World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1805

Zu Chao face Heaven Punishment God one alone, now looks like also the strength quite, this astonishing strength, making in the Infernal Demon Emperor heart worry secretly that the Demon Execution Heavenly God first group of disciples the high-sounding talk presented at this time, was Demon Execution Heavenly God intentionally such does, Temple that to frighten these wants to collaborate with Hell Temple.

Must win Heaven Punishment God not to be easy, so long as constrained has been OK, because the time of that hour glass was very not long, so long as the sand leaked, finally can also stand wins here. Is the competition of Heaven Punishment God big show skill, which knows now turns into Zu Chao husband and wife has shown the strength the time. Yao Shuang uses mystically executes the divine art method, incorruptible strength that releases is overbearing, many Heavenly God frozen time, has not responded that by the Zu Chao use light principle, being guided the lightning that Heaven Punishment God releases to divide to hit. Therefore Yao Shuang and Zu Chao have not used many strength. When are not many, other Heavenly God already by Heaven Punishment God is struck by lightning to faint crazily in the ground, disparity unexpectedly such big of Low-Rank Heavenly God and High-Rank Heavenly God, although is Heavenly God. Now fights on the field, only then Heaven Punishment God and Zu Chao husband and wife, Heaven Punishment God has released the lightning crazy thunder unceasingly, even if he knows that Zu Chao can control the lightning that he releases, but he does this, obviously has other goals. Yao Shuang and Zu Chao momentarily in secret sound transmission, they coordinate, even if Heaven Punishment God is also hard suddenly to take down them. Snort!” Heaven Punishment God suddenly one, the acoustic shock eight sides, fight in the field to present a naked eye obvious sound ripple, ultra all around ripples. Yao Shuang just released a invisible execution god cold strength, must approach Heaven Punishment God time, was actually shaken with this strange sound wave by Heaven Punishment God. Zu Chao still disappears, at this time the sunlight is very violent, fusion light Bead of Mysterious Laws Zu Chao, can use light Power of Law freely, making own body integrate in the ray, the aura is hard to induce obtains. Forever glorious!” The Zu Chao sound conveys, airborne fierce positive probably gets angry general, the ray that sends out is more intense, all around temperature rises crazily, this time vision was bigger than hundred times of thousand times before. This ray also shines on fighting the field, but all around auditorium also the heat, luckily had Temple Heavenly God to protect the disciple with own Divine Power, otherwise strength faint True God is hard to resist this type of fierce glow, perhaps will be melted. This glare not only can produce burns hot strength, punctures both eyes to be burningly painful, on the scene is the strength is good, the ray that otherwise a moment ago that suddenly presented that both eyes will possibly be punctured blindly. What is fiercest, the high temperature that this ray has can melt Divine Power directly! Entire fights the field to be covered by glare at this time, Zu Chao hides in the glare at this time, Heaven Punishment God uses Divine Power to induce his position, is hard to achieve, because Divine Power in the Zu Chao light domain, will be melted by the glare. The glare continues not long, vanished on suddenly, Zu Chao appeared, stands in Heaven Punishment God, Yao Shuang in Heaven Punishment God behind.

Can play really earnestly?” The Zu Chao double fist is similar to pinches two small Sun, the overflow intermittent sunlight, both eyes is spraying the brilliance, is only this stance, makes people think very formidable. Heaven Punishment God had not replied that however under his both feet presented the golden color . Moreover the ice of sending out cold air, spreads to his knee suddenly, his calf completely frozen in golden cold ice. That golden cold ice looks like very fearful, Qi mist that spout is similar to leaps the dance the flame, all around of Heaven Punishment God both feet, is covering this golden incorruptible, emits this type cold air that unceasingly is similar to the flame dance, making Heaven Punishment God seem like stands in this arrogance. Numerous Heavenly God saw that Zu Chao and Yao Shuang this is not good to cope to husband and wife! Time, Demon Execution Temple obtains two points!” Heaven Punishment God said that the body white light dodges, Cold Golden Ice suddenly vanish from sight of under foot, including Qi mist does not have the vestiges, Heaven Punishment God not to be a vegetarian. However must hit, Heaven Punishment God is one pair two, moreover and a pair has husband and wife of tacit understanding to the war, even if can win, definitely also needs long time. The sand of hour glass leaked, but can also stand, only then Yao Shuang and Zu Chao, such one, Demon Execution Temple at this time had five points, led other Temple! Zu Chao and Yao Shuang husband and wife smiles, then to dodge disappears, appears in Demon Execution Heavenly God behind. Demon Execution Heavenly God to God of Wealth coldly smiled that looks, among them has the 100 billion divine coin gambling to make, at this time Demon Execution Temple has led that many, God of Wealth also somewhat worries, loses 100 billion divine coin regarding him is the minor matter, loses the face not to be good. He, if sends out own four big disciple, can perhaps also be able to support behind, it seems like he does not have the big confidence to his apprentice!” Demon Execution Heavenly God they said to Ren Tianyong that said the sound intentionally very greatly, making that side God of Wealth hear. The fight of Heavenly God had ended, because can stand final, only then Demon Execution Temple disciple, therefore does not have mutually to the competition of war, Demon Execution Temple wins that the Heavenly God ratio fights directly. Then is the Profound God ratio fights! Now starts the Profound God ratio to fight, asking the disciple who each Temple sends out three Profound God strengths to enter fights the field.” The rule had not announced that if each Temple sends out three Profound God, that was also about thousand Profound God, together in fighting the field the chaos fought, will be definitely chaotic. Tian Yong and Little Bing, fat five, in your three, I did not say the consequence that the words that anything threatens, lost you were clear.” Demon Execution Heavenly God laughed, his is very happy at this time, has not threatened them with that dark facial expression.

