World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1813
This book had Association Master finally, the big evening came back to see, in addition one! ----- Shen Xiang refines this Soldier Pill now, may not only be the ordinary compression energy, he must when congealing pill, with the quickest time, in Soldier Pill inside and outside engraves spirit pattern chart that has drives, this is the most difficult place. „It is not quick, you should better fly now slowly, so long as I refine this thing, if you use well, your overall strength will promote many!” Shen Xiang suddenly puts out a very big book, turns in inside is looking for anything, good thing that but this divine book Nine Spirit Kings leaves behind, inside records many fierce divine formation and spirit pattern, Liu Meng'er their several females, is because grasps so many formidable divine formation and spirit pattern, will make very big breakthrough on refiner. You refine this Soldier Pill, with refining Divine Talisman is the same, what needs above calibration line?” Wang Jinshi sees Shen Xiang to study some complex spirit pattern, inquired. Shen Xiang nodded: „A spirit pattern chart function is very big, you should be clear, the ordinary energy after a spirit pattern chart transformation, can have various different strength, can become more formidable. spirit pattern chart quite in the brain and soul of humanity, is controlling the revolution of strength, otherwise the light brute force, did not understand that the utilization is also useless.” The Wang Jinshi willow eyebrows select: Small Junior Brother, should you not be now start to study these spirit pattern?” I had also looked before, but I want to study a point more profound now fierce spirit pattern, after all here is Gods, is more formidable than world of Nine Heaven.” Shen Xiang knows that Wang Jinshi is worried about anything, he said with a smile: Relax, my learning capability is very formidable, will not use too for a long time!” Regarding this, Wang Jinshi did not suspect that did not say their this group of disciples, even if the two batch before Demon Execution Heavenly God, has used a lot of time, cannot learn the Seven Demon Killings type, but Shen Xiang several sub- learned.

In order to let Shen Xiang can refine that fierce Soldier Pill, Wang Jinshi flies very slowly, still in this piece of Stone Forest, has not met any danger(ous). Shen Xiang looked for day night of spirit pattern, he has closed that book finally, he had found several groups of spirit pattern from above, he thought that very much appropriately uses on Soldier Pill. Destruction frozen pill and destruction god who Fire Pellet before he refined, the attack range was very broad, strength was not centralized, copes with the effect of isolated target to be very bad, many Divine Talisman were also so. But now he must refine Soldier Pill, the explosive force must concentrate in very small range, has strong destructive power, the might will be bigger, the striking power is stronger. Like former that type, the short distance use, oneself cannot shunt, was worried that will be affected. Exploding Flame Pill!” In the Shen Xiang heart had a general idea, immediately puts in trough fiery red liquid pill furnace, this is a fire attribute Devil Ghost liquid. Ruptures the spirit pattern coordination of large formation, should be able to help me refine to make my satisfied Exploding Flame Pill.” Shen Xiang also very anticipated that at this time refines to be what kind. After Shen Xiang that big trough liquid carries on the depuration, reduced most probably, the remaining liquids are implication pure flame Divine Power, turned into the liquid, and has the strength of special hot flame, can produce strength that heats up. These liquids brave to bubble in pill furnace, has seethed with excitement, under the Shen Xiang unceasing compression, reduction gradually, starts to turn into the solid, moreover is hard to continue to compress again. Sees this, Shen Xiang will be divided into three, then utilizes to refine the Divine Halo Saint pill's way, lets putty group violent dashing of these three groups of fiery red. Bang sound suddenly resounded, frightens Wang Jinshi tenderly to shout, her flying disc also violently vibrated, she responded quickly, hastily stood firm flying disc.

Shen Xiang has not thought of dashes unexpectedly to have the so intense response, when he refined Divine Halo Saint pill before, although is also this, what he uses is inferior pill furnace, pill furnace that now he uses but value millions divine coin middle-grade divine furnace, unexpectedly also has this situation. Only can say that this is because he refines Soldier Pill, strength that produces is huger. This way consumes pill furnace, evidently, I must look for better pill furnace to refine this Soldier Pill to be good specially.” Shen Xiang sees in pill furnace to be concise a grain is similar to fierce Yang Yiban small pill pellet, knows that has succeeded. Now he must do fast carving draws some spirit pattern chart, stabilizes the wild energy of pill pellet interior implication, will prohibit, simultaneously makes spirit pattern chart fuse that group of energies again, making that group of energies in the eruption time-variable formidable. Small Junior Brother, your is pill furnace all right? Said that this is middle-grade divine furnace, is very good, could have this sound, Soldier Pill that it seems like you refine is fierce!” Wang Jinshi was more excited: You less than a double-hour, must concentrate pill, the refinement speed imagined compared with me quickly! The second child he refines Divine Talisman, takes several days to refine one most quickly.” Divine Talisman is truly troublesome, before Shen Xiang, has understood, if after him skilled, will refine this Soldier Pill to be quicker than Divine Talisman. Quarter a craftsmanship on pill pellet regarding Shen Xiang is not the difficult matter, he also frequently refined this pill before, spirit pattern chart that but must carve now is quite complex, the unusual consumption spirit, needs to congeal the completely squashed eye obvious silk thread Divine Power, is not having coagulation pill pellet inside and outside continually becomes the chart mark. divine formation of powerful force, needs many group of abstruse spirit pattern compositions, therefore needs to spend the massive spirits and time on this. Shen Xiang used three double-hour to complete, but at this time he also felt somewhat dizzy, hastily ate up several grains of pill to recover. Succeeded?” Wang Jinshi helps Shen Xiang wipe the sweat, asked.

Um, should succeed, can run!” Shen Xiang lightly smiled: Now also not familiar, therefore required a lot of time, but also is very exhausting!” Wang Jinshi opens pill furnace, had not felt that formidable aura, she takes out one grain to send out the red light bead from pill furnace, carefully looks. This Exploding Flame Pill is similar to red glowing sun that descends the mountain, but the surface has many tiny spirit pattern, although these spirit pattern are very complex, but looks like not chaotic, instead likely is the pill pellet semblance beautiful chart mark. This called Exploding Flame Pill!” Shen Xiang receives from the Wang Jinshi hand, is watching his work carefully. „Is might what kind of?” Wang Jinshi wants to give a try very much. Shen Xiang shakes the head saying: I do not know that this thing not like that before I refine, I refined before, loses in a place, the place that covers is very big, strength is not centralized! This thing will concentrate in very small range, the might is very big!” Concrete, but must try to know! When I rest well, departs this piece of Stone Forest, looks a thing to try.” Wang Jinshi nodded, puts out some low-grade Sacred Fruit to eat to Shen Xiang, making him a bit faster restore, then tries this Exploding Flame Pill might.