World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1824

The short-sword is the Heaven Punishment God father stays behind, but actually needs to use Heaven Refining Technique to solve inside secret, is very obvious, the Heaven Punishment God father also understands Heaven Refining Technique!

You helped me solve many years of doubts, I will thank your!” Heaven Punishment God said that although he looks like very serious, when this time speech, to person a very kind feeling. Shen Xiang said: Demon Execution Temple must make war with Hell Temple, but Temple Master Heavenly God actually allows me to come here looks for you, why is this? He does not think that I do enter the war? I want to leave now!” Heaven Punishment God builds the hand on the shoulder, looks serious: You think really Demon Execution is only and Hell Temple makes war is so simple? He for many years, must be too many with the opportunity that Hell Temple declares war, but he will choose the present, may because not only the matter of Devil Yang valley is so simple!” Shen Xiang truly thinks that because initially he saw Demon Execution Heavenly God to be angry, wishes one could to destroy completely Hell Temple, but now listens from the Heaven Punishment God words, has the secret facts. He makes you look for me, not only but makes you help me, a matter makes you do, only then you can complete.” Heaven Punishment God looks at the distant place, sighed one: You have almost learned his Seven Demon Killings type first, therefore he from you expected that is very big.” What matter can he make me handle?” Shen Xiang realized that Demon Execution Heavenly God makes war to Hell Temple, possibly is only a pretence. Goes to Hell!” The Heaven Punishment God words frightened Shen Xiang, seeing Shen Xiang surprisedly, Heaven Punishment God to add: In Infernal Demon Emperor Hell has the same very fearful thing, he arranged Zu Chao to go, but currently he had a better candidate!” Goes to Hell to look for the thing, Shen Xiang suddenly is disturbed, that is the Infernal Demon Emperor domain! Relax, Infernal Demon Emperor definitely will bring when the time comes he strongest strength to accept a challenge, therefore in Hell will not have the too fierce fellow, you can deal with come!” Heaven Punishment God takes a very big paper, the shop in ground spreading. This is the Hell map, you when the time comes need to go to Hell in Infernal Demon Emperor the residence, found a black hexagonal plate in his residence, probably only then the palm of the hand is big, this thing he will not be bringing along.” Heaven Punishment God is pointing at a place, that is the Infernal Demon Emperor residence, afterward he puts out a disc, above has the indicator, he gives Shen Xiang this disc: You go to the Infernal Demon Emperor residence, walks everywhere, so long as sees to refer to a rotation, that hexagonal plate in nearby.” After Shen Xiang receives, said: Makes Zu Chao not go directly good? His strength is so formidable, will be very definitely smooth, I Profound God am not!” Your camouflage ability and concealment ability, be wiser than Zu Chao, moreover because just your cultivation base is not high, can therefore restrain the aura with ease, will not cause Hell inside these Heavenly God to discover! You understand test space strength, therefore you compare Zu Chao to be better.” Heaven Punishment God said: „The Zu Chao strength is very strong, when with Hell Temple makes war, can make Demon Execution Temple reduce the casualties.” Heaven Punishment God unexpectedly will unite Demon Execution Temple to handle this matter, understood at a glance that is not Demon Execution Heavenly God makes Heaven Punishment God such do. What thing is hexagonal plate? Very important?” Shen Xiang is curious.

The Heaven Punishment God nod said: Is very important, moreover danger(ous), Infernal Demon Emperor with this thing, found many Devil Ghost spaces very much, then uses this east-west control these Devil Ghost, in addition, other fearful strength, have not been able to continue to keep in his hand in brief, otherwise Gods can very danger(ous).” Before Shen Xiang, has seen these Devil Ghost, has not thought that is Infernal Demon Emperor makes with this thing, now he understands why Demon Execution Heavenly God can collaborate with Heaven Punishment God. Good, when can I?” Shen Xiang suddenly thought that own duty is arduous, only then brings that thing, will not make Infernal Demon Emperor have formidable strength. Heaven Punishment God said: You temporarily stay here for several days, so long as that side makes war, I send you to Hell, although Infernal Demon Emperor will lead his formidable subordinate to enter the war, but in Hell definitely will have to remain, therefore you are certainly careful.” After Heaven Punishment God leaves, Long Xueyi whispered: That hexagonal plate I have the impression, is fearful Divine Weapon that past Highest God refined. Was forbid before, has not thought that in the Infernal Demon Emperor hand, his ambition so is no wonder big!” Divine Weapon of Highest God use, will be definitely more fearful! Following several days, Shen Xiang in familiar Seven Demon Killings type first, he wants to practice Deicide Sword Art, but has not thought that he cannot display now! Deicide Sword Art is so profound, is not accidentally can release, therefore he believes that Godhead that this and he fuses has relationship. Heaven Punishment God came, explained that Demon Execution Temple and Hell Temple made war! Started, my this sends you to Hell, all careful! The map you should look ripe.” Heaven Punishment God puts out formation plate, he is Heaven Punishment God, can arbitrarily enter Hell. You take that hexagonal plate, uses this formation plate to come back.” Heaven Punishment God makes Shen Xiang stand on that small formation plate. Long Xueyi entered Shen Xiang's Hidden Jade Ring, she must go with Shen Xiang, Heaven Punishment God did not oppose. I and others!” Heaven Punishment God opens formation plate, sent off Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang vanishes together with that Teleportation Formation plate, appears in a dim place, here is full of the evil aura, the black fog fills the air, once for a while will hear the sinister cry that shrieks and howls wildly. Fortunately is not because died came to this place!” Shen Xiang looked at all around terrain, quick confirmed the position that one were, then deferred to map walking, passed through several fully is the mountain of skeleton, then saw blood reds ** sea.

