World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1819
Deicide Sword Art takes one of the taboo divine art, is many Heavenly God wants to obtain, because this is diligent compared with Heaven Refining Technique, Legend Heaven Refining Technique is most difficult to grasp, but Deicide Sword Art is easy. Huo Liao and Huo Lie two brothers have the tacit understanding, when their joint strike, merges into one organic whole repeatedly, strength is stronger, the coverage is broader, is hard to avoid the counter-attack. Two brothers to prevent Wang Jinshi display terror sword technique, they brandish a sword to divide to cut together, flies flame strength that to be wild from the knife violently, but these two flame blade vigor at the collision, have not had any repel, perfect fusion together, becomes more formidable, such as chops like lightning to Wang Jinshi. Although their this blade has change, but their speed rapidness, Wang Jinshi is very difficult to avoid, but Jade Mist Divine Sword in her hand actually wields to divide at an unbelievable speed, a sword with irresistible force breaks out that flame blade vigor. What is astounding, after that flame blade vigor was broken out, fast dissipates, did not have any fallout. Snort, my previous time is only because has the worry! Since you are ruthless, then I could not attend to that many, I must make you go to the Hell opportunity not to have.” Innermost feelings very angry Wang Jinshi, surface looks like actually calm incomparable, Jade Mist Divine Sword suddenly in hand in a flash, sword shade on strange moving fast in the past, very rapidness, what unreadable is, Wang Jinshi unexpectedly disappears, only then Jade Mist Divine Sword waves hangingly. When Wang Jinshi appears, Huo Liao and Huo Lie forehead are many a bloodstain, Wang Jinshi has also stood in same place, Jade Mist Divine Sword that was dancing in the breeze a moment ago freely, returns to her hand now, this was really too strange. „Is this Deicide Sword Art?” Shen Xiang obtained Deicide Sword Art of Wang Jinshi instruction, but he does not have to study, does not know is what kind, now after seeing, feels very shocking. Deicide...... is impossible, possibly is not Deicide Sword Art......” Huo Lie just said that the nape of the neck are many a red blood line, afterward the head falls.

Huo Liao sees hastily to hold down own head with the hand, his nape of the neck also has the blood line together, had been divided, but why does not know, now is cut off. so that's how it is, I understood! This is the speed in Seven Demon Killings type changes, this Deicide Sword Art definitely also has to break through the Power of Law method, Senior Sister vanished a moment ago, should break through Law of Space, but the head is cut off now, should break through the principle of time.” Shen Xiang is suddenly enlighted, naturally, most formidable that is that fearful Sword Qi, invisible does not have the shade, silent, but is fierce! Huo Liao and Huo Lie are outstanding Heavenly God in Fire God Palace, the body definitely has expensive High-Grade divine armor, their fleshly body are also very powerful, but was actually divided the head by the Wang Jinshi at will two swords. Death!” Wang Jinshi just about to wields a sword to kill Huo Liao, which knows that Huo Liao palm suddenly presents purple light. Bang! The bang is trembling the world, explodes purple light that dodges to have very fearful quantity of heat, all around by the flowers and plants trees of purple light illumination, the mountains rivers was destroyed instantaneously. Wang Jinshi to avoid this group of purple light, has to break out strength that attacks with the Deicide Sword Art characteristics, but Shen Xiang was illuminated the skin burningly painful, this was he has used in the space domain situation, this formidable purple light, unexpectedly can penetrate his space domain. purple light vanish from sight, after Shen Xiang has opened eye, only sees Wang Jinshi that is injured to spit blood to fall gently. Deicide Sword Art that she used a moment ago, should do utmost, which knows that meets suddenly to have this situation.” Long Xueyi said.

Shen Xiang flies immediately, catches Wang Jinshi that falls, was killed by beheading Huo Lie fast, takes out his Godhead. This bastard unexpectedly uses that formidable day Divine Talisman!” The bloodstain of Wang Jinshi fierce wiping off corners of the mouth, to Shen Xiang anxiously said: Pursues that fellow quickly, he ran away, if makes him live exiting, he definitely will have the Deicide Sword Art matter to reveal me.” Wang Jinshi a moment ago that instantaneous to wounding, can the slow one breath, she be able to move now. Shen Xiang leads her to use teleport, pursues Huo Liao that escapes. Quick, they entered Stone Forest, because finished from the competition time soon, therefore presented small space passage in Stone Forest. Damn, making this fellow run away.” Wang Jinshi clenches teeth to scold, the complexion becomes very ugly: Then was finished!” Shen Xiang not saying anything further, bringing Wang Jinshi to break through that space passage, appeared in an audiences Temple hall, at this time many Heavenly God and disciples here were waiting, but Shen Xiang they probably were final one batch. Master, I...... I saw Deicide Sword Art......” Huo Liao to be frightened heavily, the finger shivered pointed at was just coming out Shen Xiang and Wang Jinshi that at this time his head was breaking, but was used the hand to hold down by him, the head has not fallen. Deicide Sword Art these four characters, as if have to absorb the charm of person, after here all Heavenly God hear, the mind probably was hit, because they very long had not listened to others to mention this fearful sword technique.

They have not been able to believe that but they carefully induce Huo Liao that participation now sword intent, all Temple Heavenly God hearts tremble all, this familiar sword intent, once made them cover in the endless fear, although was very remote matter, but they still remember now very clearly. Afterward all Temple Heavenly God look to Wang Jinshi and Shen Xiang! Now they have not known that who uses Deicide Sword Art, but they thought that is very likely Shen Xiang, because Shen Xiang had Heaven Refining Technique, has Deicide Sword Art again, can accept. Shen Xiang suddenly induces to Wang Jinshi within the body has Divine Power to fluctuate, hastily gets angry shouted: This bastard wants to be ruthless us in inside, moreover knows that our round bead the whereabouts, he broke the rule, the death!” The words finish, in the Shen Xiang hand suddenly presented that ancient sword, was named as Deicide Sword that by him! Afterward fearful and wild sword intent appears, is covering the entire main hall. Wang Jinshi was frightened, she does not understand why Shen Xiang meets suddenly to have so fearful Deicide Sword intent, this only then she and her Sword God father can, even if Shen Xiang has also studied Deicide Sword Art, but does not have the inheritance of Deicide bloodlines, is impossible to have, her very clear this point! Shen Xiang do not know why comprehended this Deicide Sword Art on suddenly, he only knows that now cannot make other Heavenly God know Wang Jinshi is the Sword God daughter, he thought that this matter will make him undertake will be quite good. The Shen Xiang's Deicide Sword intent is fearful, even Wang Jinshi is fiercer than!