World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1823

Heaven Punishment God is unable to cremate with the flame, this black stone short-sword unexpectedly is so firm, Shen Xiang also thinks that is only the ordinary black stone. Azure Dragon he in Divine Prison how? I only know that he was infiltrated Hell, then greatly noisy Hell, was closed into Divine Prison.” Shen Xiang this listened to Yang Yan saying that concrete Yang Yan does not know, Heaven Punishment God governed Divine Prison, regarding this was very definitely clear, this is also Long Xueyi now very much wants to know. Heaven Punishment God somewhat accidental saying: Has not thought that you also know these matters, Divine Prison inside matter little will reveal, this matter does not know Demon Execution! You possibly did not understand that greatly noisy Hell will have any consequence, generally acts unreasonably in Hell, will be killed by Infernal Demon Emperor, or suffers for tens of thousands years, but Azure Dragon was put back into Divine Prison finally.” Shen Xiang said: I heard that in the past Sword God was also this!” The Heaven Punishment God nod said: Reason that Azure Dragon was put back into Divine Prison, is not because I interfere, but was Hell is unable to blow him, was the same with past Sword God!” Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi in great surprise, Hell is unable to blow Azure Dragon, to say Azure Dragon is powerful? You should hear, Divine Prison inside has detained some extraordinary fellows! Moreover is not I gets rid, is Supreme Temple inside Highest God getting rid seal in inside, Azure Dragon now is this situation, you want to save to be willing him not to be easy, redeems with divine coin is impossible.” Heaven Punishment God knows that Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi this time idea, he is also the Azure Dragon friend, if there is means that he definitely will say. Eats sweet Long Xueyi, suddenly the face, somewhat is painstakingly depressed, she in Hidden Jade Ring, had known before Sword God got rid to prohibit by Highest God, the difficulty with rescuing Azure Dragon is the same. Didn't have the means really?” Long Xueyi somewhat sad asking. Means have, I also hope that can rescue Azure Dragon! When I inquired again that has a look to have any good method!” Heaven Punishment God said that let Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi saw a hope! You fiddle with this short-sword well, I will come several days later again.” Heaven Punishment God said that left. Obtains the agreement of Heaven Punishment God, Shen Xiang also dares to refine this short-sword with Heaven Refining Technique now. He puts out Yuan Baibing to give his pill furnace, puts the black stone short-sword, then with according to smelting the herbs way, he limitless builds up to start to burn down. Must want to smelt this black stone short-sword is not simple, Shen Xiang has used the fiercest firepower, has burnt down more than double-hour continually, the sign that the black stone short-sword has not melted! This is what thing makes? Even if very firm peak heaven stone, was burnt down by me like this, is impossible not to have the sound.” Shen Xiang stops smelting, takes the black stone short-sword, making him feel what is more surprised, this black stone short-sword is not hot.

What's the matter?” Shen Xiang suddenly thought that this black stone short-sword looks like the bottomless pit is the same, the strong firepower that he released a moment ago burns down, should be absorbed by this black stone short-sword. Before Heaven Punishment God also attempted to burn down this black stone short-sword very long a period of time, the Heaven Punishment God firepower was more formidable, but by this black stone short-sword absorption. Cannot use ordinary means that Heaven Refining Technique inside to encounter this situation the solution method.” Shen Xiang closes the eye, studies diligently this method, he has the matter is all right, will have a look in Heaven Refining Technique many methods, therefore he has the impression, now can turn immediately. After less than half double-hour, Shen Xiang had found this method, and has been familiar with the method of utilization. Encounters this situation, must use the fire of Heaven Refining to be good!” The fire of Heaven Refining has two types, one type is the to rely on between Heaven and Earth energy, fire of Shen Xiang this Heaven Refining has also used, this is in own flame insufficiently formidable situation uses generally, the open fight between factions of this Heaven Refining is not good to control. Another type, is the Heaven Refining fire in the true sense, according to Heaven Refining Technique inside ample capacity method, coordinates own flame fusion. Shen Xiang's Creation Fire is strong, he wants to give a try uses this type of flame to melt the fire of Heaven Refining. He spreads out the palm, is staring at palm, revolution Heaven Refining Technique inside chant sutra with total concentration, the palm reappeared bunch of silver-white Creation Fire, this small bunch of flame was very tranquil, but joins the Heaven Refining Technique revolution along with Shen Xiang gradually Divine Power, the flame becomes very not tranquil, the crazy fierce beat, must work loose the Shen Xiang's palm likely. When are not many, silver-white flame suddenly blows out purple light glow, the flame along with it turning purple, the flame is also also winding around by some purple fog. This time flame is Shen Xiang uses own Divine Power to release, but flame will also absorb the between Heaven and Earth energy to strengthen from me, self- adjustment! The Shen Xiang success released the fire of this type of Heaven Refining, although has not sent out the thermal energy, but this was Heaven Refining Technique, has formidable smelting capacity. He puts in the black stone short-sword pill furnace, then releases the fire of Heaven Refining, after pouring into pill furnace inside, he discovered one have underestimated the fire of this type of purple Heaven Refining, because after the pill furnace interior was burnt down by Heaven Refining Technique, has had the change, if continues again, entire pill furnace definitely will damage. Shen Xiang does not dare to use this pill furnace to continue to refine again, can only the unarmed refinement, uses Illusionary Brilliant Furnace! Although the fire of Heaven Refining unusually is very very formidable, but is very good to control, moreover Divine Power that consumes are not many, Shen Xiang planned that the later attempt goes to alchemy with this type of flame, how has a look at the effect, because in this Heaven Refining Technique also has to contain the Creation Fire characteristics.

