World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1827
At present has one time to earn the Godhead good opportunity, Shen Xiang naturally not to let off, he had not certainly forgotten that he comes here goal is to take Divine Mirror of Six Paths! Heaven Punishment God has not told him the name of hexagonal plate, possibly was worried that he will act unreasonably. Now he was unable to bring Divine Mirror of Six Paths, at present this young nine girl strengths are immeasurably deep, a finger can trig him, he simply does not have the opportunity! So long as this Divine Mirror of Six Paths does not fall into the Infernal Demon Emperor hand, his trip of duties of also calculate that completed almost. What's wrong? Are you willing to the Infernal Demon Emperor reward, actually not to give up to me? Let alone Infernal Demon Emperor also betrayed you!” Shen Xiang sees the young nine girls to hesitate, urged: „The decision, that Divine Mirror of Six Paths so is a bit faster important to you, what do you have not to give up? Let alone you and I are not the dead foes, we are only a little enmity!” Young nine girl said solemnly: Do not think that you understand many, your what does not know actually that you think really my matter so will be simple? You think really that is I controls in the world of Nine Heaven swindle and bluff demon emperor?” This issue Shen Xiang was pondering a moment ago, now looks like, is really not this young nine girl controls, initially the Nine Spirit Kings decision sealed supreme god bone, should also be because the matter of young nine girl is extremely complex. Said that Divine Mirror of Six Paths isn't you needs?” Shen Xiang wants to know that behind the young nine girl that influences, very much obviously were the past years make Nine Spirit Kings be missing much. The young nine girls were better to the Shen Xiang's manner, said: Good, depending on my present strength, must get so far as High-Rank Heavenly God Godhead that three can use at will not to be relaxed.” Shen Xiang could see that the young nine girls had many words to say, but actually cannot say! The young nine girls see a Shen Xiang face regrettable facial expression, said: I, although cannot to you three Godhead, but I can give you other rewards.” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile: You can definitely threaten me, if I did not help you find, you have killed me, was this easier?”

Young nine girl coldly said: You think that I am that person? Low-Rank Heavenly God Godhead, does?” Shen Xiang let go: Naturally does, do I currently have the leeway of choice? I only want a bit faster to leave this damned place!” Then, Shen Xiang stands up, leading her to arrive at outside, walks in a direction! He planned to have a look to control the mysterious appearance of young nine girl that group of people, thinks that is can make but actually the strong presence Nine Spirit Kings, he curious words, that courted death. Shen Xiang refers to a direction according to that arrives at one of the Hell demon palace edge, here has an obsolete house, he has referred to inside: Should here!” The young nine girls open the door, just stepped into the front door, fierce draws back, the complexion is serious, to this front door loudly shouted: Who in inside?” Soon, inside spreads a not anxiously not slow old sound: Young nine girls, you really found here, Infernal Demon Emperor this fellow cannot hide the truth from you!” Hears this sound, young nine girls said surprised: Big...... Can Eldest Senior Brother, how be you?” In the Shen Xiang heart is also surprised, inside old man unexpectedly is Eldest Senior Brother of young nine girl, said that the young nine girls should have Master, that Master very fierce old monster? Divine Mirror of Six Paths is also in the recovery period, Master allows me to come here is defending, the guarantee is absolutely safe!” That old sound has several to sneer: You should now yes what's the matter!” The young nine girls shake the head hastily, lose one's voice to shout: I am not clear, since you had found Divine Mirror of Six Paths, why did not tell me, but also made me continue to look, why do you want such to hide the truth from me?”

Shen Xiang thinks does not suit, when he wants a bit faster to leave, actually discovered that around he and young nine girls is red, they fell into inside that old man's domain. We are untrustworthy you, you, if found Divine Mirror of Six Paths, definitely will not give us, therefore we such did!” Shen Xiang suddenly sees old man to flash before the young nine girls, is a full red hair, on the face the old man of overlapping wrinkle, an eye is sending out the green ray, the nose such as the check, is long very frightened. This old man looked at Shen Xiang, said to the young nine girls: This matter you did not need to manage, you were regarded as we to your test, you for a long time cannot find Divine Mirror of Six Paths, showed that you were not much!” Shen Xiang stands in young nine girls behind, seeing her suddenly to get hold of the jade fist, retreat several steps, the young nine girls now cannot help but angry, because she has used many time at this matter, has not thought that finally will turn into this! What's wrong? Do you dare to be mad at me?” The old man sees young nine girl face murderous aura, cannot help but frowned, the sound becomes gloomy. The young nine girls a correct use hostility very heavy look see that old man at this time, the jade fist of that pair of gripping tightly slightly is also shivering. I dislike your this look!” The red hair old man shouted angrily, wielded that skinny expert, palm of the hand brushing maliciously on the jade face of young nine girl. Hears that clear palm of the hand sound, Shen Xiang to know that the important matter is not wonderful, fast retreat! Really, the young nine girls have been in a towering rage, have been driven beyond the limits of forbearance, the tender body releases an intermittent terror baleful aura, that black hair waves, is divulging the endless anger.

Old bastard!” Young nine girls hoarse shouted, the fist clashes to hit like lightning, strikes on the red hair old man's face, lightens deep purple light glow. I must beat your face today!” Young nine girl both hands wield, appearance number purple Mitsuto, that flies to the red hair old man bundle. The red hair old man's red domain is instantaneous, turns into purple space domain of young nine girl. little slut, are you doing!” The red hair old man has not thought that young nine girls so will be formidable, in the heart startles greatly. Saying that the young nine girls clench jaws: You have hit my these many years, I give back to you now!” Saying, in her hand presented one fully is the long whip of black thorn, several that brushed, have brushed heavily several whips on the shamelessness of red hair old man. You died, Master will arrive quickly!” The red hair old man said with a smile ferociously: You must kill me now also without enough time, although your strength surpasses my anticipation, even be more formidable than me, but you must kill me not to be easy! If I am you, I a bit faster run now by far!” Goes to take Divine Mirror of Six Paths quickly!” The young nine girls to Shen Xiang anxious shouted, her both hands back and forth brush that old man's face, had been brushed several hundred whips by her instantaneously, already covered with blood. Shen Xiang hastily walks into the house, young nine girl both hands tie seal, must display the fierce method likely.