World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1807
Hell Temple Profound God can rob that black stone sphere, regarding Demon Execution Temple, but big good deed, because Demon Execution Temple Executing Demon Divine Art happen to restrains Hell Temple. Even if so, Hell Temple at this time will not give up black stone sphere in hand, otherwise in bystander opinion, they have feared Demon Execution Temple. Ren Tianyong brandishes Divine Sword in hand outside, crazy attack these want to rob black stone sphere Profound God, is only in a minute, in that crowd of Profound God has many blood Biao Fei, even also many flesh lumps, or are cut off limb to fly. Ren Tianyong seems like the student of scholarly, but his sword technique is cut-throat at this time, the sword sword wind blood, making other Profound God not dare to approach, attacks in the distant place. Also comes!” Ren Tianyong sees from all directions various Divine Power that flies to shoot, drinks coldly, his suddenly presented eight handle Divine Sword, the color varied, the length size varied, has been he for many years careful collection Divine Sword. In addition his handle, adds up to nine handles, surrounds fast in his side, forms Sword Aura energy shield, resists completely Divine Power that these attack. After a wave attacks, Ren Tianyong suddenly cried loud and long, nine handle Divine Sword flew to shoot suddenly. Demon Execution nine sword large formation.” Nine Divine Sword turn into nine rainbows, flies to shoot in the Profound God group, suddenly on the bodies of penetration several Profound God, the flight trajectories of nine swords forms chart, surrounds together more than 20 Profound God, afterward attempts to dodge, innumerable sword rain everywhere covers the appearance of place, submerges entire sword. In sword inside Profound God in an instant, the body covers entirely the innumerable sword marks, some were even punctured several blood holes, although these Profound God have divine armor to protect the body, however Ren Tianyong the makes Demon Execution nine sword very overbearing, in addition that nine handle Divine Sword, even if divine armor is hard to resist. Many Profound God wreaked havoc by the violent storm sword rain, covered with blood, in these Profound God also had High-Rank Profound God, but compares with Ren Tianyong, disparity unexpectedly such big, one is Profound God of God of Wealth palace, the body has more than ten blood holes.

These rob Hell Temple Profound God, in the heart secretly relaxed, if they still snatch there, now is also perhaps same as these Profound God. Time, Hell Temple and Demon Execution Temple leave behind Profound God respectively, other leaving the stage!” The Heaven Punishment God sound like the startling thunderclap, suddenly resounds, the sand of that hour glass has leaked. The fat fifth child throws to Ren Tianyong black stone sphere, then and Yuan Baibing leaves to fight the field, the Ren Tianyong strength compared with them, now naturally be to let Ren Tianyong stays behind. Fights the field bloody at this time a piece, is fluttering the thick smell of blood, flesh and blood everywhere cuts off limb, this was Ren Tianyong a moment ago made with nine Divine Sword, was hard to imagine, this wore the white clothing, the scholarly man of elegant bearing, unexpectedly was competent such matter. Injured Profound God was held, now fights in the field to have two Profound God! Ren Tianyong received other Divine Sword, only puts out a handle, if copes with Profound God, this was enough. Boss a moment ago real thing!” Wang Jinshi spits the tongue: This type is very rare.” That naturally, if not earnest, he loses, we must be bad luck.” The fat fifth child he he smiles: Very is generally relaxed with Boss together, this point was also our, to Hell Temple Profound God, did not have the suspense.” Hell Temple here Profound God, an evil Devil Qi breath, if weak point Profound God, perhaps will be frightened, now what this Profound God faces is Ren Tianyong, Ren Tianyong Demon Execution Qi Aura, restrains this type to practice Evil Devil strength. You determined that can hit? The rule does not have the reputation unable under killer, in other words, you had been killed by me here, I will not be investigated any responsibility.” Ren Tianyong indifferently said.

Why do you want to remind me? Your Demon Execution Temple should want to kill me to be right very much.” Hell Temple Profound God asked. We do not want to kill you, because this will be dirty our hands, we always do not want to kill you, we do not take a life for happy Evil Devil, but your fellows always suspicious just had some heartless matters.” If Ren Tianyong wants to kill, he can kill a big piece a moment ago, he has not even injured to these Profound God foundations, but destroys their fleshly body, gives them a lesson, fleshly body is destroyed, so long as Divine Soul has not received the severe wound, takes some spirit dan marvelous medicines to be restored to health quickly. If bloodata-titlehirsty, has that strong strength, when snatched black stone sphere a moment ago definitely will not have the living witness! Starts!” Heaven Punishment God just shouted that Hell Temple Profound God called out on hastily: I admit defeat!” Ren Tianyong showed mercy a moment ago, does not represent now the meeting, this Profound God does not want dead, even if loses face, that is also maintains life importantly. This round competition, Ren Tianyong was Demon Execution Temple has striven for a point! Demon Execution Temple six points, leading, at this time God of Wealth started to worry, because of many years, the God of Wealth palace and Demon Execution Temple has not had what conflict, moreover their strength understanding the Demon Execution Temple is also one-sided, thinks Demon Execution Temple to be formidable, because of Executing Demon Divine Art, but Executing Demon Divine Art restrains Evil Devil. The Demon Execution Temple disciple year to year comes to attack Evil Devil, little has the conflict with other Temple. Causes other Temple to think that Demon Execution Temple copes with Evil Devil to be fierce, if compares with their Temple, is ordinary! Demon Execution Temple is quite in addition poor, made the person underestimate. But now, Demon Execution Temple has flung distantly the God of Wealth palace.

Gets what one deserves, from the beginning does not send fiercest coming out.” Demon Execution Heavenly God very haughty, such one, compared with after conclusion, Demon Execution Temple may obtain first very much. Then was the competition between True God! Each Temple sends out two True God!” Heaven Punishment God shouted. Demon Execution Heavenly God looks at Shen Xiang their three, after considering long time, shook the head: I too had not known about you that anyone of you do come up to be quite good?” Tai Qiang said: Lets on their master and apprentice, their coordination with each other well, moreover quite understood that the strength is also very strong.” Shen Xiang is Xiao Chou big Master, the fat fifth child is two Master, before Xiao Chou, already and fat fifth child has explained. Demon Execution Heavenly God has patted bald of Xiao Chou, said with a smile: Your within the body has the bloodlines of Titan, should not disappoint me! This first round individual competition, missed your this, do not lose! Otherwise, Hehe...... I was not many said that went!” Can go to battle with Shen Xiang, Xiao Chou is very happy, grinning and Shen Xiang walks into fight of fields. Demon Execution Temple sends out just entered Gods Shen Xiang, this brings to attention of many person, Shen Xiang alchemy line, but strength was difficult saying that major Temple Heavenly God also want to take a look.