This is Hell blood sea, the Infernal Demon Emperor residence in islands in blood sea. Shen Xiang stands in the shore, puts out a grain of sending out white light the bead, controls the bead float on the bloody water, sees only the blood very thickness of high and low fluctuating, moreover many skeletons put out a hand to stress that attention. Only remaining bones, unexpectedly also active!” Shen Xiang receives the light bead, such as soars, is flying sky over blood sea. Long Xueyi said: Heaven Punishment God has said that most danger(ous) is the Infernal Demon Emperor islands, best not to come up directly, first approaches, observes a period of time to enter the islands again.” Some Shen Xiang also this plans, but he must make the best use of the time now, because he has not known how long Infernal Demon Emperor must hit with Demon Execution Heavenly God, if he drags too for a long time, Infernal Demon Emperor suddenly comes back, he troubled. After several double-hour, his finally cautious and solemn flies nearby that island, him meets Hell Demon Guards that several waves go on patrol, he is not does not certainly hit, but the worry can alarm, must therefore be careful gives way to traffic. After can the distant visible islands, he displays Nine Heavens Mental Exploration, observes on islands situation, what making him quite happy is, on islands Hell Demon Guards is bringing an iron mask, no one can see anyone. Shen Xiang according to these Hell Demon Guards build and thing, has displayed Transformation Technique, becomes by oneself and Hell Demon Guards is exactly the same, but also simulates the Hell Demon Guards aura, afterward flies to the islands. The Hell Demon Guards majority alone go on patrol, only will then have the squad on blood sea, therefore after Shen Xiang mounts that islands, has not brought to the attention. Now Shen Xiang also brave approaches the Infernal Demon Emperor palace, that is the huge square shape construction that the black giant stone build becomes, reaches as high as thousand feet (333 m), in the square situation islands, this is also called the Hell demon palace. Shen Xiang gathered round the Hell demon palace to transfer several, after finding an opportunity, turned into wisp of black fog, wormed one's way into from the slit of that front door. This Hell was dim, Shen Xiang thinks that in the Hell demon palace is also cloudy, who would have thought the Daoli surface is very luminous, after going, can see the bright sunlight. This Infernal Demon Emperor does not like this pitch-dark Hell, therefore he makes into his demon palace with Gods is the same!” Shen Xiang passing through the gate sees a big piece of Lu Yuan, has limpid rivers to flow in the front slowly, but not far away is the pavilion group of standing in great numbers. Shen Xiang emits several Divine Soul to investigate, discovers in this nobody, therefore he feels relieved flies these pavilion groups. „Does here nobody guard? Infernal Demon Emperor also too neglected!” Shen Xiang wants to pretend to be a guard not to be good with Transformation Technique, because he looked several times, had not found.

For safety, Shen Xiang turns into Hell Demon Guards, then puts out Heaven Punishment God to have the disc of indicator to his. He just took, that finger of moved, regardless of he changes to any direction, refers to assigning a direction. All so are smooth, but Shen Xiang happy, this is the Infernal Demon Emperor residence, is impossible to make him such with ease go well. Now he can only be vigilant walks in the direction of indicator! The Shen Xiang shuttle in the pavilion group, he thought in the middle that highest pavilion, but is actually not, but must continue. Halts!” Shen Xiang suddenly hears one to drink coldly, unexpectedly is the voice of female. What make his surprised is, his space sensation domain unexpectedly is unable to induce! „Do you come to do? Devil Guard has not been permitted, cannot come at will, is who makes you come in? The show showed!” That does not know where female hides to ask. Shen Xiang had not replied that he does not know how should reply, when he tries to find the solution rapidly, before the body, presented one to wear the female of black robe, on her face was bringing a black iron mask. Excels at rushing to the demon palace, next 18 Hell go!” This female has not waited for Shen Xiang to explain, in the hand presents long spear suddenly, the thorn to the Shen Xiang's chest. Shen Xiang teleport avoids immediately, is far away from this danger(ous) female! You are not Devil Guard, who are you?” Female coldly said, but she cannot induce the Shen Xiang's aura. Shen Xiang thought one were discovered a moment ago , because he was too obvious, will be seen from the distant place by this female, now he goes into hiding, this female cannot discover him again.