World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1803

The Demon Execution Temple first point is Shen Xiang takes, moreover other forcing Temple outstanding title Pill Saint, this makes Demon Execution Heavenly God happier, at this time he ridicules the God of Wealth palace again and again and other big Temple title Pill Saint. This firmer Demon Execution Heavenly God trains Shen Xiang's to be determined, although is not his apprentice, but Shen Xiang is actually his Demon Execution Temple disciple, even if later leaves Demon Execution Temple, definitely will not cut off relationship with Demon Execution Temple. Other haughty, but takes a point, the following competition also has.” God of Wealth coldly smiled, he has not cared this evidently, but sees Demon Execution Heavenly God to have a potential that big alchemy master, in his heart envies very much. So long as later Shen Xiang can become Dan God, definitely will shelter Demon Execution Temple, regarding God of Wealth, the threat of Demon Execution Temple will be bigger. God of Wealth palace and Demon Execution Temple relationship, although is not and disappointing, but is not good, let alone now God of Wealth also in secret colludes with Infernal Demon Emperor, making Demon Execution Heavenly God not be feeling well. „The second round competition, mainly competes refines Divine Weapon divine tool fast, after comparing, tests the Divine Weapon divine tool intensity.” A Heaven Punishment God sound roar, the audience is peaceful immediately. Shen Xiang their several look to Yuan Baibing, here only then Yuan Baibing excels at refiner, moreover he also depends upon refiner becomes in Demon Execution Temple quite rich War-God. Little Bing, on you! Must win, if loses, humph, humph! Your must subject to a penalty.” Demon Execution Heavenly God smiled dark, looked at Ren Tianyong their several. If you lost, implicates us to subject to a penalty, when the time comes do not blame us.” Ren Tianyong has patted the shoulder of Yuan Baibing: Well display!” Zu Chao their several first group of disciples are also the stern-faced facial expression, because they also with subjecting to a penalty. This has given the Yuan Baibing not small pressure, if he loses, apprentice brothers will certainly be implicated by him, he when the time comes definitely will not have any good fate. Yuan Baibing gives a calm smile: Relax, this second point I settled on!”

Fought on the field to pile up with all kinds of refiner materials, this was refines divine tool to use, what divine tool must refine, this also stipulated. Each Temple can only send out Refining Master, goes on stage!” Heaven Punishment God shouted. Yuan Baibing arrived has fought the field, with other Refining Master together, altogether had 200, some Temple have forfeited, obviously does not want to be disgraceful. In you will be divided into two batch, one batch refine Divine Weapon, another batch are to refine the equipment maintenance, standard that for example the armor or the shield, the weight carries, then selects each batch of refinement quickest Refining Master, lets Divine Weapon that they refine and against has the mutual attack.” If presents a side of damage, is failed! If there is not damaged, or both sides damage, then this round will compete with will not have the winner.” Demon Execution Heavenly God low snort|hum said: This rule some pits.” Now everybody starts to receive material, after I announced that can start, you had ten days.” Refining Master receive the refiner material, is quite general, can only refine slightly good low-grade divine tool, if the Refining Master level is high, divine tool that refines can also press up to middle-grade. Yuan Baibing was divided to refine Divine Weapon that batch, is that batch of attacking, he puts out the furnace, puts in inside the material. refiner with alchemy, although has very big difference, but many steps also somewhat are the same. What can the second child refine? If I, I refine a hammer.” The fat fifth child said.

He most excels refines the sword, should refines evidently Divine Blade, these material enough he refined good low-grade Divine Blade, if took away to sell, can sell three four hundred thousand divine coin.” Ren Tianyong said. Is so good to gain! Brought in money compared with alchemy quickly.” Shen Xiang exclaims, he had also heard before good divine tool has the market very much. Zu Chao said: Said that said that but must sell not to be easy, refiner this line may be much easier than alchemy, therefore sells divine tool everywhere, moreover divine tool buys, can use long time, pills anything bought to eat does not have.” The Wang Jinshi nod said: In the shop of second child, many things suspended for a long time unable to sell very much.” Starts!” Heaven Punishment God suddenly shouted, Refining Master release the produce fire flame immediately, starts to smelt the material. The refiner process is the same with alchemy, is very complex, moreover requires the time, in the Shen Xiang eye, refiner be much more complex than alchemy, because must memorize massive spirit pattern, but must achieve mastery through a comprehensive study to these spirit pattern, carries on various combinations, produces better results. In addition, other aspects also need to pay attention, for example absorbs Divine Power also to need the special refiner technique, control wait / etc. to intensity. Before Shen Xiang, has refined, but these are he have not used spirit pattern to refine, if he must refine Divine Weapon, that is not easy. He before the refiner way and alchemy union, carved to draw spirit pattern on pill, pill pellet was the energy storage, in addition some unusual spirit pattern, can release very strong might, afterward he grasped Heaven Refining Technique, has not continued to continue to study in this aspect. However now he planned that from newly painstaking effort under this aspect, he decided that names as Soldier Pill this pill, is the same with these Divine Talisman, has the formidable striking power, can treat as the disposable weapon use. Refines the Divine Talisman price ratio to have the difficulty, price is also expensive, Shen Xiang needs some such things to defend self, therefore in his heart already a such plan.

Seven days later, the Yuan Baibing success refines black Divine Blade, the appearance is very common, but this is under hurried rushing a job completes, so long as guaranteed enough intensity that's alright! Otherwise so long as has other Refining Master to complete compared with him quickly little, he must subject to a penalty. Divine Weapon here Refining Master shakes the head to sigh, because they look at Divine Blade in Yuan Baibing hand to be very ordinary, but Divine Weapon that they refine is very good, because just Yuan Baibing is quick, causes opportunity that they have not shown. Therefore this rule some pits, but also was the quite harsh test, must refine strongest Divine Weapon in the quickest time, this needed the foundation of basic skills. Quick, refines that batch of against having also already result, is Refining Master of God of Wealth palace, he refines at the same time the golden shield, looks like Yuan Baibing is more attractive. Now is tested by me, gives me the shield and blade.” Heaven Punishment God opens both hands, has attracted the blade shield, collides in the space. Bang! After dull thumping sound, the black blade pierced that golden Shield frequently! Demon Execution Temple achieves the success of this competition, a additional point.” After Heaven Punishment God announced the result, Yuan Baibing relaxed, the Demon Execution Temple disciple was also same, if Yuan Baibing has defeated, they must be bad luck.