World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1826
At present this mysterious female said that demon emperor is the useless thing, can remelt at any time, explained that demon emperor is a substitute person who she makes, and has the substitute person of self-awareness, usually will not be controlled by her, but in the subconscious of that substitute person has her duty to complete! The big nine girls are Feng Yujie, Feng Yujie had said that she was also very formidable in the past, her second Godhead and Divine Soul in that god grave, her peak strength should be Heavenly God, even is stronger! Therefore the young nine girls possibly are not that demon emperor such strength, should very be also strong! Shen Xiang the strength of this female is very at present strong, moreover calls the waste Infernal Demon Emperor! Good, this matter fears Elder Sister Lian she not to know that your unexpectedly can guess correctly!” Black robe female that charming face reveals a startled color: It seems like that useless thing, for many years has confused her, the elder sister she is that stupid!” Shen Xiang felt at ease much, at least at present this young nine girls are not he imagine are so evil! You, since said that she for elder sister, why you must go to trouble to her with a substitute person! She mentioned you each time, was very moved, among you didn't have the sentiment?” Shen Xiang thinks that these have certainly the secret facts. Young nine girl complexions change, becomes extremely rogue, angrily said: This matter does not need you to manage, I have not been able to make her know my situation now, to keep secret, I will not make you go back!” Shen Xiang curled the lip: „Did you kill me to be simpler?” Young nine girl complexions became moderate, said: I will kill your, but is not now, you are the biggest hindrance that I plan, if not you make that waste Infernal Demon Emperor be defeated continuously that many times, my plan already succeeded!” Shen Xiang turned upwards the leg, he discovered that he was quite important in this young nine girl eyes, otherwise he was already killed.

He smiled: What plans? Since I can make Infernal Demon Emperor be defeated that many, perhaps I can make you succeed, or do I help you? Looked that you worry, your plan should be missing from Nine Spirit Kings started at that time! Young nine girls!” Young nine girls are not you can call, you called again one time, I sheared your tongue!” The young nine girls are looking angrily at Shen Xiang. Regarding the Shen Xiang proposition, she is also considering now, although the Shen Xiang's strength is very weak, but the skill is not small, now also grasps Deicide Sword Art and Heaven Refining Technique these two taboo divine art. „Do you come to here to do? Now isn't Demon Execution Temple and Hell Temple makes war? How can be short of you? Mr. Demon Execution wants to destroy here, should call his son, should not make you come!” The young nine girls are curious to this, her both hands hold the chest, back and forth is walking in the front, she already somewhat excited, wants to cooperate with Shen Xiang. In the Shen Xiang heart secretly rejoices, this young nine girls such asked that obviously does not know Infernal Demon Emperor has a fierce hexagonal plate, Infernal Demon Emperor should work with her, now is hiding the truth from this matter, definitely has the reason that does not want to make her know. I am look for a thing, I know that Infernal Demon Emperor has a very fierce treasure, therefore I disguised to close up for these days, they made war, I quietly ran!” Shen Xiang planned that told the young nine girls the matter of that hexagonal plate, but he will not say that was Demon Execution Heavenly God and Heaven Punishment God makes him come. What treasure?” The young nine girls really do not know. „Don't you know? I also think that this treasure and you have relationship!” Shen Xiang is intentionally surprised, he thought the Infernal Demon Emperor auspicious day to the end.

Said quickly!” The young nine girls have drunk one greatly. Shen Xiang hurriedly said: Is a hexagonal plate, it is said that he makes many Devil Ghost with this thing, and can control Devil Ghost, in addition, that hexagonal plate also has many fierce effects!” Shen Xiang in saying, the tender body of young nine girl slightly trembled, a face angry appearance, she puts out a portrait, above is drawing a hexagonal plate, the angry sound is shivering slightly: Is this?” Shen Xiang has not seen this hexagonal plate, but now very obviously is this portrait inside, his hastily nods: Is this! Your doesn't unexpectedly know in Infernal Demon Emperor? Usually Infernal Demon Emperor is unable to take away, therefore should here!” This bastard already obtained Divine Mirror of Six Paths, unexpectedly plans to have sole possession of!” The young nine girls got angry the extreme: I must extinguish him!” Sees the young nine girls to be so angry, in the Shen Xiang heart blossomed happily, his hurriedly said: Eldest sister, other life Qi/angry! Infernal Demon Emperor should fear you very much, but he actually dares such to take risk, I thought that he depends certainly on, perhaps his foot steps on two ships, when handles matters for you , when for other people half.” The young nine girls calm down quickly: „Do you know Divine Mirror of Six Paths in his hands? Knows that Divine Mirror of Six Paths exists, generally has in Highest God palace Highest God!” „When I obtain Deicide Sword Art knew that the fellow said Divine Mirror of Six Paths may very much in Hell, therefore I took advantage to come now.” Shen Xiang has made up an excuse casually, he also knows that now that hexagonal plate is called Divine Mirror of Six Paths, sounds to be very fierce. Good, Divine Mirror of Six Paths damaged, needs to absorb the strength of massive Six Paths Samsara to repair, therefore Infernal Demon Emperor is not usually able to carry off, so long as Divine Mirror of Six Paths is far away from the strength of Six Paths Samsara, fast will damage, he should repair in secret for a long time.” Young nine girl coldly smiled, then also loud voice inquired Shen Xiang: Is who passes to you Deicide Sword Art?”

This...... I do not know that who that fellow is, he said that I and he are predestined friends, therefore passes to me! Right, this fellow is very fierce, he also understands Heaven Refining Technique, Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique.” Shen Xiang said. The young nine girls ponder immediately, she has thought the period of time, shakes the head saying: I had not heard such fellow, four big taboo divine art, in history, can have two only then your!” Shen Xiang he he smiles: Little nine elder sisters, I and Sister Feng relationship is also very good, so long as you do not handle any dishonorable matter, I am willing to work with you! Right, are you for these years, make Infernal Demon Emperor help you seek for that Divine Mirror of Six Paths?” The young nine girls nod saying: I am make him help me seek for Divine Mirror of Six Paths, I have promised him, so long as he can help me find, I present as a gift to him three High-Rank Heavenly God Godhead!” Shen Xiang curled the lip: This fellow had already found, but he said does not have, added that I hinder him repeatedly. Divine Mirror of Six Paths here, if not I, you do not know! You must find quickly, this must be lucky me! You have a look, you had not said that must cooperate with me, I helped you find half!” Divine Mirror of Six Paths here, but where the young nine girls actually do not know, she had emitted Divine Sense to look a moment ago everywhere. Young nine girl coldly snorted, said: You looked to say again that I will not treat unjustly your!” Shen Xiang shakes the leg to say with a smile: Three High-Rank Heavenly God Godhead!”