World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1818

Wang Jinshi must use Deicide Sword Art to look for that two Profound God to revenge, this makes Shen Xiang somewhat worry that was not worried Wang Jinshi cannot hit, but was worried that exposed Deicide Sword Art consequence, Wang Jinshi she is clearest, with Shen Xiang together time, always once for a while urges him. Could see that Wang Jinshi has suppressed a lot of air/Qi, making her no longer have scruples these, only strove for happy! Shen Xiang whispered: Senior Sister, this is not quite good!” Wang Jinshi receives Jade Mist Divine Sword, lightly snorted: Does not manage, is not these two fellows here, later did not have the opportunity! You also saw before, these two fellows moved to us have killed the heart, incurred the move so to be ruthless.” Shen Xiang only knows that Deicide Sword Art cannot use at will, but actually does not know that the serious results after exposed are anything, he asked: Senior Sister, if you use the Deicide Sword Art matter to reveal, will be what kind of?” Wang Jinshi has pondered half sound, seriously said: I do not know to know that in brief God of Wealth...... some fiercer fellow will even appear, will compel me to hand over Deicide Sword Art, will bring very big trouble to Demon Execution Temple. Therefore I must strike to kill!” Wang Jinshi has patted the Shen Xiang's head, asked: Your this little rascal, was your strength aura a moment ago different? Very strange, at all likely is not your, although can originally fuse very well with your Divine Power, what person has to help you in secret?” This......” the Shen Xiang look moves fast, immediately is at a loss for words, he has not thought of Wang Jinshi in that critical situation, but also notes these. Long Xueyi suddenly comes out, happily said with a smile: Is I...... Is I lends strength his!” Wang Jinshi previous time has seen Long Xueyi, she also knows that Long Xueyi is the Shen Xiang's wife, has not thought that unexpectedly hides in Shen Xiang's storage equipment. Ok little rascal, unexpectedly leads the wife in the side...... Did she know my secret?” Wang Jinshi sees Long Xueyi to be so attractive person, cannot help but the chuckle gets up. Sorry, I do not intend to hear! I will not reveal absolutely!” Long Xueyi lowering the head small sound track. Shen Xiang has not expected Long Xueyi unexpectedly to acknowledge that he explained hastily: Senior Sister, this blames me, has not mentioned with you beforehand, Xueyi she will not say that everywhere, moreover she continuously with me!” Sees appearance that Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi worry, Wang Jinshi to throw smiles, said: Good, I believe you! However to be fair, I must know a point the secretive secret!” The Long Xueyi finger curls is sending the tree top, the eyeball rotation, was considering told Wang Jinshi to be good any secret. Shen Xiang said: I said first that I have supreme god bone, this is very fierce thing! This is my secret, I tell you now, Xueyi she does not know!”

Shen Xiang thinks Long Xueyi and Wang Jinshi do not know the supreme god bone matter, because initially Feng Yujie had told him, knows supreme god bone this matter, only then that Nine Spirit Kings. Now sees Wang Jinshi and Long Xueyi's facial expression, Shen Xiang knows that they have heard this matter. Wang Jinshi hastily asked: supreme god bone, this is the skeleton that in Legend strongest fleshly body has, Heavenly God does not have! How do you get so far as?” My accident obtains!” Shen Xiang said is also the truth, he initially does not know how this supreme god bone integrated his body. Had supreme god bone, can enter Supreme Temple!” Long Xueyi somewhat excited saying: Heard that many Temple Heavenly God think of every means unable to enter Supreme Temple.” Shen Xiang was more curious, how Long Xueyi will know these things: Xueyi, how haven't I heard?” Wang Jinshi also thought that somewhat felt strange: Xueyi, you just did not come Gods? Do you know this Supreme Temple? This is Master accidentally tells me, heard that Supreme Temple inside fellow is very much fiercely very ancient fellow, Master he also has wanted to go, but does not have the qualifications!” Demon Execution Heavenly God does not have the qualifications, perhaps that this Gods, did not have no Heavenly God to go in! Long Xueyi then said: Supreme Temple only receives Highest God, or has supreme god bone, therefore very formidable Heavenly God, is unable to go.” Wang Jinshi helped Long Xueyi stroke the uncombed hair, curious asking: Xueyi, do you know these matters? You also told me your secret, like this we were average.” Saw the Long Xueyi adorable spitting tongue, Wang Jinshi unable to bear has stroked Long Xueyi's pretty face gently, said with a smile sweetly: Xueyi, stays in small Junior Brother storage equipment all day, can be very stuffy, is really pitiful! Later you stay in my there, my female did not have the partner in Demon Execution Temple.” The Long Xueyi nod said with a smile: Um, this little rascal does not bring I exit, I with your together! Now I tell you my secret, actually I am the dragon of Highest God time! But the memory is now incomplete, my memory is fuzzy, off and on.” Really?” Wang Jinshi some cannot believe that she also thinks Long Xueyi is little girl, has not thought that unexpectedly is a dragon, moreover Highest God time, but looked that the Long Xueyi appearance does not crack a joke likely. Long Xueyi sighed lightly: More accurately, I died in the Highest God time, Nine Spirit Kings uses my incomplete wisp of Divine Soul my resurrect, I now awakening little memory! My other remaining Divine Soul still in Gods various places, I need to even up these Divine Soul, might restore to initial that me.” Wang Jinshi nodded: I also heard that in the Highest God time, died the formidable beasts, detailed I am not clear! Especially initially had many dragons, although now also has, but is hides generally, because happens, will be grasped, when mount, for example God of Wealth that Ice Dragon......”

