World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1811
Demon Execution Heavenly God has been informed, this time they do not go to beforehand that giant to fight the field, but goes to another place, still on audiences Temple. Audiences Temple each is not ordinary, most famous is that 18 Purgatory, that for the Heavenly God preparation, but War-God tries to practice also in inside, inside has all kinds of scenes, is used to examine oneself strength to use, appearance entire Gods, but must go to try to practice to need divine coin, moreover may not pat obtains. This second round competition is the coordination between teams, Demon Execution Heavenly God guessed that may use Purgatory to try to practice or is the location that War-God tries to practice! Various Temple Heavenly God have carried disciple, gathers at audiences Temple first layer, after coming to be uneven, whose then enters a stone chamber with Heaven Punishment God, can transmit to the place of competition. Soon, Shen Xiang they arrive at a stretch of open land, Demon Execution Heavenly God said: This is in audiences Temple, here should be tries to practice the field!” Shen Xiang and Xiao Chou their first time goes to this place, cannot help but surprised, this is only audiences Temple one, but the interior so is vast, cannot see the end. Above suddenly presents one to wear old man of white robe, his bright sound track: I am audiences Temple Palace Master, the second round competition will start here.” This old man is God of Wealth palace relationship good Zhong Gaoshan, looked that his feature is gentle, likely is not rascal. „Isn't here trying of War-God practices the field? Although is only trying of 1st Stage War-God practices the field, but regarding True God, has enough to do.” Heavenly God said that he had decided that did not plan makes True God continue to join in the fun here. Zhong Gaoshan he he smiles: If were worried that True God will die here, can not send! The concrete rule I had not announced! Your patience wait / etc.!” This is War-God 2nd Stage tries to practice the field, so long as can complete the task that tries to practice, obtains two points feeble-mindedly, True God, Profound God and Heavenly God can try to practice the field in this! This duty is not too difficult, only then the words of True God strength, with a help of Profound God, must be completed are not difficult.” This definition quota is five, you considered that what combination must send on one.”

Demon Execution Heavenly God thinks that said: Old ten, you have Tai Qiang with this Little Bald here, other goes to other levels! Goes to other levels, the score will be definitely higher.” Demon Execution Temple True God only came three, but also wants Profound God to keep this, obviously reduces for the score that to let Demon Execution Temple obtains. But Demon Execution Heavenly God such arranges now, in other words, must send other floors Shen Xiang! Then is War-God 4th Stage tries to practice, the quota is five, completes the corresponding task on this, obtains four points feeble-mindedly!” Little Shi, you and Shen Xiang go together!” Demon Execution Heavenly God said. Shen Xiang is only True God, unexpectedly must try to practice in the 4th Stage War-God inspection place, and has the Wang Jinshi accompaniment! If sends Ren Tianyong, that also almost! I know fairly well, you can certainly score points!” Demon Execution Heavenly God such arranges, to let Ren Tianyong, Yuan Baibing and fat fifth child they go to a higher place to obtain more scores. Below is War-God 6th Stage tries to practice, can obtain six points, the quota is also five!” Trying of War-God 6th Stage practices, this is day Divine Level other! „The fat fifth child, Little Bing, Tian Yong, your three go, do not die!” Ren Tianyong their three complexions are very dignified, because this breaknecks very much!

Finally is War-God 9th Stage tries to practice the field, obtains nine points feeble-mindedly, quota five!” Zu Chao, their four go to this place!” War-God 9th Stage, this tries to practice field Demon Execution Heavenly God this rank Heavenly God to hurry, now his unexpectedly makes Zu Chao they go, this to pursue a higher score. Now each Temple was discussing how to arrange, but Demon Execution Temple already arranged. You go to that place, do not go through the inspection, therefore difficulty you have not imagined are so big, goes, you will obtain a map, so long as jointly completes the task, the score that perhaps obtains is higher.” We puts many this type of beads on inside, you go, we will make major Temple Heavenly God drip into the blood, has dyed the bead, such comes unable to imitate, comes out, major Heavenly God can distinguish their blood energy, will therefore not have the behavior that cheats! The laying aside place is completes by Heaven Punishment God.” So long as is Heaven Punishment God puts, everybody felt relieved very much, because Heaven Punishment God always does not favor any side. Found this type of bead, you can come back, trying of correspondence practices the field, will obtain the score of correspondence! Seeks a bead to come back, each Temple are most only calculates five beads the scores, this is for the matter occurrence that to prevent to rob.” Each Temple practices the field in trying of different rank, few that five quotas, go, but found similarly many beads, can obtain many scores. Although inside bead are many, but if seeks alone, will be very definitely difficult, this needed the coordination with each other.” Zhong Gaoshan also said. This rule is not very harsh, the disciple but who Demon Execution Temple comes are few, has suffered a loss in this aspect, if because of the matter of Devil Yang valley, Demon Execution Temple does not lack the low level disciple.

Old ten, you favor a point they, you found five beads to come back as far as possible!” Old ten usually little spoke, he smiled, nodded, then has patted bald of Xiao Chou, then and Xiao Chou Tai Qiang walked into Teleportation Formation. Other Temple are also Profound God adds the arrangement of True God, enters this War-God 2nd Stage to try to practice the field. Little Shi and Shen Xiang, only then you, did not ask you to find all beads, got so far as two to suffice.” Tian Yong, your three must get so far as three!” Demon Execution Heavenly God the complexion is very serious at this time, their four said to Zu Chao said: This War-God 9th Stage tries to practice field very danger(ous), you most little must get so far as two, can come out, maintains life importantly, dies is Heavenly God also has in.” 2nd Stage tries to practice the bead of field is two points, the 4th Stage four points, the 6th Stage six points, the 9th Stage nine points, most only calculates five beads the scores, now Demon Execution Heavenly God does not request them to obtain the bead, so long as almost can come out, because this War-God tries to practice the field not to joke. Shen Xiang and Wang Jinshi one group, is the overall strength is quite weak, because Wang Jinshi is a female, but Shen Xiang Profound God is not, directly goes to trying of War-God 4th Stage to practice the field, it can be imagined. Time limit is one month, we patiently waited for that's alright here!” Zhong Gaoshan said with a smile: Relax, Heaven Punishment God led his apprentice to go in the supervision, if there is a deal of killing a person and taking his possessions, Heaven Punishment God will certainly throw Divine Prison them.” The major Temple disciples in abundance entered have tried to practice the field, 9th Stage tried to practice the field is expert converges, the God of Wealth four big apprentices, fully entered this to try to practice the field, God of Wealth was harsh to their requests, must make them find five grains of beads completely.