World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1816
Wang Jinshi laborious more than ten days, now finally can be relaxed, she thinks can take a grain of bead to be good, now looks like, must obtain the complete five grains of beads, is not the difficult matter, because Shen Xiang above the utilization of Law of Space strength, made the new breakthrough. In addition, they may also get so far as some Godhead to sell! That bead places that mountain in a cave, this mountain is large formation, this large formation year to year gathers the air/Qi of massive Spiritual God, will therefore have many evil people to gather nearby this, must enter that cave not to be easy.” Wang Jinshi Yanran said with a smile: „If before, I must certainly suffer many hardships, now, should be able to take very much with ease.” Senior Sister, how many evil people did you cut to kill before?” Shen Xiang only knows that Wang Jinshi has killed a food person evil person. „It is not good to kill, I expel them, then leads you to run away.” Wang Jinshi looks to front that mountain, points at the mountainside saying: Has a cave there, you see not to have! Does not know that in has the evil person, if any, when the time comes I am entangling them, you take the bead.” Wang Jinshi has rested two double-hour, restored well, enough to deal with following great war very much. Small can Junior Brother, pass now directly? In this stretch of grove definitely hides many evil people, this place regarding them, but practice treasure trove.” Wang Jinshi has drawn the Shen Xiang's arm. Shen Xiang looked at the cave of that mountain, it is estimated that one has been away from, then nods saying: Should!” Wang Jinshi hastily grasps his waist, said with a smile tenderly: That a bit faster!” The strength of Shen Xiang revolution Law of Space, carries on moves instantaneously, a twinkling appears in that mountain cave entrance, surmounts the space directly, does not fly. If Wang Jinshi flies, can be so quick, but will actually alarm this mountain all around evil person, will be stopped by some formation. „Does this inside have other things?” Wang Jinshi gives Shen Xiang sound transmission. Temporarily had not discovered!” Shen Xiang still releases space domain, slows down the footsteps, stand forth. The air/Qi of this cave inside Spiritual God is truly rich, but mountain cave entrance has formation to stop, does not have a skill, is very difficult to enter in this cave. Soon, Shen Xiang and Wang Jinshi entered the end of cave, in the ground has one grain to send out the white light round bead, this circle Zhu interior is the red, but outside actually sends out the white light, is very strange. Was this thing!” Wang Jinshi picks the round bead, relaxed: Finally obtained one grain!” Has the sound!”

Space sensation domain that Shen Xiang releases covers cave passage, at this time he can the clear sensation to having two personal appearance big people entered the cave, the strength is very strong. Here should be the Demon Execution Temple spirit bead depositing place, they should not come, we take away here spirit bead, so long as they could not find, cannot obtain the score!” Senior Brother, can Heaven Punishment God look? Did we such do violate regulations?” Heaven Punishment God frightens our, if he is looking that we killed two other that small Temple disciples before, he already got rid!” Shen Xiang and Wang Jinshi clearly hear their dialogs. Is Fire God Palace's War-God, the strength is very strong!” Wang Jinshi sound transmission gives Shen Xiang: Avoids them as far as possible, if they have one, I could deal with.” Fire God Palace's War-God unexpectedly knows that their these beads the depositing points, did not say depositing point Heaven Punishment God does know? What do they know? If not they come quickly, perhaps here bead disappears. „To kill these two fellows really!” Wang Jinshi clenches teeth, in the heart is very angry, if Heaven Punishment God has not paid attention to here, she also wants to slaughter, but she must take the larger situation into account now, let alone she can only cope with one. Who in inside?” This sound is that Senior Brother, compared with thick crazy, expression very ice-cold. Dodge!” Wang Jinshi hastily by the hole wall, has also entrained Shen Xiang, sees only two flame lasings to come, to hit on end rock wall, penetrates directly, does not know that has put on deeply. The Shen Xiang heart startles, he had released a moment ago space domain, he thinks that two flames cannot penetrate his space domain, which knows that his space domain was rumbled to break instantaneously, can only say that two War-God were really too formidable. Ha Ha, is the Demon Execution Temple young girl, that Shen Xiang.” That sound laughs, Shen Xiang and Wang Jinshi saw them, they come in a flash, and fast chops several blades. Wang Jinshi is dragging Shen Xiang, moves aside, thrilling avoidance, simultaneously gets angry shouts to clear the way: „Do you want to kill us?” Naturally!” The sound falls, a fearful flame aura wells up, Shen Xiang hastily teleport, bringing Wang Jinshi to arrive at outside the cave. Just came out in them, cave spouts together the terrifying red flame, on the summit spout big boiling hot rock magma.

