World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1814
Wang Jinshi brought Shen Xiang to depart Stone Forest, just left Stone Forest, they induced to an odor greet the nostrils to come, afterward was a low roar hears. Senior Sister, you entered this War-God to try to practice the field before, what generally will meet thing awfully?” Shen Xiang smells that odor, one not good premonitions, this is trying of 4th Stage War-God practices the field, Wang Jinshi this Profound God must deal discretely. In trying to practice in the field to be quite fierce, generally is that type is closed into this inside Evil Devil!” Wang Jinshi said: Majority are Heaven Punishment God makes.” These are Evil Devil...... Profound God?” Shen Xiang thought one had underestimated this War-God tries to practice the field. The Wang Jinshi nod said: Is Profound God, is some fellows of making mistakes, under wanted Hell, because they acknowledged the mistake honestly, therefore pass/test them in this place...... Actually looked that hands over many divine coin in these fellows . Moreover the strength is good, throws them.” Throws into here to try to practice you?” Shen Xiang thinks that this procedure is not quite good, comes and dies in these evil person hands that tries to practice, that dies very injust. Carries on War-God to have Profound God of good strength tries to practice, generally will come not to die, although some bad luck eggs will die here, but that will be the matter that will have rarely, only if beyond trying since oneself limit will practice the field, for example you now.” Wang Jinshi sees the Shen Xiang complexion to be somewhat ugly, then happily said with a smile: Frightened your, I now am also 4th Stage War-God, therefore I can deal with ease. Let alone small Junior Brother your trick that many, you fear anything!” Said before you, comes to here to try to practice?” Shen Xiang remembers when one first time see Wang Jinshi, heard that she was 4th Stage War-God. Comes this to try to practice the field, but is not here, therefore I am not familiar with here!” Wang Jinshi wrinkled the nose, that stink was getting stronger and stronger, the low roar is getting more and more clear, sees thought that likely is a beast of prey in the nearby. Shen Xiang said: My Exploding Flame Pill, although is fierce, but when used with your strength similar Profound God, perhaps is not good, Low-Rank Profound God will possibly have the good effect.” Came!” Wang Jinshi holds the Shen Xiang's arm fast, is bringing his shunt, sees only her flying disc to be hit by the shadow that dives from the upper air together crushes.

That shadow presented the flash, on vanish from sight, this made Shen Xiang remember him first when the Divine Prison second unlucky star time to come across the matter that Azure Dragon has in the past, that time Azure Dragon, the speed was such quick. Shadow that he sees now, possibly was slower than Azure Dragon a point! But Wang Jinshi can actually discover, moreover leads him to avoid, has saying that Wang Jinshi does not look like delicate like her surface, is a very strong female man, the strength that perhaps she hides, can endure to compare Ren Tianyong. Stealthy, comes out to me!” Wang Jinshi loud voice drinks, Jade Mist Divine Sword flashes before suddenly, was being gripped tightly by her. „The beautiful woman of soft and fair skin, has not met for a long time, the flavor definitely is evidently good, I most liked eating this female Profound God, thinks mouth-wateringly.” That sound laughs. Fellow who the sending out odor, roars unceasingly lowly, unexpectedly is not the beast of prey, but is one evil person who likes cannibalizing the flesh. Wang Jinshi puts out a grain of very small ice Zhu, fills in the Shen Xiang's hand: Taking, is waiting for you to pay attention, be not sneak attacked by this fellow.” Shen Xiang does not know that Wang Jinshi is useful to this ice bead, when he wants to ask, only thought that odor suddenly becomes very thick, afterward he was entrained by Wang Jinshi. Seals!” Wang Jinshi drinks, Shen Xiang outside suddenly presented a very thick ice layer, presents some Demon Execution spirit pattern on the ice layer. Wang Jinshi such does, to protect Shen Xiang, because now the essential target of that food person evil person is Shen Xiang, this is to harass Wang Jinshi. This frozen can support a period of time, enough I solved this bastard.” Wang Jinshi to Shen Xiang sound transmission, dodges afterward disappears.

Now Shen Xiang understands that Wang Jinshi gave his ice bead a moment ago, to prevent to be frozen. Bang! A resounding blows out in the Shen Xiang ear, frozen lives in his thick ice to encounter a very strong strength attack, but was resisted by ice layer outside Demon Execution spirit pattern, the thick ice that Wang Jinshi releases, is firm. You are Demon Execution Temple!” Sees these Demon Execution spirit pattern, evil person is somewhat panic-stricken, the ice that the Wang Jinshi that short time releases, can resist his attack, obviously the Wang Jinshi strength compared with him. Good, delivers under you Hell to go!” White snow floats, sees only Wang Jinshi to appear from the floating snow, looks like she probably is Goddess that the snow and ice turn into. The evil person also thinks that Wang Jinshi in had been expelled by him a moment ago, has not thought that appear here manner, when he must attack, actually discovered that the whole body is somewhat stiff, was unable to move, his both feet was frozen coldly, is unable to move again one step. Wang Jinshi has not used Jade Mist Divine Sword, but with her formidable ice cold Divine Power, concentrates Ice Sword, pricks the forehead of that evil person. Broken!” The fist of Wang Jinshi is binding a cold ice, looks like very stiff, pounds in the head of evil person, pounds that head crushes. She rapidly has made afterward up several fists, was frozen the stiff evil person coldly, like this one sincerely was crushed by Wang Jinshi. On such fellow, but also wants to eat me, goes to Hell to have a dream!” A Wang Jinshi foot tramples a piece of powder dust that evil person. Wang Jinshi waves, the frozen Shen Xiang's cold ice receiving, these cold ice turned into the silver-white rivers to be the same, body of fast inflow Wang Jinshi. Senior Sister, your this ice cold Divine Power is really fierce, unexpectedly can resist that strong attack.” Before Shen Xiang Wang Jinshi, gives his bead to hand over.

Wang Jinshi said with a smile: This bead you are remaining, perhaps later serves a need, the truth told you, this was my assigns the strength of Divine Ability, usually I danced to brandish a sword frighten others, what I was fiercest was this ices Divine Power coldly.” Shen Xiang receives that bead, said with a smile: If it seems like wants to nip Senior Sister is not that easy!” What's wrong, do you also want to eat me?” Wang Jinshi grins smiles, touches the Shen Xiang's head, then puts out flying disc. „To eat, but is too tough to bite!” Shen Xiang sat in flying disc, gave Wang Jinshi his Exploding Flame Pill. You could nip, tries again!” Wang Jinshi said with a smile tenderly, was holding appreciatively that grain of Exploding Flame Pill. This time has not seen the Exploding Flame Pill might, Shen Xiang is somewhat disappointed, in this tries to practice in the field, will have many opportunity tests. The flying disc speed that Wang Jinshi takes was slower, but was quick regarding Shen Xiang, has been all of a sudden far away from Stone Forest.