World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1821
Very angry Fire God, now was tranquil, because this is they are in the wrong, the evidence was also grasped stubbornly, Temple Heavenly God clear Heaven Punishment God temperament here, if Heaven Punishment God traces, even if Temple Heavenly God must meet with a disaster, Temple Heavenly God that Divine Prison inside detains also has. Heaven Punishment God and Demon Execution Heavenly God take the lead, lead Ren Tianyong their this group of exhausted disciples, goes to the Demon Execution Temple topmost level, regarding obtaining the first reward, Demon Execution Heavenly God appears is indifferent, he knows probably that reward is anything. Walks on the road, Wang Jinshi gives Shen Xiang sound transmission: A moment ago what's the matter? Deicide Sword Art when you learn, your this also studied quickly! Must have your this degree, does not have one year or so is unable to achieve, let alone you do not have our bloodlines!” I do not know that in brief was desperate under a moment ago, I used!” Shen Xiang responded, to Yu Gang that sword, he also felt surprised incomparable, because the effect has stemmed from his expectation, if he also wants to use now again, perhaps cannot so perfect displayed. Wang Jinshi continues to give Shen Xiang sound transmission, she is unable to understand the Shen Xiang's words: „Can you not know? This Deicide Sword Art I am clearest, possibly to be how casual, desperate under used?” Shen Xiang also thought that this is very strange, at this time before he remembered himself, suddenly is also because uses the sword, among suddenly can display strong sword technique to come, this because of that Godhead! White Tiger is used to build God Slaughtering Heart Godhead, is still very mysterious, although he has asked Feng Yujie, but Feng Yujie cannot say! Heaven Refining Technique also came from that Godhead. In the Shen Xiang heart somewhat worried that before Qi Shi had told him, he completed to build up to melt that Godhead, but that Godhead can produce this strength now, making his suddenly display very strong Deicide Sword Art to come, seemed like the good deed, but if did not clarify what's the matter, looked like in Shen Xiang, this was the threat of hideaway. That Godhead also has Deicide Sword Art, who is the Godhead master? unexpectedly simultaneously cultivates two taboo divine art!” Shen Xiang thought it is necessary to clarify this matter, first Godhead that otherwise he fuses, is danger(ous) that hides, even can ruin him. Later again said! However I must thank you, if were not you got rid a moment ago, I wanted exposed, perhaps when the time comes will pull my Sword God father's matter!” Wang Jinshi extremely feels grateful Shen Xiang. Hehe, you're welcome, in any case this matter I have been used to it!” Shen Xiang to has not thought anything, the time that the present range and Hell Temple battle against was getting more and more near, declared war in beforehand Demon Execution Heavenly God twice, quick can declare war three times, Hell Temple does not accept a challenge, can legitimate battle forcefully. Shen Xiang they arrived at the topmost level, here anything does not have, is an empty giant stone chamber, a big roof louvre window, the sunlight shines, making this big stone chamber bright. What is reward?” The fat fifth child looked at all around, anything does not have, this reward imagines with him is not quite same. Demon Execution Heavenly God suddenly becomes serious, said: This rewarded you possibly unable to accept, moreover when the time comes you may choose do not accept!” Sees these disciple faces to disdain, Demon Execution Heavenly God said severely: Is listening to me, outside Legend my first group of disciples have ten, these four that now you see are the youngest disciples! Other six died, because of this reward, their six Senior Brother younger brother strengths and I am close, but......”

They...... How possible? The father, you did not say that in the past they go out informed and experienced, went to Highest God forbidden land? They carry out the task that you transfer there, they are more formidable than us, how to be possible?” Zu Chao such as was been ordinary by the thunder stroke, they are small Junior Brother small Junior Sister, they have also been very rare that six disciples! Demon Execution Heavenly God heaved a deep sigh: Your four are the second batch, they are the first batch, but already not in!” Heaven Punishment God has patted the shoulder of Demon Execution Heavenly God: My several sons also like this went, is the young people are more courageous than us!” Sees Heaven Punishment God that desolate sad appearance, Ren Tianyong they are shocking, Heaven Punishment God several sons are very definitely strong, but they have not heard! „Is the first reward, makes us bring death?” Xiao Chou suddenly gets hold of the fist, is somewhat excited: I understood, that is extraordinary trying practices certainly!” Heaven Punishment God is staring at Xiao Chou: Good, you know why Gods doesn't have the Titan palace? Because Titan tries to practice through that!” Wang Jinshi suddenly whispered: Is trying of Supreme Temple practices?” Regarding Supreme Temple, Ren Tianyong Zu Chao they have heard, perhaps only then Xiao Chou does not have, Shen Xiang also a while ago listened to Wang Jinshi to mention. The Heaven Punishment God nod said: You obtain one time to enter the Supreme Temple opportunity, but must through trying to practice is good, if failed, must die!” Demon Execution Heavenly God has turned around, back to Shen Xiang they: The words that you this strength go to now, truly speaking, truly are bring death without doubt! Previous audiences Temple will compare, goes is the first ten Temple disciples, this time first ability goes! At that time God of Wealth palace and Fire God Palace these formidable Temple, the outstanding disciple has not all come back, died completely!” Therefore you must consider! Opportunity only then this time, otherwise after you, wants to enter Supreme Temple, was hard to have the opportunity!” Xiao Chou asked: Why can enter this Supreme Temple? I am not clear, after going, will become very strong?” Heaven Punishment God said: Supreme Temple is also called the Highest God palace, only then enters Supreme Temple, can become Highest God, as, me is not why clear! In brief this for many years, how we regardless of diligently, are unable to become Highest God! Only then enters Supreme Temple, only then means!” I do not go!” Wang Jinshi shook the head immediately, then looks at Shen Xiang, looks at her look, does not hope Shen Xiang to go, but she knows that Shen Xiang has supreme god bone, Shen Xiang will definitely have this thought that because enters Supreme Temple, can fast become expert.

