World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1828

Divine Mirror of Six Paths in aware absorption Six Paths Divine Power, has carried on the self- repair, let alone is this little rascal, even if were Master came, cannot take easily.” The red hair old man is actually very calm, although in his heart is very angry, but thinks that the young nine girls cannot run away, certainly will be grasped when the time comes to retaliate by him maliciously, in the heart has felt at ease. Shen Xiang has not listened to his nonsense, breaks in the house, then sees black six angle mirrors float on basin that in a white light sparkles. Basin that white light sparkles, should be that anything Six Paths Divine Power! Shen Xiang float in the past, both hands make an effort to hold Divine Mirror of Six Paths, but actually cannot move slightly. In his heart is greatly anxious, inquires Long Xueyi: What to do can? This thing easily does not take, Master of that red hair old demon must come, definitely is Highest God!” Quick drop blood!” Long Xueyi anxiously said: „It is not the common blood, this blood compels from your supreme god bone!” Shen Xiang complies immediately, compels a drop of blood from skeleton directly, this drop of blood is not the red, but is the silver-white color, is containing very rich energy, although is only one drop, but makes Shen Xiang think one drained very many strength. After the blood of god bone drips into Divine Mirror of Six Paths above, silver-white light glow explodes to dodge, sees this light glow, in the Shen Xiang heart is one startled, protecting that because this ray sends out with Primal Chaos Fire Token Lord divine light to be the same, even protecting to advocate divine light more. Uses Engulfing Devil Art quickly, helping Divine Mirror of Six Paths absorb Six Paths Divine Power fast!” Long Xueyi also said that these things are among suddenly appear in her mind. After Shen Xiang induces to the relation that Divine Mirror of Six Paths and he sees only, in heart wild with joy at the same time, revolution Engulfing Devil Art absorbs in that pool Six Paths Divine Power fast. Absorption time, is not used to repair Divine Mirror of Six Paths all of a sudden completely, but is storage massive Six Paths Divine Power in Divine Mirror of Six Paths, waits for later Divine Mirror of Six Paths to absorb the storage Divine Power to carry on the self- repair again. Shen Xiang has to acknowledge that this Divine Mirror of Six Paths is truly mysterious, is not general divine tool, under his assistance, Divine Mirror of Six Paths absorbs the Six Paths Divine Power speed is very astonishing, is similar to swallows the sea to be ordinary, he can feel this speed clearly.

Takes? It is not good a bit faster walks, Supreme Devil God must come!” Urgently was shouting outside young nine girls, she did not plan that threw down Shen Xiang one to run, this made Shen Xiang be moved very much. Shen Xiang shouted: Gives me again time!” That red hair old demon said with a smile ferociously: Do not struggle you, obediently and other Master he comes, when the time comes you know that anything is called to live to might as well die!” He just grinned fiendishly, Shen Xiang on teleport to him in front, he has gone well, Divine Mirror of Six Paths integrated in his body, that red hair old demon cannot look. Doesn't massacre him?” Shen Xiang asked that the red hair old demon had been suffered not the turn into a human shape by the young nine girls, but he has not actually died. Is very difficult to kill! On him has Supreme Devil God Spiritual God to protect the strength of body, the skeleton is very firm, is hard, Divine Soul was protected solid......” The young nine girls just said that Shen Xiang puts out his Deicide Sword, 2-3 grinning fiendishly the red hair dismembers a body, is sprinkling then big piece of Soul Eroding Powder to that head. unexpectedly is Highest Venerable Divine Sword...... also has Soul Eroding Powder, the head that......” red hair old demon that breaks is startled to roar, Shen Xiang to he is displaying Grasping Soul Devil Curse and Engulfing Devil Art, the quantity has taken down his Godhead, seals with space strength, preserves in Hidden Jade Ring. Shen Xiang has not thought that smoothly, he did before, has not thought copes with this red hair old demon is also that relaxed. The young nine girls see this, in the heart shocks at the same time, hastily shouted: „, Supreme Devil God came without enough time!” Boundless vast strength suddenly appears, entire Hell suddenly shivers, was frightened unable to stand by this pressure outside Devil Guard, kneels down completely in the ground.

With enough time!” Shen Xiang hastily puts out Heaven Punishment God to his formation plate, draws the young nine girls side, then opens formation plate, suddenly left Hell, arrives in forest garden that Heaven Punishment God is. Shen Xiang long implored the one breath, he did not worry that brings troublesome to Heaven Punishment God, Heaven Punishment God definitely knows that perhaps that Divine Mirror of Six Paths background, knows that anything Supreme Devil God must seek for this Divine Mirror of Six Paths, the method of definitely having dealing. Here is in the penalty palace!” Young nine girl said solemnly: Is Heaven Punishment God transmits you to Hell?” Later again said that you hid...... Shen Xiang just to say first, Heaven Punishment God appeared. Did not need to hide!” Heaven Punishment God looks at the young nine girls, he also knows something probably. Young nine girl coldly snorted, because she knows before Shen Xiang, has deceived her. Heaven Punishment God has referred to a nearby stone chair, hints the young nine girls to sit down: Is I sends him to take Divine Mirror of Six Paths, you in Hell had waited for Infernal Demon Emperor seeks Divine Mirror of Six Paths, but actually does not know that Infernal Demon Emperor already obtained Divine Mirror of Six Paths.” Shen Xiang curled the lip: There has a that fierce red hair old devil to look, but also makes me go, I was almost killed by that fellow...... That any Supreme Devil God also came!” Heaven Punishment God said: „Don't you come back now? Moreover has taken Divine Mirror of Six Paths!” Shen Xiang is obtained, but he thinks to want, that Divine Mirror of Six Paths is not ordinary divine tool, he lies saying: I have not taken, that thing is not good to take away.” Heaven Punishment God said with a sneer: Do not deceive me, the Supreme Devil God anger has burnt to audiences Temple, only then Divine Mirror of Six Paths was taken him to be able like this!”

The young nine girls stared Shen Xiang one: Your unexpectedly has taken, hands over quickly!” Shen Xiang spits the tongue: Does not give, this is my!” Some Heaven Punishment God here, he does not fear this young nine girls. I have misjudged, I truly do not know the red hair old demon there guard, moreover he can also momentarily call Supreme Devil God, almost kills you, you have good luck ever after luckily!” Heaven Punishment God arrives in front of Shen Xiang, puts out a hand, said: Divine Mirror of Six Paths is your, I have a look!” Shen Xiang is helpless, has to take, that at the same time silver-white hexagon mirror, does not have the special place. After Heaven Punishment God looked at two, gives back to Shen Xiang: So long as did not fall into Infernal Demon Emperor and in the Supreme Devil God hand that's alright, you preserved well!” The young nine girls clench teeth saying: This is my, I have used these many time on this Divine Mirror of Six Paths, finally unexpectedly convenient your this little rascal, gives me quickly!” Heaven Punishment God holds down the shoulder of young nine girl: You do not have supreme god bone, is unable to control Divine Mirror of Six Paths, you must come not to have the use! Now Divine Mirror of Six Paths has not repaired, he needs auxiliary under to continue to repair in Shen Xiang's, Divine Mirror of Six Paths misses with you, you consider as finished!”