World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1808

unexpectedly has not sent out Yang Yan, Yang Yan is Profound God!” Shen Xiang has not gone to look at Yang Yan, was worried that God of Wealth discovers him and Yang Yan relationship. Profound God can have three quotas a moment ago, to True God, only then two, does not know how this rule decided that True God should have more quotas to be right, were many because of each Temple outstanding True God. Heaven Punishment God puts out many round beads, seeing these round beads to know that these time is also same must rob the round bead, can enter the next round, this was the same with the competition of former Profound God. Shen Xiang gives Xiao Chou sound transmission: This rule is Heaven Punishment God decides probably, the thoughts of this fellow are not good to guess that we pay attention to a point.” Snatches the bead, only then 100, can attain can enter the next round!” After Heaven Punishment God shouted, turned over hour glass at the same time, ejected that hundred beads. Hundred grains of beads float in upper air, under the illumination of vision, shines intermittent clear light glow, at this time had several hundred forms to fly the upper air, but only Shen Xiang and Xiao Chou stand in the ground have not moved. Shen Xiang lightly smiled, the body reappears space power, after he locks that hundred grains of beads, the use separates takes the technique of thing spatially, shifts that hundred grains of beads to own side instantaneously. A moment ago he to Xiao Chou sound transmission, having made Xiao Chou not move, gives him that's alright. These True God must hold the round bead, but actually suddenly disappears. In Shen Xiang there, quick!” Outside had Heavenly God urgently to shout. What Shen Xiang use is space power, this makes many Heavenly God surprised, this accurate space strength utilization, even if Ren Tianyong their this Profound God is hard to achieve, but Shen Xiang can achieve, obviously grasped Law of Space strength. Shen Xiang and Xiao Chou holds a grain of round bead, but remaining was fired the ash by a Shen Xiang fire completely! This......” These hurry to Shen Xiang True God, dumbfounded completely motionless, because these round integument Shen Xiang have burnt down, in other words, be only two quotas can enter the next round. Said that we at least can obtain one point, Ha Ha, has this brat, then did not need to be so troublesome! Snatches completely, should this.” Demon Execution Heavenly God said while loudly laughing. Although now only then two grains of round beads, so long as snatches, but can also continue to stay here, rush over that therefore other True God act boldly regardless of one's safety now. little rascal, runs now that's alright, preserves own bead!” Shen Xiang is treading Earth Shrinking Step, is similar to ghosts and demons is ordinary, pursues his True God in fighting the field with these pursues.

Although Shen Xiang can hit, but he lets not want to waste the strength now! Xiao Chou is different, is taking the lance in hand, in the process of running, punctures True God that these pursue, several True God were pierced the body by him. This won is too relaxed!” Shen Xiang looks at the above hour glass, in heart secret smiles. Soon, hour glass inside sand leaked, Heaven Punishment God announced finished, these True God nursed hatred looks at Shen Xiang and Xiao Chou, the anger leaves the field. Then was snatches the greatly black bead!” Xiao Chou said with a smile. Heaven Punishment God coldly said: „It is not, is only fight competition, although only remaining your Demon Execution Temple, but to examine your battle efficiencies, therefore in you must have one to fight.” Shen Xiang knows that this Heaven Punishment God definitely temporarily changes the rule, judges according to the common sense, that made a mistake. In you leaves behind one!” Heaven Punishment God said. Xiao Chou leaves the stage on own initiative, although he thought that he is strong a little compared with Shen Xiang, but if deals with the special situation, he was inferior to Shen Xiang. Then, you will look for strength suitable True God and I hit, right!” Shen Xiang looked at all around, has not seen to have any person to enter the arena. Heaven Punishment God gloomy and cold smiles, making Shen Xiang have one not good premonition. „It is not True God and you hits, but is this!” Heaven Punishment God spreads out the palm, on his palm presented a small basket, basket inside has standing savage beast. This fellow, unexpectedly makes Shen Xiang cope with the beasts, this is Mysterious Horned Spirit Beast that became famous, even if High-Rank True God, will not be careful, is killed.” Demon Execution Heavenly God knits the brows: Heaven Punishment God this bastard, is same as usual, always likes creating obstacles for others.” Heaven Punishment God crumb that basket, inside that beastman suddenly increases, appears in front of Shen Xiang, is higher than several heads Shen Xiang, the body has the brown superficial knowledge, muscular, vigorous and healthy powerful, the lower part is sturdy beast, has one greatly powerful and full is the long-tail of sharp thorn, has one in the top of the head like the sword sharp silique. This Mysterious Horned Spirit Beast sends out low and deep roaring, palm suddenly emits two with the top of the head same silique, seems like similar to two long swords, is very sharp. Starts, not having the time to limit, wins the opposite party.” Heaven Punishment God shouted that Mysterious Horned Spirit Beast wallops, the speed like the lightning, arrives in front of Shen Xiang quickly suddenly, the silique of top of the head punctured, pierced the Shen Xiang's body! This frightened an audience peace, Shen Xiang unexpectedly is pierced all of a sudden!

