World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1820

Lunar New Year's Eve, happy new year, Happy Spring Festival, was ahead of time rich immediately, immediately has the younger sister! ------------------ At this time, in the Shen Xiang mind presented Wang Jinshi to kill Huo Lie that sword a moment ago, that has utilized the Power of Law of space and time, but before him , the Seven Demon Killings type that cultivated also browsed in time, at this time he unified Deicide Sword Art chant again fast, divided a sword! This sword is inconceivable, he feels that instantaneous all around becomes very slowly is very slow, he even can see Fire God clearly slowly walks, but Fire God flame also very slow braves. Fire God is not walks, but dodges fast, but is very slow in the Shen Xiang eye is very slow, takes a step difficultly general. After displaying this Deicide Sword Art, Shen Xiang felt that all around Qi is slow, all people probably look at dumbly there, the expression coagulates, sending silk of fluttering also hovering, only then Fire God little strolls. In this main hall, has Shen Xiang at the normal speed to move! Shen Xiang he understands this quickly, therefore he sees Fire God to come, hastily rush over, chops the number sword in that Huo Liao, dismemberment, will take out Huo Liao Godhead, afterward returns same place. However in all person eyes, a moment ago Shen Xiang was vanish from sight, only then that sword strange waved! Saw Wang Jinshi to leave sword exactly the same when with Shen Xiang a moment ago! When Shen Xiang appears in eye, these Temple Heavenly God know that Huo Liao died! Huo Liao looks like fortunately good, but could not speak, Divine Soul had been ruined by Shen Xiang, Fire God Palace overtakes, Huo Liao suddenly turns into several to fall in the ground.

Huo Liao died, this move is not strange regarding these big Temple Heavenly God, even feelings! This is in Deicide Sword Art one of the most fearful sword incurring, Space-Time type! Under this is in the glare of the public eye, and is working as Fire God and Heaven Punishment God surface, cuts to kill Huo Liao, the Shen Xiang's courage was really too big, found out the sound Wang Jinshi, was dumbstruck, she understands that Shen Xiang such did, did not make these Temple Heavenly God suspect for her, like this after her, did not have that many terrible business! Although Demon Execution Heavenly God seems like a face is shocking, but his pair of sharp old eyes actually flashes through wipes the thought-provoking none remaining, likely is somewhat excited, he acts quickly, hastily arrives around Shen Xiang, for does not make Shen Xiang be attacked by Fire God evidently. Violent anger Fire God, that long white beard has been burning the raging fire, at this time tall and strong guy also suddenly arrived at side Shen Xiang, but also thinks that he must punish Shen Xiang, which knows that he has not shown that severe facial expression, he must maintain Shen Xiang evidently! Here is audiences Temple, I as Heaven Punishment God, specially handle this matter, cannot make you act unreasonably here, disrupts the order.” The Heaven Punishment God sound was low and deep, has swept being ready to make trouble Fire God and God of Wealth. The appearance of Deicide Sword Art, causing many to give up robbing Shen Xiang Heaven Refining Technique Temple Heavenly God, raises to grasp with the Shen Xiang's thought once more, Heaven Refining Technique is difficult to build up, even if obtained, perhaps is also hard to comprehend to obtain essence. But Deicide Sword Art is different, so long as is Heavenly God, has many years of practice foundations of basic skills, when practice will be easier! Fire God angrily said: Penalty, do you do? It was a moment ago obvious, everyone looked clearly, Shen Xiang used Deicide Sword Art of taboo to kill my Fire God Palace's disciple, I remember that initially didn't have the stipulation? This taboo divine art does not permit the use! A moment ago was that Deicide Sword Art, you should be very clear, in the past you also by this evil Devil Sword method severe wound.” Heaven Punishment God coldly said: „Does Deicide Sword Art have is forbidden to use, audiences Temple may not have this stipulation, was only at that time certain weak one frightened this sword technique, such decides!”

Shen Xiang cuts to kill Huo Liao, in which original I also knows. Moreover Fire God Palace already serious foul!” The Heaven Punishment God big hand wields, releases together the theater curtain, sees only inside to present Huo Liao and Huo Lie ambush Shen Xiang and Wang Jinshi scene. I do not know how they found the Suppressing Devil Temple round bead conceal, but they have this action in, has seriously violated regulations!” Heaven Punishment God has this type of record at each point, even can hear including the dialog of Huo Liao and Huo Lie! After Demon Execution Heavenly God looks, big angrily said: Is who gives their map, the penalty, the bead storehouse point may be you puts, you do not look up to come to light to me, the father and you have not ended!” Demon Execution Heavenly God says this ruthless words, has disregarded another's feelings, obviously Demon Execution Heavenly God is angry at this time, will say this words to Heaven Punishment God. At this time, audiences Temple Palace Master Zhong Gaoshan suddenly said with a smile frank: Since is Fire God Palace violates regulations in first, almost made the Demon Execution Temple disciple get killed, this Demon Execution Temple disciple pursued the revenge, this was also the range that the rule permitted, I thought that this matter like this crossed!” Sees this Zhong Gaoshan to be all smiles, but also breaks through for the people, Shen Xiang and Wang Jinshi are more definite, this matter is related with him, he worried that will trace to implicate him, will therefore say. Demon Execution Heavenly God and Heaven Punishment God definitely clear this matter, they have not thought that Zhong Gaoshan unexpectedly is so bold, dares to make such matter to come, if not Shen Xiang and Wang Jinshi has enough strength, perhaps now died. We take five grains of beads!” Wang Jinshi gives Demon Execution Heavenly God the bead, Demon Execution Heavenly God will transmit to Heaven Punishment God. Is the bead that I lay aside, total score Demon Execution Temple is highest, Demon Execution Temple obtains this competition first! Can enter the Demon Execution Temple topmost level, will have the reward there!” Heaven Punishment God announced.

Shen Xiang looked at Xiao Chou and Ren Tianyong they, they look like somewhat are distressed, has not been injured, could see that they were complete have completed the task, even was the overhead target. Demon Execution Heavenly God arrives in front of God of Wealth, puts out a hand, said with a smile: You lost, makes according to our beforehand gambling, you must give me 100 billion divine coin! Naturally, you do not give, I did not fear that simultaneously declares war to Hell Temple and your God of Wealth palace!” This Demon Execution Heavenly God wanted insanely, unexpectedly dares to say this wild words to come, they had become enemies with Fire God Palace a moment ago, before also had with Hell Temple has a grudge, now also dares to annoy a God of Wealth palace. The God of Wealth palace does not certainly fear Demon Execution Temple, but reneges the gambling debt the words, definitely will become a of future big laughingstock Gods! Gives you! Can receive divine coin in any bank!” God of Wealth has given Heaven Punishment God jade token, afterward coldly looked at Shen Xiang one, leading the disciple in his God of Wealth palace to leave. Demon Execution Heavenly God is self-confident they to win, mediocre outstanding result, made him be very surprised, especially Shen Xiang's performance!