World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1817

Was cut unexpectedly that killed a moment ago is not the evil person, but was Fire God Palace's Profound God, but Wang Jinshi thought that likely was not, because in the fight, that three Profound God simply has not used Fire God Palace's cultivation technique, even has not used including flame strength. Huo Liao and Huo Lie, are really your two brothers, although you change appearance, but I recognize you!” Wang Jinshi just said these words, in that two brothers' hand presents a flame steaming long blade, chops to Shen Xiang and with Wang Jinshi, the speed is quick, is similar to two is dragging flame lightning. Wang Jinshi also thinks that Shen Xiang meets teleport to carry off her, but does not have, obviously had the accident, but she is responds rapidly that the use book assigns Divine Ability, emits ices the wall together, in the critical instance, blocks two blades that chops. Her assigns the strength of Divine Ability to congeal very firm thick ice, but that ice wall has been divided the fissure now. How?” Wang Jinshi asked hastily. Does not know that I displayed teleport to be defeated!” The Shen Xiang complexion is ugly, before, but now is not good. Sees the Shen Xiang complexion big change, Huo Liao said with a sneer: little rascal, your space power is very fierce, but we also early are prepared!” Wang Jinshi suddenly understands that was taken the Godhead three evil people by her a moment ago, should be comes to here to arrange any formation, but Huo Liao and Huo Lie here ambushed long time ago. Your really despicable, Huo Liao and Huo Lie, you, but famous War-God!” Wang Jinshi cursed angrily, she with this has assigned the strength of Divine Ability Shen Xiang frozen. Wang Jinshi wants to face these two formidable 5th Stage War-God now, the pressure is big, in the Shen Xiang heart worried, he at this time also angry looks at Huo Lie and Huo Liao. Zhong Gaoshan, is you do certainly, is waiting to me!” Shen Xiang arrives at the extreme angrily, Heaven Punishment God is impossible the position that takes these beads to be at to reveal, as audiences Temple Palace Master Zhong Gaoshan, can definitely ask from Heaven Punishment God there. Now Heaven Punishment God has not paid attention to here, definitely is also Zhong Gaoshan intentionally diverts the Heaven Punishment God attention, quite lets Fire God Palace's Profound God fight.

Wang Jinshi uses Jade Mist Divine Sword, is struggling hard in not far away and Huo Liao Huo Lie, Shen Xiang penetrates the ice layer, can clear seeing, Wang Jinshi be divided several blades crazily, the blood flowed out unceasingly. I my strength does not lend you, the space that breakthrough that two fellows arrange forcefully prohibits.” Long Xueyi said: Does not rescue your Senior Sister, she will die!” Long Xueyi said that Shen Xiang induces to that familiar, but somewhat strange strength emerges in his body. This feeling made Shen Xiang have an indescribable wonder, he was the first time felt that his supreme god bone internal strength was stimulated, caused his fleshly body and Divine Soul strength increases explodes wells up. Xueyi, how did you become that formidable?” Shen Xiang estimated that the Long Xueyi's strength arrived at profound Divine Level to leave. Snort, I have supreme Dragon Vein, do not despise me! Let alone I have awakened the memory of little Highest God time.” Long Xueyi urged: A bit faster exits to rescue your Senior Sister!” Wang Jinshi has been scarred, an arm was almost chopped, her assigns the strength of Divine Ability to be used to protect Shen Xiang, is unable the use fully, Huo Liao and Huo Lie is also clear, if not massacre Wang Jinshi, they are also hard to break through Wang Jinshi the assigns Divine Ability strength, must kill Shen Xiang not to be easy. Wang Jinshi was seriously injured, at this time stands in ground, at present a fuzziness, the whole face is the blood, that beautiful face, at this time full is thin and pale, she gasps for breath, that pair of beautiful pupil is bringing endless anger, looks at front Huo Liao and Huo Lie. Shen Xiang, has sorry, Senior Sister cannot protect you......” Wang Jinshi to clench teeth, in the heart is fills very much guilty. Young girl, was really a pity that if gives you again adolescence several thousand years, our brothers collaborate perhaps are not your match.” Huo Liao said with a smile ferociously. Wang Jinshi bah: I die must draw a pad back!”

Grips tightly Jade Mist Divine Sword Wang Jinshi, has decided to use Deicide Sword Art, Huo Lie and Huo Liao suddenly induces to Jade Mist Divine Sword gushes out very strong sword intent, making them feel extreme danger(ous). You did not have the opportunity!” Huo Lie urgently shouted one, brandished a sword to divide fiercely with Huo Liao, present Wang Jinshi is fearful makes them shiver, but they were confident, will not make Wang Jinshi counter-attack absolutely at the point of death. Wang Jinshi in this flash, arrives at the valley desperately, because she very clear are unable to display including Deicide Sword Art, this Huo Liao and Huo Lie were too are really quick. Shen Xiang loudly shouted, wild space power surges, was similar to the ocean waves general indifferent in the past, all around space centered on him was rippled high and low fluctuating, the mountain and earth became very not smooth, probably was wave such, was up and down. Also in a moment ago, Wang Jinshi because of surging of this space, caused the position and Huo Lie that Huo Liao she is at staggers, has avoided that fatal two blades. Shen Xiang all around terrain because of surging of space, distorted completely, the prepare space prohibited barrier also to expire. After the success breakthrough prohibits, Shen Xiang transmits immediately Wang Jinshi side, but the response of Huo Liao and Huo Lie is quick, unexpectedly has attacked. Shen Xiang is holding Wang Jinshi, fast teleport avoids, but he felt that the back has the burning ache, his back was chopped a blade, that burns hot strength rapidly to spread his whole body, he does not dare to stay, but must carry on continuously multiple teleport, will otherwise be pursued by that two brothers. This time, Shen Xiang and Wang Jinshi severe wound . Moreover the oil lamp is completely dry, luckily on them some pills. Consecutively dozens times long-distance range teleport, Shen Xiang got rid of that two brothers, finally can stop therapy. Wang Jinshi the whole body is horrible to look at knife wounds, the blood is used ice cold Divine Power to stop by her at this time.

What my Divine Soul does not have to obstruct greatly, is the body injures heavily, you?” Wang Jinshi that pale face reveals wipes the smile, she sees the Shen Xiang's complexion not to be unattractive, knows that Shen Xiang definitely was injured. I consume seriously, the back was opened big hole, does not calculate too terrible.” Before Shen Xiang puts out him, Divine Halo Saint pill who refines eats up, dragon blood Saint pill can make up the vitality, the vitality is sufficient, can let his fast self- repair injury. You can save me luckily at crucial moment, otherwise we died.” Wang Jinshi with the only active hand, puts out a jade bottle, from some inside everywhere cream liquids, drop on arm that in other that quick break falls, afterward eats up several grains of High-Grade Saint pill. Quite a while, Shen Xiang and Wang Jinshi complexion was more attractive, however the fleshly body wound did not have thorough recover completely. „Can I in two days recover completely, you?” Wang Jinshi also gave Shen Xiang to drop that type of cream liquid, the Shen Xiang back did not have including the scar, the present is only that scalding hot strength flees in all directions in his within the body, he only needed to build up then. I when the time comes can also be good! Senior Sister, do you want to take revenge?” Shen Xiang sees Wang Jinshi to be angry-looking, knows that she will not give up. Found them, in any event I must kill their one! This time we were ambushed by them, will therefore turn into this, next time is we ambushes they, moreover when the time comes you had not been prohibited space strength, can be safer!” Wang Jinshi has put out Jade Mist Divine Sword, coldly said: My this time will defeat them with Deicide Sword Art!”