Will die including that formidable Heavenly God, let alone has not become Heavenly God Profound God, therefore Ren Tianyong they also immediately took a stand, did not plan, because they now are only Profound God, even if they became Heavenly God, was only Low-Rank Heavenly God! Now the people look at Zu Chao Zu Ming these two pairs of husband and wife, they sound transmission had discussed that shook the head! They saw Heaven Punishment God and Demon Execution Heavenly God a moment ago because of losing the disciple, but the son felt sorrowful, therefore they have not planned now. Except for Shen Xiang and Xiao Chou, other had decided that! I go!” Shen Xiang and Xiao Chou suddenly shouted. „It is not good!” Demon Execution Heavenly God shouted to clear the way severely, Xiao Chou had the Titan bloodlines, but Shen Xiang has practiced Heaven Refining Technique and Deicide Sword Art, was the good seedlings, the words that they went, did not have the possibility of returning alive certainly, although Shen Xiang had supreme god bone, but his present strength also missed are too many. Xiao Chou curls the lip saying: I also think that we can make the decision!” Shen Xiang face firm saying: We want to try!” Your this is tries with the life, you cannot go!” Demon Execution Heavenly God is staring Shen Xiang and Xiao Chou. Spoke these words in Demon Execution Heavenly God, entire audiences Temple suddenly rocked, Heaven Punishment God had frowned, whispered: Demon Execution, by Supreme Temple is known you prevent the disciple to go to try to practice, the consequence you should be very clear!” Demon Execution Heavenly God coldly snorted, a face is angry, he has not thought that Shen Xiang and Xiao Chou these two weakest, unexpectedly will decide that place, strongest Zu Chao their several do not dare! Heaven Punishment God puts out two golden yellow tokens, gives Shen Xiang and Xiao Chou: You drop the blood, then trial will exercise will start, if you in ten years, cannot go to trying to practice the place, will die!” Xiao Chou received the token with a smile, immediately drops the blood, happily said with a smile: Ten years, were enough!” Ten years, in these lived in many years Heavenly God eyes, but is the suddenly matter, but actually enough he is ready regarding Shen Xiang, challenges trying of Supreme Temple to practice. Drop of blood of Shen Xiang after that golden token, can examine inside map with Divine Sense, he and Xiao Chou must in ten years, go to try to practice the field to that!

Your trying practice the field are not together, do not think to collaborate, when the time comes you do not have any dependence, can only rush alone!” Demon Execution Heavenly God said. Xiao Chou „” looks at one, on the face loses completely, he also thinks that can go with Shen Xiang! Oh, this first reward was too insipid!” The fat fifth child sighed that he also thinks can obtain any good thing. Yuan Baibing said with a smile: No wonder Master must with the God of Wealth gambling, actually first unable to attain any good thing!” You leave are happy too early, we must make war with Hell Temple, the time are not much, a bit faster goes back well the recreation recreation!” Demon Execution Heavenly God has swept Ren Tianyong their several. Yes!” Shen Xiang they should say with one voice. Returns to Demon Soul Executing City Demon Execution Temple, the disciple here has been ready, momentarily can attack Hell Temple, this time meets the specific energy to obtain first, is expanding the Demon Execution Temple morale! Shen Xiang and Wang Jinshi were called his floor by Demon Execution Heavenly God, wants to chat with them alone, must say that cuts to kill Huo Liao and Huo Lie matter, this matter was impossible that simply on the past! The matter of primary importance, is that Deicide Sword Art! The Shen Xiang comparison was worried that this matter, he worried that Demon Execution Heavenly God will press for an answer from his mouth, Deicide Sword Art is the Wang Jinshi instruction. Wang Jinshi and Shen Xiang fearful and apprehensive sitting in the Demon Execution Heavenly God living room, Demon Execution Heavenly God changes one set of ash-gray long gown, leisure walks, sits on head, sees his face temperate smiling face, Shen Xiang and Wang Jinshi are not anxious. You...... This time displays very well, can attain five grains of beads, and has killed two Fire God Palace's outstanding War-God! However......” Demon Execution Heavenly God complexion sank: You do not work agily, unexpectedly comes out Deicide Sword Art exposed!”