World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1815

Front, is one piece by the mountain range that the thick fog covers, Wang Jinshi puts out that to draw the jade board of map, said: Nearest bead in this, therefore inside should also be most danger(ous) place.” Shen Xiang somewhat depressed [say / way]: My strength is so weak, I come to here not to help any busy, but also implicates you.” If not here space is prohibited, Shen Xiang cannot help, but at least will not implicate Wang Jinshi. Ok, do not rebuke oneself! Although you cannot play anything to affect, but can accompany me, moreover Master makes you come, perhaps to let you opens mind.” Wang Jinshi feels the Shen Xiang's head gently, like the comforting child, this made Wang Jinshi smile sweetly. Wang Jinshi more said that in the Shen Xiang heart more feels sorry, he first time felt that he is a burden, although this is excusable. All give me, I practice through trying of 4th Stage War-God, even if my one can also deal with ease.” Wang Jinshi looks at the front, although she is smiling now, but she is actually alerting all around. „It is not definitely relaxed! This is not War-God tries to practice, but is for 1 million years will compare, although that audiences Temple Palace Master said is very easy, but I actually do not believe his nonsense.” Shen Xiang said. flying disc just entered in the thick fog, Wang Jinshi stands, deeps frown: Has been careful, I felt that this inside is hiding many fearful things.” Shen Xiang immediately is also vigilant, keeping silent looks at all around, releases Divine Soul to exit. Wang Jinshi suddenly that was merry becomes that serious, knows that here situation is not very common. Long Xueyi gives Shen Xiang sound transmission: You did not think that the strength of your Law of Space can break through again? You arrived at Gods now, here space was different from world of Nine Heaven, moreover many large-scale Divine City here have to prohibit the space super divine formation, the strength of your Law of Space is too weak, does not have the opportunity in this place.” I thought that you should be time attempt to break through the comprehension of Law of Space, now is a good opportunity!” Shen Xiang looks at the Wang Jinshi back, now he only then trusted Wang Jinshi to protect him, in this place, even if he wants to run away is also useless, was similar to initially faced Azure Dragon such, strength that simply has not hit back. He fused Law of Space profound bead, but can make him use the space the rule, uses space strength to break the limit of space.

But space strength concrete use method, but also needs him to comprehend, can break many limits. Shen Xiang starts to comprehend Law of Space, he felt that his body is somewhat icy cold, he understands immediately that this is Wang Jinshi with her assigns the strength of Divine Ability him frozen, is equal to is protecting him. „The strength of this life Divine Ability, should be she strongest strength, now is actually used to protect me, will weaken her many strength.” Frozen Shen Xiang, felt that all around is trembling, obviously is Wang Jinshi is fighting. She is fighting with several fellows, your this Senior Sister is very strong, these fellows who she faces, be much more formidable than Azure Dragon that the past years we met, but she can actually deal with comes.” Long Xueyi has not thought that this Wang Jinshi is so formidable. Wang Jinshi was being besieged outside, now nobody can rescue, can say compares danger(ous), but Shen Xiang frozen. It is worried Shen Xiang, suddenly becomes is peaceful, because he is very clear, more worries more useless, now he must do is a bit faster is calm, comprehends Law of Space strength well. In here restriction and Divine Prison somewhat same, was in addition holds time formation to harass the balance of here space and time! Space strength that I utilize, with outside time, therefore arrives at this time by the confused place, in addition the space was prohibited, my space strength was hard to display.” I , to break through this prohibiting, I must result in like Azure Dragon grasp Law of Time!” It seems like now can only coordinate Seven Demon Killings type inside time variation to try, in addition building up of Heaven Refining Technique inside time comes to see, in time grasps above, whether has broken through!” Shen Xiang had a little feature, he does not require the control time, does not need period of revolution strength, so long as he can achieve to understand the time revolution rule of place he is, can coordinate his space strength, carries on the revolution of Law of Space strength, can break through the space. I must strengthen my Law of Space strength, this place should be numerous Temple Heavenly God collaborates to arrange, the strength of my Law of Space is too weak, even if can know the rule of here time revolution, uses Law of Space strength unable to break through here space imprisonment.” Shen Xiang sinks the heart, starts to unify Heaven Refining Technique and Seven Demon Killings type, is familiar here time time to revolve, so long as can catch here chaotic time to change, he may break through here space to prohibit in light of space strength. Immerses Shen Xiang during comprehension, has not detected passing of time, even if the disturbance of outside, is unable to awaken him, now this condition is also the best practice condition.

