World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1809
Shen Xiang also wants a bit faster to ask Demon Execution Heavenly God now, during has about first changes in which change, he does not know now one grasp many changes. Demon Execution Heavenly God also has the same mood with Shen Xiang, the Seven Demon Killings type that Shen Xiang used a moment ago, looks like very skilled, just did not comprehend likely, clearly had a period of time very much, therefore he also anxiously and Shen Xiang chatted alone, must instruct Shen Xiang. Now Shen Xiang comprehended the foundation change of Seven Demon Killings type, Demon Execution Heavenly God very definite Shen Xiang from now on also has been able to study profound the Seven Demon Killings type like him, therefore currently needs to instruct Shen Xiang. I go back with Shen Xiang first!” Demon Execution Heavenly God lets Shen Xiang, dodges disappears, left this to fight the field fast, returned in audiences Divine City Demon Execution Temple. When did you comprehend a moment ago that move?” Demon Execution Heavenly God and Shen Xiang in a secret room, Demon Execution Heavenly God are very excited at this time, for these years, Shen Xiang can comprehend the Seven Demon Killings type only. Shen Xiang thought that the Seven Demon Killings type is not very difficult, because he initially grasped on the useless how much time. Some days, Seven Demon Killings type in the first type, what change is? I have been able to use fleshly body to carry on several types to change as one desires unusually!” Shen Xiang was saying, has the sleeve on lu, saw only him to control slightly, his arm became very soft, in that stiff incomparable skeleton changed soft, but was strong. Sees the Shen Xiang arm to be similar to the muck hangs to hang generally, Demon Execution Heavenly God cannot help but cries out strangely, he has not thought that comprehension unexpectedly of Shen Xiang to first type arrived at this situation, surpasses his expectation. This is supply changes! Since you grasped supply change, then should also grasp just changes! hard and soft, the speed bases on under the foundation that strength changes that's alright, mentioned, you grasped five now changed!” Demon Execution Heavenly God took a deep breath, Shen Xiang studied this Seven Demon Killings type shortly, comprehends five changed, this also studied in the past quickly compared with him. Speed is the two changes of time.” Demon Execution Heavenly God continues saying: You, so long as comprehends the remaining two changes, the first type completely grasped, can start the second type.” Shen Xiang asked: What are the remaining two changes? Gives me a prompt!” cold and hot!” Demon Execution Heavenly God said: With the physical strength change, the body can have the cold and hot change, the strength of cold and hot is also good strength, is based on strength to change, the coordinate speeds and hard and soft these four changes, will have the unusual effect.” Shen Xiang nodded, keeps firmly in mind, now had a direction, was simple, he can in such a short time comprehend five changes, remaining two change will not be difficult. And Hell Temple make war, if I have the time, I will instruct your well, your body has supreme god bone, cultivates Heaven Refining Technique, perhaps later can exceed me on this Seven Demon Killings type.” Demon Execution Heavenly God touches the Shen Xiang's head: Now exits to gather with them, perhaps the following competition, must with everybody together.” Shen Xiang and Demon Execution Heavenly God come out, go to hall, Zu Chao Ren Tianyong they here, Shen Xiang can comprehend the Seven Demon Killings type in such a short time, definitely will attach great importance to by Demon Execution Heavenly God, this is also the natural matter. We have been in the lead now, so long as then maintains this tendency, the final victory was my, you rested well on the several th, when the time comes must make them have a look at our Demon Execution Temple genuine formidable place.” Demon Execution Heavenly God said that left, does not know where he goes.

Zu Chao their several they chatted the less than half double-hour with Ren Tianyong, returns to the room to rest. Shen Xiang, this is I gives you small gift!” Yuan Baibing suddenly puts out small pill furnace, throws to Shen Xiang directly. Shen Xiang received looks, discovered that this unexpectedly is a good Middle-Grade Dan furnace, should be multi-million divine coin that. Yuan Baibing sees Shen Xiang to speak, said hastily: Do not be impolite, you so have the talent in the alchemy aspect, moreover as the Demon Execution Temple good alchemy master, this is you should result.” Yo, the second child of not lifting a finger to help, unexpectedly is so natural, I am having a dream!” The Wang Jinshi giggle chuckle, she is certainly clear, Yuan Baibing such does, completely is because Shen Xiang will have boundless prospects on Pill Dao from now on, is on good terms with a alchemy master is also an investment. Thanks two Martial Uncle!” Shen Xiang expressed gratitude with a smile, his beforehand pill furnace rotted, since Yuan Baibing so had the sincerity bestowed such good pill furnace, he does not reject. Everybody returned to the room to rest, Shen Xiang held appreciatively middle-grade divine furnace that Yuan Baibing was bestowing in the room, this pill furnace was the pale golden color, outside has attractive chart mark, pill furnace can increase along with own regard, can turn into a hill most greatly . Moreover the interior has very big space, usually can also , when storage equipment used. Internal many assists alchemy formation to be good, can make the flame of alchemy master be under a better control, can make pill furnace stabler, but can also absorb the outside the energy to strengthen the flame wait / etc.. Small Junior Brother, did you rest?” Wang Jinshi comes in outside sound transmission. Shen Xiang puts down pill furnace, walks to open the door! After Wang Jinshi comes, happily said with a smile: Small Junior Brother, you imagine me are much fiercer, has not thought that your alchemy is an expert! even/including Laoer this fellow straightforward has delivered you pill furnace.” Senior Sister, cannot see your big show skill today, I am very disappointed!” Shen Xiang moves in a chair with a smile, making Wang Jinshi sit down. I do not get rid to be good, I am very actually weak, do not think that I am very fierce!” Wang Jinshi curls the lip saying: Otherwise Master will also make me come up!” Small Junior Brother, has not thought that you study the thing to be so quick! If you society that sword technique, do not use in the presence of everyone.” Wang Jinshi looks for Shen Xiang, to again urge Shen Xiang, do not use Deicide Sword Art casually. Sees Shen Xiang on the comprehension Seven Demon Killings type, Wang Jinshi to think that quickly Shen Xiang has possibly learned Deicide Sword Art, she was worried about Shen Xiang to win, comes out this sword technique exposed.

