World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1804

Demon Execution Temple led, in the Heavenly God hearts of other Temple is very uncomfortable, but this is also the matter that has no alternative, although Demon Execution Temple is poor, the disciple but who trains is truly good. But then competes the formation arrangement, generally refiner excels at set up formation, but Demon Execution Heavenly God has not let on Yuan Baibing, but makes Zu Ming go, this is his second son. Senior Brother is skilled in Formation Dao, then refiner also is very definitely fierce!” Yuan Baibing is somewhat accidental, why Demon Execution Heavenly God does not send on Zu Ming, but makes him go to refiner. Zu Ming said: I am skilled in Formation Dao, knows nothing to refiner, does not have the interest! You felt relieved, I will certainly win, will not make you subject to a penalty with me.” set up formation also only allows to send out a representative, Zu Ming is the Demon Execution Heavenly God son, is that mysterious first group of disciples, the body also does not have any aura, felt to the person mystically, does not know him fiercely. Demon Execution Heavenly God will send Zu Ming to go to battle, that definitely is to Zu Ming the technique of Formation Dao has the understanding. Front competition alchemy, refiner and set up formation, is only the thermal field, but arrives at the following ratio to fight, that will be this time compared with most will focus attention on, when the time comes can have many disciples to go to battle, can obtain many scores. You, so long as arranges small formation, the formation main function is the defense, after your prepare, puts in a stone in formation, so long as had not been destroyed, can obtain a point.” Heaven Punishment God said. Demon Execution Heavenly God is somewhat discontented, shouted: How can like this, one winner be right!” Heaven Punishment God has not paid attention to him, but announced the competition to start, competed with continuously twice, was Demon Execution Temple obtains first, other Temple were the zeros, can therefore have this decision temporarily. This bastard!” Demon Execution Heavenly God is somewhat angry, coldly snorted. You have three days of set up formation, when the time comes I will emit strength, attacks your formation, so long as your formation inside stone had not been ruined, Temple that is at can obtain a point.” Heaven Punishment God floats, float in sky. Arrangement formation does not use very in a big way, but too small words, is hard to display formation strength. At this time these formation masters are use their Divine Power to carve to draw spirit pattern, moreover they also need to construct an energy storage, that is also uses own Divine Power condense. formation of Zu Ming arrangement be only a wash bowl size, contrasts with other people, formation that he arranges is small, this also needs the technique of very profound set up formation, otherwise is hard to complete. Three days suddenly on the past, there are do not have the prepare much, but induce that pressure that presses to the upper air, have to evacuate to fight the field. This strength is Heaven Punishment God releases, sees only below many formation inside stones to disrupt, only then more than ten formation inside stones are perfect, this explained that these formation can tolerate the test. Can arrange this formation Temple, is some quite formidable Temple, Zu Ming formation naturally also, in addition, Hell Temple, Fire God Palace and God of Wealth palace and other Temple can obtain a point.

Such one, pill, had ended, the following ratio fights, obtains the competition of many scores. „The following ratio fights, is everybody most anticipates!” Heaven Punishment God are also so, because and other compared in fighting, can see Heavenly God great war, that is many Temple Heavenly God apprentices. Is divided into three ranks ratios to fight, Heavenly God, Profound God and True God!” Let alone Heavenly God, even if Profound God hits, that sound is also huge, this fights the field to be unlikely hard to withstand. Sees everybody to worry that Heaven Punishment God also said: This fights the field to withstand the Heavenly God fight, do not despise audiences Temple!” Also is only these juniors was worrying that these old Heavenly God know audiences Temple initially constructed present many painstaking care, Heavenly God has hit nothing here. Here the ratio fights has the time limit, if cannot decide the victory and defeat in the time of stipulation, that is unable to obtain the score, is ties, only then wins to score points.” First is the Heavenly God ratio fights, each Temple sends out four Heavenly God, enters the ratio to fight the field to carry on the chaos to fight, the hour glass of this hour glass ends, if also lies in the ground, eliminates, remaining Heavenly God will enter the next round.” Audiences Heavenly God looks immediately to that hour glass, the hour glass is not very big, it is estimated that be only time of food, is not very long, in such short time, will be hit Heavenly God that lies to be few, after all Heavenly God is very formidable. Zu Chao, your husband and wife goes! Zu Ming and Yun spirit, you look here.” The Demon Execution Heavenly God complexion is dignified, this is the chaos fights, goes to too many words, and means to get the advantage, moreover perhaps Heaven Punishment God when the time comes also will be up to mischief! Because the time of that hour glass is too short, in such short time, will be impossible to have too many Heavenly God to drop down! Shen Xiang also thinks will present many Heavenly God together chaos wars, who knows that has 50-60! Temple has 300, each Temple has four quotas, Heavenly God that but comes up now so are few. „The God of Wealth palace only went to one, many Temple are Heavenly God comes up.” Ren Tianyong observed, why he somewhat has doubts can like this. Wang Jinshi asked: Master, why these big do Temple only send on Heavenly God?” Demon Execution Heavenly God said: Because Heaven Punishment God and other will have other methods, the chaos fight are not the ordinary chaos war, you saw, Heaven Punishment God float has not arrived at the upper air, in other words, he and other will also enter the war, because he is also Heavenly God.” Heavenly God has Low-Rank Heavenly God, division of Middle-Rank and High-Rank, Heaven Punishment God definitely is High-Rank Heavenly God, perhaps close Highest God that the major Temple Heavenly God apprentices, definitely were inferior that he is so formidable.