Of course not, that is only Shen Xiang's phantom! This move of he uses frequently, although the speed of opposite party is extremely fast, but he can avoid. Is that ancient sword!” Wang Jinshi light shouted: This cannot use Divine Power ancient sword, although is very sharp, but regarding his present situation, does not help!” Father, has not thought of your unexpectedly this sword to him, although this is very good the sword, but does not suit him.” Zu Chao said. Master, to win, you should exhort him not to use this to be right the sword.” Demon Execution Heavenly God he he smiles: You do not understand Shen Xiang, I did not understand, but I believe that he is not a fool, now he puts out this sword, definitely has his own idea.” Then sharp incomparable, the relaxedness can vanish Divine Weapon ancient sword, was named as Deicide Sword by Shen Xiang, although he was unable to pour into now Divine Power, Seven Demon Killings type first that but he just studied, does not need to use Divine Power, but uses the change of fleshly body, causes the fleshly body strength ingenious utilization, produces infinite and strange strength. Mysterious Horned Spirit Beast discovered what he pierces is only phantom, but true Shen Xiang is behind, he turns to pass away and overrun fiercely, this time not only uses the acute angle of top of the head, silique sword that but also use both hands grip tightly, thorn to Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang raised Deicide Sword in hand, Mysterious Horned Spirit Beast also flushed, but then suddenly had very strange change. Shen Xiang does not have the fence, but also suddenly teleport to Mysterious Horned Spirit Beast! The ground also falls many small fragment, that is the Mysterious Horned Spirit Beast corner/horn, turned into the fragment! This is Shen Xiang attacks the later result, but everybody has not seen the process, these Temple Heavenly God have not seen that process! Shen Xiang wields a sword, next turned instantaneously like this, that process should have a period of time, even if can also see a little clues again quickly, but the remaining aura does not have now, the middle process has probably not appeared. Actually appeared, because just in Shen Xiang use Seven Demon Killings the time and strength of first type change, the time and strength fusion are conducted confusedly, caused that time and outside time of process is different, this was Law of Time strength! During that time in the Shen Xiang's time line was to exist, but did not have in the time lines of other people, will therefore unable to see! What is most excited is Demon Execution Heavenly God, only then he is clearest, because of this move of him can also, he not think that Shen Xiang unexpectedly in such a short time, can grasp the change between time and strength, this is the basic foundation of Seven Demon Killings type! Is the Seven Demon Killings type!” A Heaven Punishment God face is shocking, he knows that the Seven Demon Killings type is Demon Execution Heavenly God trump card. Multi- youngster has not seen this to incur, has not thought sees once more, is not Demon Execution Old Man is using, but just entered Gods little rascal is using.” God of Wealth that sits, has stood at this time, is fixing the eyes on Shen Xiang.

The Seven Demon Killings type has is much difficult to study, is difficult to grasp, has the Demon Execution Temple disciple to be clearest! Especially first group of disciples, is Zu Chao their four! Ren Tianyong they have profound understanding, so long as is the Demon Execution Heavenly God disciple, at this time knows what Shen Xiang use is the Seven Demon Killings type, although most foundation, but they cannot learn, Shen Xiang the scholarship shortly, can grasp now, this comprehension ability, even if founds the Seven Demon Killings type Demon Execution Heavenly God not to compare. You have won, Demon Execution Temple obtains a point!” Heaven Punishment God hastily receives his Mysterious Horned Spirit Beast, he also knows ancient sword in Shen Xiang hand not to be common, this way, his Mysterious Horned Spirit Beast must die without doubt. Shen Xiang has not satisfied a craving, unexpectedly such won, in the heart is a little helpless, but can win well. strength and time variation, body just and supple, this should be is I grasped four changes, but quick and should also be two types slowly, how many types then I did grasp now?” Shen Xiang was also hard to obtain Qing, he decided that asks Demon Execution Heavenly God. After going back, Demon Execution Heavenly God holds down very excitedly his shoulder, excited saying: Good brat, you to learn? Has not thought that my Seven Demon Killings type, unexpectedly can inherit!” This...... Actually I also just grasped.” Shen Xiang smiles difficultly, he grasped similarly the first type. Do not be immodest, we on this Seven Demon Killings type, have wasted many time, but you obtain the Seven Demon Killings type shortly, grasped little, this is very rare.” Ren Tianyong said. Seeing Shen Xiang wants to ask anything, Demon Execution Heavenly God has patted his head: Had anything to go back to say again that now first obtains first!” Demon Execution Temple obtains a point, now is seven points, must pursue, can only watch following that group war. First returns to own Temple to rest respectively for three days, the following group war will change a location!” Heaven Punishment God said. Everybody perhaps many days, somewhat somewhat were here bothersome, now can go back should better.