Ren Tianyong their three have a heavy heart at this time, front carries on the competition can take the minute, even if has not subjected to a penalty the pressure in this aspect, their this time pressures will also be very big Quick, fought in the field to present almost thousand Profound God, Profound God that other middle-and-small Temple, sent was not fierce, majority were Low-Rank Profound God or Middle-Rank Profound God, Profound God that only then these formidable Temple, sent out had the War-God given name. Big Temple Profound God is not only War-God, but also is 5th Stage War-God!” Tai Qiang said: „The inspection of 5th Stage War-God, was the Profound God limit! Only then becomes Heavenly God, can have enough strength to carry on the inspection of 6th Stage War-God.” Shen Xiang asked: „If 9th Stage War-God?” Xiao Chou looked at Demon Execution Heavenly God, said: Temple Master Heavenly God is 9th Stage War-God!” Does not have anything to be difficult, I one time, had heard that Fire God that fellow crosses twice.” Demon Execution Heavenly God superficial saying: 9th Stage also several, I am one of them, Hehe.” Is so fierce!” Shen Xiang looked at Zu Chao they, asked: Then several old Senior Brother?” They can 8th Stage, they not go to test reluctantly, waited this time compared with finishing, I will make them test a War-God sign! Carries on the War-God inspection also to need many divine coin, if we can win God of Wealth, 100 billion divine coin, Ha Ha......” Demon Execution Heavenly God at this time the happy appearance, has resembled him to win was the same. Master, do we have the share!” Wang Jinshi asked: 100 billion divine coin, this is a very big number, even if Master you cannot all spend!” Demon Execution Heavenly God happily said with a smile: When the time comes rewards your surely divine coin, you are clear, the gambling stake is I leave, having Highest God Fire Pellet, God of Wealth to be willing to bet with 100 billion?” Each 10 million?” Although has 10 million, but this were many. „It is not, 10 million your several differences.” Real stingy!” Wang Jinshi small sound track. My this is for hello, for these years, am I intentionally poor you, you same am very not being fierce? God of Wealth is very rich, how many differences however did his disciple take? Therefore...... That 100 billion do not want to be too many.” Zu Chao they, although did not speak, but in the heart also secretly despised Demon Execution Heavenly God, unexpectedly dug out, but they have also been used. Heaven Punishment God started to announce regularly, he put out a wicker basket round bead, shouted: In this 100 round beads, so long as before the hour glass leaks snatches, can stay in fight of fields.”

Then, Heaven Punishment God throws vigorously, a round bead of wicker basket sprinkles in fighting the field, several hundred forms fly to leap up from the ground, fires into these round beads in abundance. Also in this instantaneous, erupted the chaotic war, the scene is chaotic, the boom is unceasing, various different Divine Power fly violently, five colors is riotous. Bastard, the round bead was made rottenly!” This is my!” „The present was my......” In order to rob round bead, large quantities of Profound God use strongest strength, obtains the round bead needs to defend, cannot be robbed by other Profound God, has not obtained, is joins up to snatch one. Ren Tianyong, Yuan Baibing and fat fifth child, have attained the round bead, moreover these fellows only do not take one, but took several. Many Profound God want to attack them, but the fat fifth child releases one very strange grey strength, forms a cyclone their three packages in inside. Profound God wants to puncture with the sword, when discovered that strength is very strange, without enough time, the entire arm had actually been inhaled in that cyclone, afterward was stirred completely squashed to be broken. The fat fifth child most excels at this strange wild strength, wants to attack this cyclone Profound God, does not have words of strength, must bleed, is quite serious, fleshly body will be stirred the completely squashed dregs. Also some quite fierce Profound God can break through, but these Profound God will not be definitely silly goes with Ren Tianyong their these formidable Profound God fights, has this time, naturally is robs these small and weak Profound God, not only will not be injured, but also is very relaxed. After the hour glass leaks, can attain the round bead has 37 Profound God. Originally 100 round beads, who knows that these round beads are very frail, has ruined in robbing, but those who made many Profound God angry was, Ren Tianyong their three, took away more than 20 round beads. The rule had not shown that each Profound God can take away many round beads, therefore these Profound God have no alternative to them.