Mentioned Ice Dragon, Long Xueyi immediately whole face grief and indignation. Long Xueyi lowered the head to sigh one: He is my good friend, he should also be the Highest God time, does not know that he does have to awaken to remember.” Wang Jinshi looked at Shen Xiang, she has not thought that Shen Xiang's this wife unexpectedly has the background greatly, obviously Shen Xiang is also bearing very heavy responsibility. Shen Xiang has patted the Long Xueyi's back gently, afterward asked: „Was the initial Highest God time, because the beasts were too formidable, therefore was eliminated?” Wang Jinshi answered his issue: Just the opposite, because the beasts are too weak, moreover does not obey certain fellows' controls, carries on the large-scale revolt, afterward also implicated the formidable beasts, finally causes some formidable totem beasts to be extinguished completely kills. This I also heard, in particular, but must wait for Xueyi to collect all remnant souls neat.” Wang Jinshi feels Long Xueyi's face, smiles to ask: Xueyi, if wanted do I help?” Long Xueyi um, happily said with a smile: When I need the Senior Sister help, do not reject that's alright!” Good!” Wang Jinshi likes Long Xueyi probably very much, but also has kissed her cheek. Shen Xiang said: It seems like our following matters are many! Must rescue Azure Dragon and Ice Dragon, the Senior Sister Sword God father, must help Xueyi look for the surplus soul!” He must seek for Four Beast's Divine Weapons, studies diligently Heaven Refining Technique, cultivates alchemy technique, although the matter are many, but can actually make him have a substantial feeling. Wang Jinshi and Long Xueyi sit by together, Long Xueyi also very much likes Wang Jinshi, therefore she puts out some Sacred Fruit as well as delicious meat that oneself have collected, she makes Shen Xiang live the flame, then closes right up against various fish and types of beast meat. Speaking of eats, Wang Jinshi also had attainment, put out along the good thing and Long Xueyi of share belt. Wang Jinshi said with a smile: „After eat a meal, goes to Huo Liao and Huo Lie that two fellows kills, their Godhead affirmation value many divine coin! After they kill, I must close up, attack the Heavenly God bottleneck, when you see my time again, I was Heavenly God!” Wang Jinshi is at this moment self-confident, thinks that Huo Liao and Huo Lie can die under her sword, in her heart on pain, although has not gone to look for them. Almost after eating, Long Xueyi enters Hidden Jade Ring, Shen Xiang and Wang Jinshi also starts on a journey to seek for Huo Liao and Huo Lie.

Shen Xiang sits on flying disc, looking out into the distance all around, said: How can find these two fellows?” Wang Jinshi releases own ice cold Divine Power at this time unceasingly: They should not leave, is most likely is goes to that piece of Stone Forest , etc. we, because there is the place that we present, we must go back, must go to that piece of Stone Forest!” Stone Forest is the safety zone, after finding the bead, so long as goes to the Stone Forest waiting then, the time arrives, automatic transmission. Wang Jinshi controls flying disc, the terminal velocity flies to that piece of Stone Forest. On her overflows Divine Power unceasingly, if the induction force is very strong, can induce in the distant place obtains. The time are not much, quick must exit, this makes Wang Jinshi more anxious, she now and Shen Xiang revolves around Stone Forest every day. suddenly, Wang Jinshi gives Shen Xiang sound transmission: You hide quickly, they came! They really in Stone Forest , etc. we.” They outside Stone Forest, but Wang Jinshi sends out iced Divine Power to let Huo Liao and Huo Lie coldly induces, therefore they have caught up with great speed. Shen Xiang uses 72 Transformations, simultaneously releases space domain to hide, turns into the bird to fly a mountain scene forest to distant place. Wang Jinshi receives flying disc, looks the flame that two groups fly to shoot, she has not thought in this final time, Huo Liao and Huo Lie unexpectedly appeared, they also very much want to kill her. Young girl, restores well, looks at your this stance, must ask me to revenge! Acts recklessly, that little rascal?” Huo Liao contemptuously said with a smile: That little rascal should unable to resist my flame Divine Power, turned into the ash?” Wang Jinshi puts out Jade Mist Divine Sword, complexion sank, Divine Sword shakes, that terrifying sword intent suddenly appears! Previous Huo Liao and Huo Lie have also felt, but they prevent Wang Jinshi finally, before has not let she carries on at the point of death strike, but currently they have can block Wang Jinshi self-confidently. Shen Xiang in the distant place, carefully looks at Wang Jinshi, he wants to have a look at Deicide Sword Art to be what kind of!