Walks quickly, they pursued!” Wang Jinshi hastily to Shen Xiang sound transmission, Shen Xiang also induces to danger(ous) fire Qi is approaching, immediately uses space strength to carry on teleport. Do not stop, they pursue very tightly.” Wang Jinshi does not know why these two Fire God Palace's Profound God know their accurate directions, unexpectedly pursued all of a sudden. After Shen Xiang now experience to these two Profound God strengths, understands why Wang Jinshi said that she copes with two not to be good, the strength is very formidable, they were are almost killed a moment ago. These two bastards, under unexpectedly this cruel methods!” In Wang Jinshi heart anger, if not her the manpower is insufficient, she will certainly counter-attack, kills that two Profound God. Shen Xiang is bringing Wang Jinshi consecutively for dozens teleport, they have been far away from the beforehand that cave, now does not know them in any position. Was safe! It seems like a bit faster found the remaining round beads, by words that two fellows found, our scores will reduce many.” Wang Jinshi sees Shen Xiang to be tired, puts out a grain of pill to eat up to him: You rest first! They should not pursue, before possibly was because was away from them to be too near, was discovered by them!” Why do they know our circle Zhu conceal where? Is who told them our round bead conceal intentionally?” Shen Xiang has doubts. Should be, that fellow may is audiences Temple Palace Master! Besides this bastard also who? Heaven Punishment God will not make this type the matter of sale price.” A Wang Jinshi face is angry: You also saw, that two fellow unexpectedly want to kill us a moment ago! humph, humph, such being the case, do not blame me not being impolite.” If a moment ago were not runs quickly, Wang Jinshi and Shen Xiang might be massacred by that two Fire God Palace's Profound God very much. These two fellows are very strong, why when will compare hasn't seen them to make an appearance?” When competition of Profound God, is Ren Tianyong several comes up, at that time Shen Xiang also looked very carefully, especially to Fire God Palace and Hell Temple and God of Wealth palace these Temple Profound God, he pays attention. Therefore his impression is very most, before, these two formidable Profound God has not gone on stage. It seems like our Demon Execution Temple was joined up the pit by that several Temple, we must add carefully are good!” Wang Jinshi knits the brows: We should better catch up in that two family plane surfaces go to take the round bead, they should through the 5th Stage War-God inspection, the strength compared with me on many, they join up to cope with me, I at all am not their matches.” The speed that Shen Xiang restores is quick, is only the less than half double-hour, almost restored to be in peak condition. I as well as determined that the good position, I to direct you to go to the next place now.” Wang Jinshi when the Shen Xiang rest restores, in all directions walks, determined position that they are. Shen Xiang uses the technique of teleport, carries on continuously teleport, now has not been chased down, when Shen Xiang teleport will not be continual, the middle will have the stop, moreover in his mouth also includes a grain of pill, this can make him momentarily revenge abundant Divine Power to utilize.

Three days, they found the fourth grain of round bead, is all the way relaxed, because of Shen Xiang's space strength, therefore has not run into the evil person who is in the way, even if has met, Shen Xiang can also avoid with ease. Last, has taken last, we a bit faster go back to tell Master this matter!” In the Wang Jinshi heart suppresses is venting all at once nowhere, can only exit to tell Demon Execution Heavenly God, making Demon Execution Heavenly God vent anger for her. The fifth round bead places on a short mountain, top the short mountain has a platform, is the artificial construction, Shen Xiang and Wang Jinshi come here, has not seen to have any person, but when they go to element bead, suddenly has three shadows to fly to leap up. Gives me!” Wang Jinshi from these three aura, thought that is not very strong, oneself can cope. Before Shen Xiang had said that must kill some evil people, made several Godhead, the reason that because Fire God Palace's formidable Profound God suddenly presented that causing them to change the plan, must go back ahead of time, they faced biggest danger(ous) here, was not in this formidable evil person, but was Fire God Palace's Profound God! Now Wang Jinshi also wants to kill these three evil people, takes out their Godhead! Shen Xiang has attained the round bead, but Wang Jinshi actually already and that three evil people are battling in the distant place. Because of Fire God Palace that two Profound God, Wang Jinshi these days are suppressing an anger, at this time happen to runs into three evil people, she all leaves the anger on them, is only the time of small moment, completely was cut to kill by anger steaming Wang Jinshi. Shen Xiang overtakes immediately, Wang Jinshi was taking Godhead. Takes also to need to select the method Godhead, otherwise was not careful that destroys Divine sea, Godhead also with dissipation. Wang Jinshi cautious and solemn took three Godhead, when she and Shen Xiang fills with joyfully, that two familiar burns heat breath suddenly to appear. Fire God Palace's Profound God came! They also in this place, Wang Jinshi thought that this is not the coincidence! Your unexpectedly has killed them, you may know that they are our Fire God Palace's Profound God!” That quite big middle-aged guy coldly said: You kill our Fire God Palace's Profound God, pays with a life!”