Sends many Heavenly God to go to also No problem, if our Demon Execution Temple two Heavenly God both resist, we have the opportunity to obtain two points.” Yuan Baibing said. Demon Execution Heavenly God whispered: You looked Heavenly God that the God of Wealth palace, Fire God Palace and War Temple send, is the strength is weakest! The God of Wealth palace has not sent his four big apprentice, they do not plan to want this point very much obviously. You possibly do not know the Heaven Punishment God temperament, but many old Heavenly God understood, so long as Heaven Punishment God gets rid personally, has not met with a disaster, even if the old Heavenly God apprentices are hard to resist.” Zu Ming is puzzled: Why then can send the big brother?” Zu Chao their husband and wife strength is very strong, can block, so long as you look at that's alright, Zu Chao and Shuang'er can certainly be able to block Heaven Punishment God!” Demon Execution Heavenly God is very self-confident. Shen Xiang is confused, is not the chaos war of reaching an agreement, now looks like probably is Heaven Punishment God tests these junior Heavenly God to be the same. Must start, you disperse!” Heaven Punishment God unemotionally, he stands at this time fighting the middle of field, the hour glass in hand is used Divine Power by him float in the upper air. Starts!” Heaven Punishment God shouted that the hour glass turns over, starts to leak kills. Sees Heaven Punishment God this stance, such that really and Demon Execution Heavenly God said that during Heaven Punishment God also joins the chaos to fight. Zu Chao and Yao Shuang see the Heaven Punishment God aura not to be right, in heart one startled, hastily in secret sound transmission, but at this time Heaven Punishment God fight, has seen only his rave to get up, fights the field to present purple crazy thunder, the wanton bombing is fighting the field, chops to hit on the body of that dozens Heavenly God. Several suddenly, more than ten Low-Rank Heavenly God were divided to hit unable to fall to the ground, the body that Purple Lightning has hit burned black belches smoke. These lightning in fighting field, fights the field to be covered by formation, the aura has not overflowed, Shen Xiang is unable to judge formidable from the aura, but will not be definitely weak, otherwise these Low-Rank Heavenly God will not pour instantaneously. This Heaven Punishment God is really fierce, is this Temple Heavenly God strength? God of Wealth and are Fire God such formidable?” Shen Xiang looks to dodge the thunder unceasing fighting field, but now had half Heavenly God to drop down. The chaos fight have not occurred, but is Heaven Punishment God duel more than 70 Heavenly God. Shen Xiang also thought the time of that hour glass was too short, but regarding Zu Chao them, is unendurable at this time these days. Heaven Punishment God really same as usual, wants to maltreat these juniors, Demon Execution that Old Man does not put intelligently, unexpectedly suffered hardships by own son.” God of Wealth smiles lightly: Behind the competition that can score points are many are, we do not need to suffer heavy casualties here.” This is other God of Wealth and Temple Heavenly God has not sent out the reason of outstanding Heavenly God disciple. Shuang'er, uses God Executing Profound Cold Technique!” The Zu Chao complexion is dignified, said to Yao Shuang.

God Executing Profound Cold Technique? cultivation technique of Demon Execution Temple use, is not the Demon Execution opening? Fights the audience in field heart to be startled at this time, listening to the name to know that is very fierce cultivation technique. I may not only be Demon Execution, violates the inexpensive god I also to make his.” Demon Execution Heavenly God said with a sneer: This Heaven Punishment God possibly can not achieve wishes today.” Heaven Punishment God waves, the control is struck by lightning together crazily to Yao Shuang, is similar to the water jar is generally thick, when chops hits, has the deafening bang, very overbearing. Yao Shuang has not avoided, but on her presented pale golden Qi mist, her white skirt is congealing the light borneol, the cold air is steaming, that purple lightning chops on her, has not injured her. If other Heavenly God, at this time had dropped down! I constrain him, you deal with other fellows.” Zu Chao disappears, but the sound actually reverberates in fighting the field. Ground!” Shen Xiang saw Heaven Punishment God ground suddenly to present gonorrhea light, this white light has the suction to be common probably, unexpectedly attracts completely purple lightning that Heaven Punishment God released, guiding these lightning to divide to hit on the body of Heaven Punishment God. Heaven Punishment God personal appearance tall and strong, at this time he was hit by several sudden purple electricity, making him seem like formidable, this is purple lightning that he releases, naturally cannot injure to him. Light principle, snort|hum!” Heaven Punishment God stamps the feet vigorously, entire fights the field to follow the auditorium crazily to tremble, the white light that Zu Chao turns into was also shaken the powder. Before Yao Shuang, returns alchemy, but currently actually uses the extremely fearful ice cold strength, was patted by her jade palm Heavenly God, frozen is unable to move, afterward Zu Chao will guide these Purple Lightning to hit, was divided by frozen Heavenly God these. Heaven Punishment God directs the thunder to attack Yao Shuang and Zu Chao unceasingly, but these lightning were actually controlled by Zu Chao. Lightning is also the light, I have up the principle, I can control at will.” Zu Chao at this time without a trace, integrated in ray, is hard to induce obtains.