World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1812

Shen Xiang and Wang Jinshi were transmitted to Stone Forest place, all around is the rock that stand erect, does not have the flowers and plants trees, death Qi heavy, occasionally will have blown cold wind, curls up a little grit, is very bleak.

Senior Sister, why can Master arrange our together? Does he have other goals?” Why Shen Xiang cannot think through Demon Execution Heavenly God to such do, his strength is very weak, Wang Jinshi is a female, if not use her father's Deicide Sword Art, is not very strong. Is their these two weakest, unexpectedly was arranged the same place, moreover in this War-God 4th Stage tries to practice in the field, this 4th Stage tries to practice, has very big difficulty regarding Wang Jinshi. Does not know that Master his old man possibly Boss second child their three can go to higher trying to practice the field, but I and you here are best! You keep 2nd Stage to try to practice the field possibly quite to waste, but your strength is also here insufficient, therefore accompanies you on allows me to come.” Wang Jinshi said with a smile: You should not think that Master intends to reconcile us!” Shen Xiang has gawked staring, said with a smile: Where has, do we look like is a match very much? Let alone I had the wife, Master he was not does not know.” Wang Jinshi puts out that handle Jade Mist Divine Sword, to fierce positive, long was sighing: Finally had the opportunity to use with this sword.” Even if in this place, Wang Jinshi does not dare to use Deicide Sword Art, because these Temple Heavenly God are fierce, can perhaps spy on to enter here everyone. Airborne suddenly falls a jade board, above is drawing the map, has five marks, is five beads sites. Place that these beads are is one by one far, only then one month, does not know that can get so far as two.” Wang Jinshi asked: Your space can strength use here?” Shen Xiang shook the head: Cannot, here space add on the time to prohibit, we can only walk.”

Senior Sister, do you have that magic treasure, is the speed is quick, can fly the destination all of a sudden.” Shen Xiang fondly remembers the Azure Dragon cloak , the speed of this cloak is fearful, he knows now that cloak is not the ordinary thing, even if Yuan Baibing is hard to refine. Flight magic treasure I have, but the speed is not fast! Moreover you think that we can fly to take the round bead really directly? If is really such, that was too easy.” Wang Jinshi said: I had gone to before War-God tries to practice the field, is very fearful, reason that you now think very safe, that is local security that because we transmit, but if you leave this circle, on danger(ous).” All around Shen Xiang sees is very peaceful, does not have what beasts, is truly unusual, is not fearful like Legend. Walks, we go to the recent place to take the round bead! If there is danger(ous), you look at the situation to run that's it, you cannot use space strength now, very danger(ous).” Wang Jinshi also felt that now this duty is hard to be accomplished. Senior Sister, sorry, implicated you!” Shen Xiang somewhat helpless [say / way]. Let alone this saying, Master will let you with my together, definitely thought that we can help! Your this little rascal pattern that many, can perhaps help me not be busy uncertain.” Wang Jinshi said with a smile lightly: Relax, your Senior Sister I, although is the female, but does not have the surface to be so weak!” Wang Jinshi brandished several to start Jade Mist Divine Sword, the confidence was fuller, put out flying disc, making Shen Xiang come up. After Shen Xiang stands, displays Nine Heavens Mental Exploration, emits many wisps of Divine Soul to loaf in all around, to guard sudden danger(ous).

If before, Shen Xiang somewhat was also worried that own strength is too weak, but now Long Xueyi in Hidden Jade Ring, is really not when the time comes good, intimate borrowing Long Xueyi's strength, now he has supreme god bone, in addition he and Long Xueyi strength agreeing with is getting higher and higher, will therefore not have the serious malpractice. Shen Xiang put out Yuan Baibing to give his Middle-Grade Dan furnace, after Wang Jinshi saw, somewhat strange asking: „Do you want alchemy? In this case, you have thoughts alchemy, really admires you!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Anything, under a worse environment alchemy I have not tried! I must refine pill now, is not ordinary pill, these has with you have seen greatly is very different.” Oh? what pill, has differently what?” A Wang Jinshi face is curious, she knew Shen Xiang's alchemy technique now. I am called Soldier Pill this pill's name, can have the attack function like weapon, but is generally disposable . Moreover the might that has is very big, for example this type......” Shen Xiang puts out a grain of destruction frozen pill, throws down from flying disc. After destroying frozen pill falls into the ground, suddenly to explode, concentrates the ice place big places, but this ice is very weak, True God can ruin with ease, because before this pill was Shen Xiang was very long, refines, the might was not big. This is I refines in world of Nine Heaven, at that time the material quality was quite low, therefore might also this! Places Gods, at is not anything. Therefore I planned that with here material, the refinement is stronger.” Shen Xiang said: With time that others hit, loses one on them, Hehe!” This is the good thing, is the same with Divine Talisman, the Divine Talisman refinement process is just complex tediously . Moreover the price is very expensive, refines the material also to need to be many, I usually do not hate to use, if you can very relaxed refinement this Soldier Pill, that certainly be better than Divine Talisman.” Wang Jinshi somewhat excited [say / way]: When the time comes sold to my some, my high price receives.” Senior Sister, who I and you with anyone, said that anything sells! I directly deliver you.” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile, puts out some him to refine the Soldier Pill material.

Sees Shen Xiang to put out basin fiery red liquid, Wang Jinshi knits the brows: This is not on these Devil Ghost?” „, These liquids may be the good things, I initially collected, sufficed me to use to be very long! strength of these Devil Ghost within the body are very strong, because just the Devil Ghost wisdom is not high, does not understand the use. Actually these liquid fiercest places, mutually fuse to become stronger!” At that time I had experimented, Soldier Pill that refines, the might is good, now I must refine am stronger, must refine to have Divine Halo! Has this pill furnace fortunately, otherwise I do not dare to attempt carelessly.” Has Divine Halo pill, needs to carry on the violent collision, other these normal pill, the might was powerful, let alone this type Soldier Pill that has the greatly strengthened explosive force, the might is hard to imagine. A bit faster refines, shows to be what kind of me.” Wang Jinshi anticipated at this time.