World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1829

Heaven Punishment God knows these many matters, at present the matter of this young nine girl also understands these many, this makes Shen Xiang cannot help but suspect that Heaven Punishment God is whether related with Nine Spirit Kings. Cannot consider as finished, I have wasted these many time and painstaking care for this reason, I am not willingly!” The young nine girls look at Shen Xiang fiercely, that appearance probably wanted the Shen Xiang swallow alive to be the same. Shen Xiang hastily hides Heaven Punishment God, said with a smile: You looked that I am also useless, this Divine Mirror of Six Paths is predestined friends with me, I was casual the drop blood to fuse, now gives you, this Divine Mirror of Six Paths did not want.” The young nine girls are staring Shen Xiang with clenched jaws, she wants Divine Mirror of Six Paths actually really very much, is only her present very angry, because her these many years rush about for Divine Mirror of Six Paths, have not expected finally actually by the person, when the monkey has played, her these years endured many humiliations for this reason, had been hit many palms of the hand by that red hair old demon. Although red hair old demon was killed by Shen Xiang, but the young nine girls have still not calmed down. You must consider that now the present matter, Supreme Devil God came out, and he knows that you betrayed him, therefore you complete the following plan.” Heaven Punishment God earnest saying: Supreme Devil God has not dared to defy Supreme Temple luckily now, therefore he will not act unreasonably! However regarding you, he did not need scruples.” Young nine girl life Qi/angry: Closes my trifling thing, the red hair old demon is this little rascal kills, Divine Mirror of Six Paths also in his hands, why can Supreme Devil God catch me?” Shen Xiang hurriedly said: Little nine eldest sisters, you do not say, does this matter help me keep secret to be good? good and bad I helped you kill the red hair old demon, has not made Divine Mirror of Six Paths fall into the hand of Supreme Devil God! This regarding you, the matter that should very much vent spleen!” Young nine girl coldly snorted, she thinks that very vents spleen, but the advantage had been occupied by Shen Xiang, this is lets in her heart the somewhat unwilling place. Heaven Punishment God said: „Do you need me to help? I will protect you with every effort, will not make you be found by Supreme Devil God! However you must listen my, cannot run around!” Shen Xiang asked: „Does she stay in your here not to be good? I think here good!”

The young nine girls shake the head saying: Supreme Devil God was very easy to find me, I stayed here, will only bring to him troublesome!” The Heaven Punishment God nod said: Good, for your I can be safe, can only send to that place you! The hand of Supreme Devil God is unable to extend there, moreover he could not find there.” The young nine girls knit the brows, can visit her to know where that is one, her helpless nod. Should not be...... Divine Prison!” Shen Xiang said that in his mind fierce reappears this place, in that Divine Prison is very indeed safe, moreover there is Highest God strength to affect there. The young nine girls stared Shen Xiang one: Good, your does if wanted go to there to accompany me?” Shen Xiang curls the lip saying: I and you are not very ripe, why I must accompany you!” The young nine girls move sideways to arrive at side Shen Xiang, trampled foot Shen Xiang's buttocks maliciously: Also mediated me not to be ripe, if were not I, you can obtain Divine Mirror of Six Paths? Godhead of red hair old demon, these are the good things, your does not have the bastard of conscience!” Shen Xiang touches the buttocks, mindless smiling: This is because my luck is good, what relationship has with you? If not I, you perhaps by that anything Supreme Devil God catching, you should thank me to be right.” Heaven Punishment God knit the brows, said solemnly: Do not quarrel, I send you to Divine Prison now, you practice in well, so long as you enter Highest God Realm, no longer fears Supreme Devil God!” Young nine girl coldly snorted, then close eye took a deep breath, relaxes the whole body, sees only Heaven Punishment God to put out formation plate, he controls formation plate float in the above of young nine girl, formation plate revolves, releases the silver-white light beam to cover together the young nine girls, dodges along with a glare, young nine girl also vanish from sight.

Shen Xiang asked: Heaven Punishment God, she what's the matter? In the past didn't she betray Nine Spirit Kings? I also think that before the demon emperor is she, has not thought that is only counterfeit goods! The genuine young nine girls, look like are not that bad.” Heaven Punishment God said: She has not betrayed Nine Spirit Kings, she wants to help Nine Spirit Kings......, therefore she such will do, but she had not succeeded, instead on seeking for Divine Mirror of Six Paths wastes many matters, therefore she can now that so life Qi/angry.” Shen Xiang surprisedly said: Said that Nine Spirit Kings and Feng Yujie have misunderstood her?” Heaven Punishment God nodded: She wants is this effect, close Supreme Devil God that like this she can succeed, wins the trust of Supreme Devil God! However now...... You saw, Supreme Devil God has not trusted her truly.” In the Shen Xiang heart suddenly is guilty, because supreme god bone of his within the body is Nine Spirit Kings is the young nine girl preparations, but Nine Spirit Kings thought the young nine girls at that time already by evil spirit devour, therefore has not given the young nine girls supreme god bone. „Does she have the name?” Shen Xiang also asked. No, only then Nine Spirit Kings names to her, she will approve! Therefore for these years, such called her!” Heaven Punishment God sees the ashamed look that Shen Xiang in eyes flashed through a moment ago, said: You do not use the compunction, you obtain supreme god bone, this is your chance, this is the fate!” Shen Xiang curled the lip: „Do you know that the matter? Your what background?” Heaven Punishment God complexion sank, a severe appearance: God king is my grandfather!” This......” Shen Xiang was shocked, the grandson of God king, this Heaven Punishment God so is no wonder fierce, but also knows that the matter.

His suddenly suspected that Demon Execution Heavenly God can also and God king has relationship? How otherwise can be so good with this Heaven Punishment God relationship! This Heaven Punishment God whole family so is extraordinary, the father cultivates Heaven Body and Heaven Refining Technique, now is missing, the grandfather is God king, but he now is also great Heavenly God! Heaven Punishment God, then you know that what in now Nine Heavenly Devil Palace had?” Shen Xiang thought that Heaven Punishment God should know. Does not know that does not know my father!” Heaven Punishment God shakes the head saying: Do not try to enter Nine Heavenly Devil Palace now!” Now Shen Xiang understands why the past years was only Profound God Azure Dragon, met Heaven Punishment God becomes the friend, actually this Heaven Punishment God knows that Azure Dragon was past strong side big divine beast, from now on Azure Dragon awakening remembers that had the strength of previous generation, will be very definitely formidable. Has not thought that great war such quickly had finished, the Infernal Demon Emperor given name forever will vanish from now henceforth!” Heaven Punishment God closes one's eyes, is looking at anything likely. „Did Infernal Demon Emperor die?” The Shen Xiang pleasantly surprised [say / way], Hell Temple and Demon Execution Temple make war also shortly, unexpectedly had the result. Heaven Punishment God shakes the head saying: No, but Hell Temple caused heavy losses, many Heavenly God are injured completely! But I will take over control of Hell! Matter that this is audiences Temple tacitly consented to!”