Shen Xiang only thought one lie down during a piece is jet black, but under the body has many black belt-shaped energies of fluctuation, cannot see, but actually could feel. I, although fused Law of Space profound bead, but I always do not understand that what strength space strength is, but can make me break through the space willfully the rule, carries on the non- natural spatial variation using space strength, for example separates takes the thing spatially, moves instantaneously, separates moves the thing spatially! But is this really the space strength true application method?” Should be, but is not the entirety of space strength use, should some wait for very much I explore.” By frozen Shen Xiang, in the process of comprehension, had begun to materialize gradually, Law of Space strength that unknowingly, he uses already become stronger. How?” Shen Xiang suddenly wakes up, can break through here space to prohibit as for him now, he is also not very definite, he only wants to give a try. You have rested for more than ten days, this woman holds you to run everywhere, hits everywhere, evil person who she has killed dozens batch of stops, now is still hitting outside, she has not rested! The 4th Stage War-God strength is really fearful, she should be able to become Heavenly God not long.” Long Xueyi said: She should be able to go to trying of 5th Stage War-God to practice the field.” You how? Your condition is evidently good, should harvest!” Shen Xiang really has the harvest, now but how actually does not know, he wants to give a try, knew Wang Jinshi have hit for ten days not, in his heart thought that feels sorry very much. He displayed Nine Heavens Mental Exploration, Divine Power covers all around, quick found Wang Jinshi, she was using that already somewhat weak ice cold Divine Power and five red robe old man fights. Senior Sister, I give a try, can transfer you to me side, waits for you to induce to my space strength, do not resist that's alright. If successful, you a bit faster receive frozen my strength, then I use space strength to lead you to walk.” Wang Jinshi just heard Shen Xiang's sound transmission, transmits the induction to Shen Xiang's space strength, this makes her pleasantly surprised. Shen Xiang does not have to think own unexpectedly has succeeded, an intention revolution, Wang Jinshi appears side him. Wang Jinshi receives immediately own assigns the strength of Divine Ability, Shen Xiang hastily holds on her, displays moves instantaneously, simultaneously releases space domain, lets him and Wang Jinshi produces strength that one type is separated with this space, although they still take a walk in this space, but actually with this space not any connection.

Such one, their aura can go into hiding completely, will not be discovered! If outside, Shen Xiang is very relaxed can achieve, however in that Divine Prison and here, he cannot achieve, now he has broken through, can achieve. Senior Sister, was very tired!” Shen Xiang sees the Wang Jinshi fragrant perspiration to be dripping, some complexion blanches, a face loves dearly provokes the uncombed hair of her forehead. Also good, you are fierce enough, was prohibited place stubbornly in this space, you can break through prohibit, my Master had said in the past, even if Heavenly God is very difficult to achieve.” Wang Jinshi can gasp for breath finally, puts out a grain of pill to eat up, that beautiful cheek restored blood-colored. Cannot achieve must achieve, how I am cruel enough to look at a beautiful woman to protect me, does not want the life.” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile: Now we were safe, goes to take these beads directly! 17 days right, enough we took five grains of beads.” Wang Jinshi in Shen Xiang's space domain, feels very safe, this space is independent, only then she and Shen Xiang two, even if their loud voice spoke here, so long as were the domain outside person, is unable to hear, only if the Shen Xiang control sound passed on. Senior Sister, I have an idea!” Shen Xiang smiles very deceitfully: Here evil person is Profound God . Moreover the strength is good, Godhead...... Hehe, you understand my meaning!” „It is not good, in Godhead of these fellows has the brand mark, these brand marks are Heaven Punishment God stay behind, if you get so far as these Godhead, certainly will be traced by Heaven Punishment God.” Wang Jinshi hastily shakes the head: Therefore, comes to try to practice, does not dare to take these Godhead, will otherwise be lost into Divine Prison by Heaven Punishment God.” Does not need to be worried that I when the time comes wrap Godhead with a space membrane, he will not trace, now Infernal Demon Emperor gives under me the tracing incantation, I did not fear that was pursued by him, my present space power is very fierce.” Shen Xiang is self-confident, his whispered: Senior Sister, if wants you to make from Divine Prison your father, massive divine coin must.” Wang Jinshi nodded: Young lunatic, my this time has been ready for any sacrifice, is crazy with you one time, takes these beads, we seek Godhead!”