The black stone short-sword by the fire of purple Heaven Refining was being burnt down in Illusionary Brilliant Furnace, is only the less than half double-hour, had the effect. Had to respond, this short-sword finally started to distort, does not know that was hiding anything!” In the Shen Xiang heart secretly rejoices , to continue to use the flame to burn down. The short-sword starts to distort, Shen Xiang has not controlled, this short-sword under fire of burning down purple Heaven Refining, turned into a very thinly very thin black paper, moreover is very big, Shen Xiang has to continue to put the great illusion magic treasure furnace, under is good to hold this big black paper. Shen Xiang refined for two days, Illusionary Brilliant Furnace inside thing stopped changing, was only a black short-sword, but after being refined, turned into the black paper, finally the black removed, turns into the white paper, hung the picture scroll on wall likely, but above anything did not have. Has not continued to change, but above any thing does not have!” Long Xueyi carefully looks in the one side that she used Divine Power to attempt, anything had not discovered. And other Heaven Punishment God came to say again!” Shen Xiang just said that Heaven Punishment God came. After Heaven Punishment God arrives, puts out Sacred Fruit to place on the tabletop, looked at that white paper, asked: Had the progress?” Heaven Punishment God does not know that he gives the Shen Xiang's black stone short-sword, turned into a white paper. You possibly do not believe! Then turned into this black short-sword!” A Shen Xiang saying, Heaven Punishment God has not responded that does not understand words that Shen Xiang spoke. Shen Xiang takes up that white paper, said: „After I uses Heaven Refining Technique to refine, turns into a white paper.” Heaven Punishment God frowned, he had suspected before has many results, but has not thought that the black short-sword meets a refined into white paper. I when the refinement, short-sword am change, I have not controlled!” Shen Xiang let go. Heaven Punishment God compels a drop of blood from the fingertip, the drop on that white paper. „” Heaven Punishment God suddenly has roared, the color of whole face pain, but very short time, afterward on that paper gradually presented some writing, these are ancient character. Shen Xiang can understand these ancient character, differing from that although knows with him, the writing that but he knows very well now, somewhat takes the form of these ancient character, obviously evolves from these ancient character.

Is cultivation technique?” Shen Xiang opens the eye to look that in three typing that the last row appears gradually. Heaven Body!” Long Xueyi startled shouted. Heaven Punishment God facial color dignified nod of: Of Heaven Body four big taboo divine art!” Long Xueyi has a memory of previous generation, therefore she knows this Heaven Body matter, evidently not compared with that Deicide Sword Art difference. The Heaven Body content are not many, because on that paper only then several hundred characters, he completely wrote down quickly. You cannot study!” Heaven Punishment God severe looks at Shen Xiang, has drunk one. Why?” Shen Xiang is puzzled, four big taboo divine art he has studied two, does not miss this. Long Xueyi sighed: Heaven Body, as the name suggests, can make the life practice and day equally powerful body!” Shen Xiang curls the lip saying: What does this have not to be good?” He was worrying that Heaven Refining Technique was unable to be formidable he supreme god bone, had this Heaven Body that to be better. Good is good, but you have the life to build up are good, a point you built up, then on danger(ous) heavily, Heavenly Tribulation is unceasing! This Heavenly Tribulation was not struck by lightning several to be so simple.” Long Xueyi had known about this Heaven Body that looks at her facial expression, obviously did not suggest the Shen Xiang practice. Heaven Punishment God said solemnly: Good, the Heaven Body most danger(ous) place, is that fearful Heavenly Tribulation, as well as various types made one lose the rationality, lost the self- test, once were defeated, you will not die, but dying will be more fearful than!” Sees Shen Xiang to be puzzled, the Heaven Punishment God connection said: So long as cultivates true Heaven Body, can break the limits of all principles, various Power of Law are invalid to you, because Power of Law is the day creates! If you practice Heaven Body, once is unable to cross Heavenly Tribulation, you will become the Power of Law nourishment, will be suffered very long a period of time, the soul will enter Hell.” My father is so, this short-sword is he leaves my! Therefore, best not to practice, otherwise you must be prepared! In addition, you may also implicate person!”