I have not gone to study, when this time compared with after finishing, I start to study again, when the time comes must ask Senior Sister to direct.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: You put 100 hearts, I will not use at will, I also had this experience before.” Departure that Wang Jinshi feels relieved, Shen Xiang puts out 15 grains of Divine Halo Saint pill who he refines, this is dragon blood Saint pill, after he eats up one grain, immediately felt very strong efficacy melts, gives him a very comfortable feeling. If the later furnace can leave one grain or two grains of this types pill who has Divine Halo, I as far as possible refine this type, the drug efficacy is ordinary ten times, even is higher.” Shen Xiang had found a challenge of limit! ...... The audiences Divine City Demon Execution Temple entrance, presented a white clothing female, she has a delightful oval face, a pair of bright pupil is passing the ray of Ancient Spirit demon, this female is not others, is Long Xueyi. She arrived at Gods very much long time ago, because audiences Divine City is very lively, she comes to here, has not thought that actually knew Shen Xiang has joined Demon Execution Temple, moreover in has the astonishing performance compared in, therefore her hastily came. Shen Xiang that rested, knew that some people look for him, arrives at the reception the living room, when he sees the Long Xueyi's time, was happy that almost shouts. little rascal, thought me very much!” Long Xueyi sees the Shen Xiang's facial expression, throws smiles, she is also very happy, threw to the Shen Xiang's bosom, closely is hugging with Shen Xiang. Gluttonous ghost, should be you thinks that I am right, can't oneself eat to the full outside?” Shen Xiang gentle is stroking the Long Xueyi's long hair, is hugging her jade waist, closely is hugging her. Um!” Long Xueyi should say gently: I do not want to leave you again!” Who makes you not wait for me to come back!” Shen Xiang said with a smile, has pinched vigorously her cheek: Without you and my together, I is also very bored!” Long Xueyi looked at all around: I have the secret to tell you...... My suddenly runs Gods to have the reason, otherwise I do not think to come, is good with you, does not need an empty stomach.” Shen Xiang put out several grains to have Divine Halo dragon blood Saint pill, happily said with a smile: This is Divine Halo Saint pill, is I at present alchemy most high level, tastes to look!” Long Xueyi receives immediately, like eating sugar puts to arrive in port is eating, afterward very happy nod: Delicious, without smell of blood, if were sweet a point to be good!”

Before coming, Long Xueyi collected many Sacred Fruit anything, but had already eaten to eat all one's food, she has not eaten the good thing for a long time. Shen Xiang is pulling the Long Xueyi's small hands, leading her to move toward own room, actually on arriving meets Ren Tianyong and Yuan Baibing, they are merry. little rascal, are you doing?” Yuan Baibing sees Shen Xiang to draw a very attractive adorable female, moves toward own room hurriedly, somewhat thinks in that direction. She...... She is my wife!” Has seen two Senior!” Long Xueyi salutes hastily, because Yuan Baibing and Ren Tianyong strength is very strong, truly was Senior. You come Gods shortly, had the wife? I and Boss these many years, did not have!” Yuan Baibing he he smiles: Has not thought that your this little rascal is a loose type!” Ren Tianyong said with a smile: Then you go busily, we will not say!” Shen Xiang curled the lip, draws Long Xueyi to continue toward the room to walk, which knows that just must push the door to go, Wang Jinshi actually suddenly arrives. Small Junior Brother, listened to the Boss and second child said that your wife came, therefore I came to see especially.” Wang Jinshi happily said with a smile, is sizing up Long Xueyi carefully, then praised: little rascal, the vision is good!” Senior Sister is good!” Long Xueyi very clever greeted to Wang Jinshi. Small Junior Sister is good!” Wang Jinshi sees Long Xueyi to be long so delightfully adorable, cannot help but traces her pretty face. Small Junior Brother, you had said probably your wife are many, how many are she? Was just came from Gods?” Wang Jinshi asked. I do not know that is several, this does not divide to place.” Shen Xiang said with a smile dry. Sees a Shen Xiang anxious appearance, Wang Jinshi to think immediately Shen Xiang anxiously must possibly handle that bashful matter with Long Xueyi, face slightly one red, then said with a smile tenderly: Then I did not disturb you!”