World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1806
Can snatch these round beads, can enter the next round, has not obtained must leave to fight the field Now can also keep fight of field above Profound God, is strength good High-Rank Profound God, big Temple has occupied many. Heaven Punishment God puts out two black balls, this time big quite, needs a person to stretch out the arms to hug, compared with beforehand mostly, moreover looks like is also very solid. How these is time only two?” Wang Jinshi somewhat worried: Should not enter the next round can only be two Profound God?” Really, Heaven Punishment God said: „Under is the decision enters facing fighting the key, robs to such black stone sphere, this time black stone sphere is very firm, will not be easy to damage, moreover after arriving, cannot receive in the storage appliance.” Each Temple, only then robs one, if there are two, violates a regulation.” After saying the rule, Heaven Punishment God the hour glass in reverse, then ejects these two black stone sphere, audiences Profound God starts to rob. Boss, we snatch, allowing you to enter the following competition.” The fat fifth child to Ren Tianyong sound transmission, at this time his speed unexpectedly is quickest, do not visit him to gain weight, but is agile, turns into a shadow, passed over gently and swiftly from that black stone sphere finally, will have hugged. Quite heavy!” Fat fifth child hastily tenesmuss, simultaneously gives Ren Tianyong and Yuan Baibing sound transmission: Is about to protect me.” Yuan Baibing and Ren Tianyong already flew to leap up, encircles side the fat fifth child, resists Profound God that these besiege. These fellows are not good to cope! The Boss, you are taking!” After the fat fifth child black stone sphere gives Ren Tianyong, releases rapid revolving the cyclone, covers them, is similar to beforehand is the same. After Ren Tianyong received black stone sphere, to Yuan Baibing shouted: „The second child, takes to resist the period of time divine tool, the defense of fifth child must be broken quickly.”

Yuan Baibing emits a great cauldron immediately, covers that black stone sphere in inside, afterward sits on the great cauldron Here gives me and fifth child, you go to expel these fellows!” Yuan Baibing said: Best not to let them break through fifth child's tornado energy shield.” Heaven Punishment God had not said does not allow to use Divine Weapon divine tool, therefore other Profound God have put out expensive Divine Weapon at this time, attacks Ren Tianyong them. This group of bastards, how do not attack that side the God of Wealth palace.” Ren Tianyong was scolding lowly, that side the God of Wealth palace also snatched black stone sphere, but was too big concerned about the influence of God of Wealth palace, was good with many big Temple relationship, therefore has not gone to snatch. Also has the Goddess Palace two females and other Temple several Profound God there and dogfight of God of Wealth palace. Old two elders five, you go all out to block, do not let stone sphere be robbed, I go to that side the God of Wealth palace, breaks their defenses, can you achieve?” Ren Tianyong gives Yuan Baibing their sound transmission. Good, gives us!” Ren Tianyong planned expels these to rob stone sphere Profound God, but saw that side the God of Wealth palace not to have Profound God to rob in the past, in the heart cannot help but got angry, wants to pass to disturb, if Profound God of God of Wealth palace is unable to obtain the black ball now, cannot enter the following ratio to fight, then their pressures will not be big. Profound God of God of Wealth palace only then two, Ren Tianyong thought that is very good to cope. Sees Ren Tianyong to run, Profound God that these besiege somewhat was worried that has prepared for besieging Ren Tianyong, which knows that Ren Tianyong actually suddenly flies to God of Wealth palace Profound God. Executes Devil God Palm!” Ren Tianyong in the past, a palm pats, emits a huge golden palm, such as the mountain presses generally, Divine Power was vigorous, can see Ren Tianyong to get down making an all-out effort.

God of Wealth palace Profound God also thinks that Ren Tianyong they will protect black stone sphere that snatches vigorously, moreover they had black stone sphere, will not come to rob, has not actually thought that Ren Tianyong suddenly runs over, but also makes this execution Devil God Palm awfully. Ren Tianyong attack suddenly, Profound God of God of Wealth palace also defended several strengths to be weaker than them a point Profound God, is accomplishes a task with ease, simply has not expected situation very bad Ren Tianyong to run over. That huge golden palm knocked out gets down, accurate striking on that two Profound God, the bang broke their defense, although is two Profound God Divine Power guard shields, but faces Ren Tianyong sudden fighting tooth and nail to strike, their guard shields were broken instantaneously. „The God of Wealth palace, your Profound God are also not much!” Ren Tianyong sneers, afterward makes two palm wild execution Devil God Palm, this is the angry attack of Ren Tianyong, rumbles violently fights the field to shake. The strength of God of Wealth palace is good, even if faces Ren Tianyong such attack, but they can preserve that black stone sphere. Ren Tianyong, haven't you heard rule? If your Demon Execution Temple has two black stone sphere, that is contrary.” Profound God shouted of that God of Wealth palace. I also have not said me to want, I do not want to make you obtain.” Ren Tianyong puts out a black long sword, dodges arrives at that both hands to hold side black stone sphere Profound God, punctures several hundred swords like lightning, the sword shade is similar to the sudden downpour, everywhere dances in the air to cover, Sword Qi raises wild Qi Aura, is covering that Profound God. Profound God of God of Wealth palace is hard to move aside, has to let loose is holding stone sphere, puts out two long blades to resist, responded that is also very rapid, at this time this Profound God sits on black stone sphere. Goes!” In another Profound God hand wields the whip, has wielded toward Ren Tianyong in the distant place, Ren Tianyong grasps Divine Sword, cannot near body, should better to attack. Ren Tianyong is pulling out to that long whip strikes to come the place direction to make a fist, makes golden light dazzling formation, this executes Devil Qi, in the past Lu Zhen transformed from this aspect, has strong defensive power.

Demon Execution tornado thorn!” Ren Tianyong sweeps several sword rain, making that protect stone sphere Profound God to enter the defense attitude, is unable to counter-attack, afterward is puncturing rapidly to his below stone sphere, tornado gushes out from sword blade, penetrates the defense of that Profound God, long jab stone sphere. His sword has strong strength vigor, strikes to fly that Profound God following black stone sphere. Has stone sphere to fly, other Profound God fly to leap up to come in abundance, but catches black stone sphere unexpectedly is a black robe middle age, this is Infernal Demon Emperor Profound God. The Ren Tianyong goal has been achieved, returns to the fat fifth child and Yuan Baibing fast, them was compelled unable to ventilate, after Ren Tianyong hurries back, is attacking Profound God of Yuan Baibing great cauldron to these is a chaotic thorn, several Profound God have not avoided, the body was punctured several blood holes. Does not want dead boils to me!” The Ren Tianyong anger shouted one, murderous aura was full, the black sword jar cry in hand trembled, fighting intent was soaring. Has joining of Ren Tianyong, Yuan Baibing and fat fifth child were more relaxed, so long as they then supported moment that's alright again. „It is strong!” Shen Xiang looks very carefully, Ren Tianyong as the present Demon Execution Temple ten great war gods' heads , the unexpectedly ability shakes two Profound God of God of Wealth palace. Thus it can be seen, the Profound God standard of God of Wealth palace, has very big disparity with Demon Execution Temple, if compared with the quantity, definitely is the God of Wealth palace are many.