World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1825

After Shen Xiang goes into hiding, in same place motionless, the induction ability of that black robe female is very strong, otherwise he already turned into a winged insect to fly away, goes to the disc to refer to an directional the place, seeks for that hexagonal plate. I have released space domain, so long as I am motionless, certainly will not be discovered!” Shen Xiang does not even dare to release Divine Sense to investigate, in order to avoid being discovered by the black robe female. He planned and other a period of time, waits for this black robe female to be far away from here, he starts to take action again, which knows that he felt his suddenly was grasped. Snort, do not think that I could not discover you!” Shen Xiang hears cold loudly shout of black robe female, knows one are grasped by whom, he has not thought that some unexpectedly people can catch him from his space domain. He does not ravel, at present the matter of primary importance, must get rid of this female, otherwise this motion will certainly be defeated. He revolution greatly strengthened space strength, works loose this female immediately to his imprisonment, he discovered that this female has used strange space strength, he used very big space strength to work loose luckily a moment ago, otherwise definitely will be defeated. Shen Xiang just teleport, welled up the induction to very wild strength, he fends not anxiously, the chest had been hit by that strength, hits his whole body tingling pain. Who are you? Comes to here to have what goal?” The black robe female has not put out weapon, the appearance of her ghosts and demons in Shen Xiang behind, she does not grasp Shen Xiang now, because she got rid to Shen Xiang a moment ago, searched the clear Shen Xiang's strength, is not very strong. If the strength is very strong, her move of basis could not injure Shen Xiang a moment ago, at least Shen Xiang's strength under her. Shen Xiang had not replied that now he only wants a bit faster to be far away from this black robe female, after having suffered a palm, he stands firm strength in within the body, teleport runs away, which knows that just teleport opened, own scruff was pressed firmly between the fingers.

Now he thought one likely are the mouse, was being played by a cat. You cannot run away, your this space of points strength, but also wants to run away from me?” Black robe female contemptuous saying with a smile. Shen Xiang's space strength has broken through, was very strong, can break through the fierce space to prohibit, but before this black robe female, actually appears that weak, this causes in his heart is very panic-stricken. Since cannot be inescapable, that can only go all out! Shen Xiang the rearward loses grain of Exploding Flame Pill immediately, only hears Bang a low sound, he induces to that black robe female not side him, he immediately teleport, but at present actually suddenly one black. Snort, you angered me!” That black robe female stands before the Shen Xiang body, the body is sending out an imposing manner of prestige anger, her black robe left big hole, this was Shen Xiang exploded a moment ago with Exploding Flame Pill. Shen Xiang shot a look at one, but also sees in that big hole to have on a scrap beautiful white skin to be many pale red, this should also be that Exploding Flame Pill makes. „Is this fellow Heavenly God? unexpectedly is so fierce!” In the Shen Xiang heart complained of hardship secretly, falls into a Heavenly God hand, moreover was skilled in Space Technique, he was unlikely hard to escape. Saw that this female must act crazy, the Shen Xiang intention moves, hastily bows saying: Eldest sister appeases anger, the little brother is curious for a while, comes to have a look! Has not actually thought that will meet to you are skilled in Space Technique expert like this, moreover is a female, my effort, therefore like trying whether to escape from the eldest sister hand!” All around Shen Xiang sees is black, knows one fell into space domain of this female, in her space domain, he was frailer.

The black robe female just mentioned the hand to come to come several to Shen Xiang, but hears the Shen Xiang's words, she also stopped, receives own space domain. The Shen Xiang's strength is very weak, but actually utilizes to space strength well, this has also aroused her interest, because has few of achievement in the space strength field. Do not think that this can deceive me, your stealthy rushing, definitely also has other goal! To come in curiously, this nonsense I am not good!” The black robe female arrives in front of Shen Xiang, tears off his mask fiercely, she sees a very ordinary face. Shen Xiang already has changed own appearance, if by this black robe female is known he is Shen Xiang, his danger(ous). The black robe female carefully looks at the Shen Xiang's face, after sending out several sneer, whips has taken down the Shen Xiang's cheeks, sees only her white hands to release gentle purple light, gently is caressing the Shen Xiang's face, makes the intermittent white light, shortly , the Shen Xiang's portrait appeared. Shen Xiang, is really you!” The black robe women's chuckle several, have taken off her mask afterward: Has not thought that you will deliver!” Is you!” Shen Xiang is startled to shout that at present this female is not others, is the demon emperor. Demon emperor how here, moreover is so formidable, those who most keep him from understanding, before present demon emperor and him has seen that completely different, although they have the same face, but the makings complete are different from the strength. „Do you know me?” The black robe female such asked that also makes Shen Xiang unable to feel the brains. If she is not the demon emperor, why must take off the mask, if yes, why also such asked?

Now Shen Xiang also discovered that a matter, is the present demon emperor, does not have the strength of that intense attracting, truly before is not him, demon emperor who knows. I see one exactly the same female with you...... I also think that is she!” Shen Xiang said: „Do you take off the mask to do? Although your this face is attractive, but is also insufficient to let my Divine Soul inversion.” The black robe female said: That woman who you said that is called the demon emperor?” She sees Shen Xiang to nod, said: That useless thing, with my appearance, so is useless, after a period of time I will remelt her!” Remelts? This made Shen Xiang be hard to understand, that demon emperor was casual can illuminate? His suddenly thought that at present this black robe female is not simple, but the demon emperor past Nine Spirit Kings made, this black robe female and did Nine Spirit Kings have relationship? You should not be the Infernal Demon Emperor subordinate, what relationship you and are Nine Spirit Kings?” The Shen Xiang sinking sound asked. Yo, many of knowing! I naturally am not the Infernal Demon Emperor subordinate, this waste, pulls on shoes to me does not match!” The black robe female contemptuously smiles, on face full is proud look, her suddenly holds the Shen Xiang's arm, walks toward the Yijianlou pavilion construction. Several instances, Shen Xiang was led into that pavilion by her, was fallen by her maliciously on a chair. Shen Xiang suddenly has thought of anything, afterward asked boldly: „Are you genuine young nine girls?” Only then this can explain that must pass the present matter, because the young nine girls were realized to invade in the past evilly, was given up by Nine Spirit Kings, afterward became the demon emperor everywhere damages world of Nine Heaven!