unable to refine Divine Halo Saint pill. Was exploding the instance of furnace a moment ago, Shen Xiang induces to the thing that three Qi ball dash produces instantaneously, he thinks that is so-called Divine Halo, but he controls not well, therefore has not blown that birth instantaneous Divine Halo, will therefore explode the furnace. Is congealing pill's instance, the control soon melts pill's Qi ball to dash mutually, can cause that Divine Halo!” Shen Xiang picks up the speed, refines enough herbal Spirit Qi, prepares to congeal pill. In this pill furnace had five groups of cyclones, although before failed, herbal Spirit Qi that but he can promptly draining received, has not caused the big losses. Five groups of cyclones contract gradually, soon is turning into pill's instance, he controls Qi ball to dash together immediately mutually! pill furnace shakes, blows out a bigger sound, he exploded the furnace once again! However this time he controls very well, although explodes the furnace, but the cover has not flown, internal herbal Spirit Qi has not drained. Sees Shen Xiang to be defeated one time, many alchemy master to rejoice in other people's misfortune get up, in their eyes, wants to build up Divine Halo Saint pill in such a short time, that is the absolutely impossible matter. Shen Xiang looks at pill furnace, in heart great happiness. This was the Divine Halo medicine is mad, no wonder needed many herbs to refine together is good, the Divine Halo medicine air/Qi that such breeding dashed were more.” After Blood Dragon Ginseng built up, is the blood red medicine air/Qi, but at this time pill furnace inside medicine gas range the light golden light fog, that is being Divine Halo. Here sufficed to congeal two grains of Divine Halo Saint pill! If continues to dash, does not know that will be what kind of!” If not because this alchemy competes with, Shen Xiang will not know Divine Halo Saint pill's existence quickly. Then, Shen Xiang makes to let the matter that the person is unable to understand, he loses into other Blood Dragon Ginseng pill furnace completely, in other words, if he once is defeated, did not have any opportunity. Regarding his present strength, simultaneously refines eight herbs in pill furnace is not very difficult matter, in his opinion is also a new challenge.

One side he exists the Divine Halo medicine gas seal that before builds up, not with blood dragon medicine air/Qi occurring together that the present just smelted. Simultaneously smelts eight herbs, after smelting, but must fuse one group, the difficulty strengthened more than ten times compared with before, therefore he has to slow the tempo. Five days pass by, fight in the field to have the alchemy master to turn on the pill furnace cover, many alchemy masters shake the head to sigh, because they have not refined to have Divine Halo Saint pill, these are defeated in the midway, has not opened the pill furnace alchemy master, is progresses quite smoothly, refines Divine Halo Saint pill hopefully. But Shen Xiang has not turned on the pill furnace cover, these five days, his pill furnace unusual issue, because he controls very well, has not sent out strength, therefore nobody knows that in his pill furnace had anything. Regarding these Gods of auditorium, these five days of time is not very long, they usually practice anything, little several years, many over ten thousand years have, therefore they can also wait for the result patiently. Preparation must start!” Shen Xiang took a deep breath, prepares to carry on to congeal slowly pill, pill furnace inside herbal Spirit Qi, had been scored points evenly by him eight big groups, waits for soon to congeal pill the time, must control these Qi ball to dash with the quickest speed fuses together, can be born Divine Halo. Luckily is divine furnace, if my beforehand Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, definitely will be exploded the smashing.” Rolls the explosive force that herbal Spirit Qi dashes, is not he uses Divine Power to suppress, was pill furnace has undertaken the majority of momentum mostly. Quick, Shen Xiang starts to carry on the Divine Halo impact, pill furnace eight groups of cyclones, such as light shoots at a point, the distance and speed are the same, but itself these cyclones are the gaseous states, therefore that instantaneous dashing, so long as is violent enough, can melt together, and also will produce qi wave. Bang! Shen Xiang's pill furnace is a bang, the audiences alchemy master looked at the past immediately, because this time sound was very big, although did not have any aura, shake that but that type transmitted from pill furnace, was frightening, pill furnace momentarily met split open to explode such probably. Shen Xiang at this time is also cold sweat, he thought a moment ago pill furnace was been same by the scrap, he does not know that other alchemy masters are how dry, unexpectedly is so temperate, will not have his such big sound. He breeds Divine Halo time, although crude barbaric, but the effect is good, at this time in pill furnace rich Divine Halo medicine air/Qi, makes in his heart blossom happily. Really has not thought that this building up law unexpectedly can also increase the Divine Halo medicine air/Qi baseless . Moreover the quality good to be very good, this quantity estimated that can concentrate 15 grains to come.” Shen Xiang has inspected pill furnace, after not having what obstructs greatly, then starts to release massive Divine Power to carry on the final step. „The second child, you give his pill furnace not to have what issue, this has exploded three times.” Wang Jinshi very strange is Shen Xiang doing, although explodes, but a Shen Xiang face is actually all right such.

This pill furnace, although is very disappointing, but is very firm, will refine low-grade Saint pill not to be broken easily, will not be clear as for other me.” Xiao Chou said with a smile: Do not be worried, but my big Master the alchemy rare talent, he definitely will build up that anything Divine Halo Saint pill to come.” Regarding the Xiao Chou words, Demon Execution Heavenly God they do not believe that because they have not experienced alchemy technique of Shen Xiang that strange its technique. Shen Xiang brought the pale golden Divine Halo blood dragon medicine disposition to become 15 groups that all these are very smooth, only needed to congeal pill pellet that's alright. „It is not good, when this Divine Halo Saint pill concentrates pill is not contented.” Shen Xiang has tried slightly, wants to reduce pill pellet these cyclones, which knows that has a very strong repelling force, if stronger good pressure together, definitely need very strong Divine Power, moreover cautious and solemn carries on. Too extremely builds up!” Shen Xiang releases one Tai Chi Diagram under each group of stingy spins. If not do this, he is unable to continue, because he has used very strong Divine Power, is unable to continue to compress. Now increased Tai Chi Diagram to carry on the restraint imprisonment, was still very difficult, but can actually continue, but needed to suppress for a long time. Must take your time is good!” Shen Xiang long aspirated, but pill furnace actually swayed at this time. „Did terrible, want split open?” pill furnace surface suddenly presented the fissure, obvious 15 grains of Divine Halo Saint pill when congealing pill, the energy of having is formidable.