World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1802
Sees Shen Xiang's pill furnace split open, the audiences alchemy master cannot help but to knit the brows, although Shen Xiang's pill furnace very broken, but he refines low-grade Saint pill, should be insufficient to break open pill furnace that this Divine Level material refines! Shen Xiang's pill furnace only value several divine coin, but good and bad is also divine furnace, such split open, everybody has believed that this divine furnace quality is very bad. Only then Shen Xiang are clear, this divine furnace is because bore very tremendous pressure split open, at this time he has to release many Divine Power the phase unwrapping to live in pill furnace, in does not let reveal a aura, otherwise he fell short. So long as pill furnace reveals one, stream bank that the pill furnace looks like will collapse, inside that vigorous Divine Halo medicine air/Qi crazy fierce impact, once started , it can hardly stop. Cannot be finished!” The beads of sweat that Shen Xiang drops are getting more and more, suppresses with Divine Power, contracts these Qi ball, so long as supported that's alright. Luckily before him, uses Illusionary Brilliant Furnace frequently, at this time he releases such Illusionary Brilliant Furnace in that divine furnace, provides against contingencies! But currently has Illusionary Brilliant Furnace, is very also difficult to concentrate finally pill, because that 15 grains of Divine Halo Saint pill simultaneously concentrate pill, the pressure that produces is extremely wild, he also can only at this time little is supporting. divine furnace gradually split open, if there is good point divine furnace, perhaps does not need to be worried about the pill furnace disruption the matter! He had not expected before like this, the divine furnace that he purchases, even if middle-grade Saint pill can shoulder. Now refines this Divine Halo Saint pill, restraining by force that 15 grains of additional together, produces, has been able to compare favorably with High-Grade Saint pill. Went all out to withstand!” Shen Xiang now not for victory and loss, 15 grains of Divine Halo Saint pill but who like wasting this will soon have drawn a charge, moreover this is also his first time refines Divine Halo Saint pill, must succeed shortly, in any event cannot be defeated.

Shen Xiang deals with this situation is also very experienced, he is supporting little, that 15 grains of Divine Halo Saint pill gradually are also contracting, quick must concentrate pill, but pill furnace outside fissure were many. What group of Gods various on the scene are quite surprised, pill furnace rottenly became like this, inside aura has still not revealed slightly, this controlling force was fearful. These famous title Pill Saint, in the heart shock at this time all, when Shen Xiang alchemy, from beginning to end has not made medicine qi flow lose in between Heaven and Earth, although they have controlled with every effort, but still revealed came out much. Shen Xiang simultaneously refines eight herbs now, can achieve this point, obviously the potential is fearful, perhaps quickly can build up Divine Halo Saint pill. pill furnace must break to pieces completely!” Yuan Baibing whispered. Really, Shen Xiang's pill furnace suddenly turns into powder, sees only golden red light glow to emerge immediately, especially that bright red blood light, red light projections in all directions, make entire fight the field are similar to cover in blood-colored Hell. Although Shen Xiang's pill furnace falls broken, however is also wrapping outside Illusionary Brilliant Furnace, inside medicine air/Qi has still not revealed. Is about to be OK!” Shen Xiang clenches the teeth, regarding all around all unconsciously, he does not know quite the same as many Heavenly God in a moment ago that instantaneous, releases intermittent Divine Power, wants to penetrate that to send out the dazzling blood light Illusionary Brilliant Furnace, but was blocked by Heaven Punishment God. pill furnace did not have, his unexpectedly can also continue!” Yuan Baibing was welcoming that dazzling blood light, was gazing at wholly-absorbed and anxious Shen Xiang.

Saw, is 15 grains of pill, Divine Halo Saint pill, does he take a furnace to refine 15 grains of Divine Halo Saint pill evidently?” Demon Execution Heavenly God is startled to shout. That type of flame is really out of the ordinary!” Zu Chao rolls in red light from that sees weak Silver Flame that Shen Xiang has released, that is Creation Fire. Several title Pill Saint in fighting the field, what happened regarding Shen Xiang there, they are clearest, light glow that at this time sends out, is very common in pill furnace, but such exposed comes out to be rare. 15 grains!” Shen Xiang took a deep breath, exhausts final Divine Power, congealed 15 grains of Divine Halo Saint pill. Saint pill concentrates, outside badly circles golden Divine Halo, before that blood light also already vanish from sight, 15 grains of Divine Halo Saint pill float nearby Shen Xiang! Sees that 15 grains of dragon blood Saint pill, the entire conference site erupts an exclamation as well as the intermittent discussion sound immediately, because this is really unbelievable! The victory and defeat has decided! Is Shen Xiang obtains first without a doubt, he compares all alchemy masters to be quick, moreover builds up 15 grains of Divine Halo Saint pill, even if these title Pill Saint , can only refine one grain with five herbs, is inferior to Shen Xiang! Heaven Refining Technique really lives up to reputation!” Goddess Palace pink clouds Pill Saint waved, turned on the pill furnace cover, released inside herbal Spirit Qi, the victory and defeat has decided that she did not need to continue. Shen Xiang to her lightly smiled, he does not talk clearly him to have this achievement, is related with Heaven Refining Technique. Before several other , self-confident title Pill Saint, the complexion is ugly at this time, their unexpectedly had been inferior by little rascal, moreover before others, has not refined Divine Halo Saint pill.

Before taunted Shen Xiang's these alchemy masters, already ran does not have the shade! The strength that now Shen Xiang shows, in these Heavenly God hearts exclaims, especially hides several Dan God here, is self-examining itself, if tries, can do is the same with Shen Xiang. Ha Ha...... Our Demon Execution Temple took the first point!” Demon Execution Heavenly God sends out frank laughing, afterward despises looks at other Temple, probably was saying, this compared with first, we settled on. Although Heaven Punishment God unemotionally, but his innermost feelings had also been shocked by Shen Xiang, he compares to understand Shen Xiang's, before doing things sentiment of Shen Xiang in Divine Prison, he looked clear. Demon Execution Temple achieves the success of this competition, a additional point, currently ranks first.” Heaven Punishment God loud voice announced the result. Shen Xiang has this fearful alchemy talent, everybody gives credit on Heaven Refining Technique, other Heavenly God also understand now why Infernal Demon Emperor must take Shen Xiang's Heaven Refining Technique reckless, if can obtain, gives these Dan God, can refine better Divine Pill, obtains a stronger strength! Influence that these and Demon Execution Temple has a grudge, at this time is heavyhearted, because Shen Xiang adolescence is Dan God, is definitely disadvantageous to them, Temple has this Dan God to assume personal command, that is very fearful! Must know that fierce Dan God, is unable to weigh with divine coin, even if God of Wealth, must be respectful to these Dan God. Yao Shuang and Shen Xiang from fighting the field come back, commended Shen Xiang all the way, Demon Execution Heavenly God was smiles grins with ear to ear, is whipping the Shen Xiang's shoulder.