World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1822

Shen Xiang and Wang Jinshi also think that Demon Execution Heavenly God will blame him to study Deicide Sword Art, which knows that Demon Execution Heavenly God unexpectedly will say, already knows evidently probably they have studied the Deicide Sword Art matter. „Won't consequence very be serious?” Shen Xiang asked low voice, he was worried about Demon Execution Heavenly God because very much this matter expels Demon Execution Temple him, when the time comes troubled. Demon Execution Heavenly God said: This is the affirmation, everywhere chased down you like former Infernal Demon Emperor, but wants to grasp now your is not only several Temple Heavenly God, perhaps also will have does not have Temple Heavenly God also to have your idea!” In Wang Jinshi heart guilty, because her very clear consequence serious. Shen Xiang helpless sighed one: „Is this Deicide Sword Art attraction so why big?” Demon Execution Heavenly God looks to Wang Jinshi, lightly smiled: You ask that she knew!” Asked Wang Jinshi! Shen Xiang and Wang Jinshi suddenly one startled, Demon Execution Heavenly God will say that definitely knows the Wang Jinshi matter. Master, do you know? Who told you, when did you know?” At this moment, Wang Jinshi also can only acknowledge. You became that day of my apprentice, I knew, do not think that my anything does not know! I am only have not expected you to pass to Shen Xiang this Deicide Sword Art, among you have some transaction?” Demon Execution Heavenly God laughed: Or your relationship are not ordinary!” Wang Jinshi face one red, tears the topic: Shen Xiang, the Deicide Sword Art maximum attraction is not the practice is easy, but cultivates this Deicide Sword Art, can enter into Highest God Realm, although is Legend, but many Heavenly God believe in firmly!” The Demon Execution Heavenly God nod said: Wang Hao had said with me in the past, he can become Highest God quickly, but this fellow too can stir up trouble, moreover was known he can become Highest God quickly, therefore was joined up to infiltrate Hell by many Heavenly God him! I and penalty initially had the participation, although we once with Wang Hao were the good friends!” Wang Jinshi sighed lightly: I know that because of the father his qi deviation, sought for formidable Heavenly God to practice the sword everywhere, but...... He has not injured these Heavenly God!” Demon Execution Heavenly God said: I and Heaven Punishment God have fought with him, although loses to him, but had not been injured by him, he very much had the reason at that time, but why afterward did not know, his suddenly changed, becomes acts like a madman, to avoid him gives Gods to bring the disaster, we such decide!” Demon Execution Heavenly God somewhat guilty looks at Wang Jinshi: Because he must become Highest God quickly, if at that time he were this appearance, was very difficult to prevent him!” Demon Execution Heavenly God stands up, is caressing the head of Wang Jinshi gently: Cuts to kill Huo Lie with Deicide Sword Art, should be you! This is the penalty tells me.” Before Heaven Punishment God and Demon Execution Heavenly God, unexpectedly is acting in a play, inside had anything, Heaven Punishment God is looking. Deicide Sword Art, although is the divine art method too, but easy to carry too far fascinated, for example Wang Hao is an example!” The Demon Execution Heavenly God congealing eyebrow looks at Shen Xiang, seriously said: Four big taboo divine art, is the divine art method too, these are side door cultivation technique that in Supreme Temple flows, fierce is fierce, but studies are not many.”

Heaven Refining Technique also easy fascinated, Shen Xiang you practice two this cultivation technique, this will make you easier fascinated.” Demon Execution Heavenly God smiled: My Seven Demon Killings type is also too the divine art method, so long as I can comprehend behind, can step into Highest God Realm by the Seven Demon Killings type, will not be fascinated!” Master, I want to save my father, how do I want to do?” Wang Jinshi suddenly said: He pass/test in inside was so long, should restore to come!” Wang Jinshi asked this matter, making smiling face suddenly on Demon Execution Heavenly God face vanish! He was detained in Divine Prison, Heaven Punishment God does not know how he, you do guarantee now? If saves him, he acts like a madman, when the time comes who can be responsible for? Although Supreme Temple will get rid, but the fellow of Highest God that rank, the deliberately creating trouble moment, can bring very serious harm here.” This is the Demon Execution Heavenly God worry. Wang Jinshi sighed lightly: I must see that he knows, because of my mother's something, causes him to turn into this, so long as I can help him untie the heart knot, he can restore the actually appearance!” Demon Execution Heavenly God shakes the head saying: You are very difficult to see him, even if Heaven Punishment God does not have that strength, he initially to one Highest God into Divine Prison, only if you had the means to find that Highest God, only then he can untie that seal!” Before Shen Xiang and Wang Jinshi, thinks, so long as there is enough divine coin, can redeem Sword God, they were too naive! That Highest God where?” Wang Jinshi asked. Supreme Temple!” Demon Execution Heavenly God has patted the Shen Xiang's shoulder: If you can enter Supreme Temple, can perhaps meet that Highest God, can make him untie the seal, I do not know.” Wang Jinshi initially passed to the Shen Xiang's time Deicide Sword Art, makes Shen Xiang comply, must help her rescue Sword God, therefore Shen Xiang definitely will do this matter. I will certainly enter Supreme Temple!” Shen Xiang is confident to oneself. Demon Execution Heavenly God back and forth walked several steps, then sits, sighed slightly: You, although has supreme god bone, but was very difficult saying that only if you were Heavenly God, possibly will be quite easy to pass.” The Shen Xiang also ten years, Heavenly God that is impossible, but must become Profound God can achieve! Now no matter what, I do not have the road back to walk!” Shen Xiang said with a smile, did not think that had any pressure. At this moment, Demon Execution Heavenly God cannot say anything again, he can only in these ten years, to Shen Xiang and Xiao Chou biggest help, making them in these ten years more formidable.

Demon Execution Heavenly God looks for alone Shen Xiang and Wang Jinshi, to say this Deicide Sword Art matter, he makes Wang Jinshi continue her is the women's of Sword God matter keeps secret, has no recourse, cannot use Deicide Sword Art. Then, some Demon Execution Temple also many matters must be done, this to prepare to make war with Hell Temple, quick must carry on third declaring war, regardless of when the time comes Hell Temple does accept, Demon Execution Temple can hit. Regarding this great war, Shen Xiang anticipated, but Demon Execution Temple has the matter to make him do, obviously does not think that he participates in this great war. You go to audiences Temple to seek for Heaven Punishment God, after you found him, he has the matter to make you do, when the time comes do not participate in great war!” However the Demon Execution Heavenly God expression is very firm, therefore Shen Xiang also can only follow his meaning. ...... Shen Xiang arrived at audiences Temple, he changed an appearance came, but Heaven Punishment God actually recognized him. Heaven Punishment God sees Shen Xiang after he salutes, is only the slight bow, then lets Shen Xiang with him, enters in audiences Temple Teleportation Formation, transmits to a forest in the log cabin. This is my residence, is very safe!” Heaven Punishment God said that although he whole face is serious, however his expression is very gentle. My something make you be done, Demon Execution should say with you!” Heaven Punishment God has put out a black box, places on his nearby table. Shen Xiang said: He said that allows me to come looks for you, has not informed me to handle any matter.” Heaven Punishment God opens that black box, inside has a black short-sword. In this black short-sword is hiding something, only then cultivates the news that Heaven Refining Technique can see internal to hide, you help me have a look, inside has anything!” Heaven Punishment God hands Shen Xiang the box reluctantly. Shen Xiang takes up the black short-sword, had not thought that has any special place, is not including divine tool, but a black stone carves, the surface polishes quite luminously. You, if can help me, I will thank your! You probably require some time, you stay here these days!” Heaven Punishment God said that no matter also Shen Xiang does comply, rapidly leaves. Shen Xiang shakes the head sighs, he wants to refuse not to be good, he is examining carefully this repeatedly the black short-sword, but also searches into with Divine Power, but a response does not have, he thought that own present probably is holding appreciatively the stone that the roadside is picking together.

Can build up this short-sword with Heaven Refining Technique?” Shen Xiang can only such speculate, because beforehand Heaven Punishment God has said that only then cultivates Heaven Refining Technique, can see inside concealed thing. Although Shen Xiang has such idea, but he actually does not dare, because he was worried to practice badly, when the time comes cannot seek for the concealed secret from inside, Heaven Punishment God blames to be serious. He tried hard one all day, did not have any harvest, at this time the darkness, he has lain down in the hall on comfortable the chair rests, when Heaven Punishment God came then discussed. Next morning, Shen Xiang hears the Heaven Punishment God sound, opens the eye, saw only Heaven Punishment God to bring some fruits, placed by the Shen Xiang chair table. Makes that female come out!” Heaven Punishment God said. „Do you know?” Shen Xiang asked with amazement, Heaven Punishment God said was Long Xueyi, but Long Xueyi also immediately came out from Hidden Jade Ring. I know certainly that Azure Dragon and I said! Azure Dragon is the friend of mine.” The fruit that Heaven Punishment God brings, prepares to Long Xueyi very much obviously. After Long Xueyi expressed gratitude sweetly with a smile, then impolite ate. Heaven Punishment God mentioned Azure Dragon, Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi also wants to know him in Divine Prison inside situation. What did you have to harvest yesterday?” Heaven Punishment God sees Shen Xiang to speak, then breaks him. No, I think, only then builds up to know with Heaven Refining Technique well that I was worried to practice badly, therefore has not dared fight.” Shen Xiang gives Heaven Punishment God the black short-sword. Heaven Punishment God has not received, said: You feel relieved to build up, this short-sword seems like ordinary black stone makes, but actually does not fear raging fire burning down, I use my flame incinerator dozens years, is unable to cremate!” === Today and family member gathers together to play, does not have the too much time, has one!