World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1830

Infernal Demon Emperor is also living, Shen Xiang must against he, this Infernal Demon Emperor although now suffers defeat, but will not represent him to decline since then, perhaps also will rise, after all Infernal Demon Emperor also mixed was so long, the back also had relationship with that Supreme Devil God. Regarding the Supreme Devil God matter, Heaven Punishment God has not disclosed too, obviously does not want to make Shen Xiang know too the matter in this aspect. You continue to stay here, when I confirmed that outside situation, makes you exit again! I have not known that now the Supreme Devil God plan must do, does not know whether he had known Divine Mirror of Six Paths is you obtain.” Heaven Punishment God spoke these words, the body becomes fuzzy, afterward vanish from sight. Matter of Divine Mirror of Six Paths in Shen Xiang hand, now only then Heaven Punishment God and young nine girls know that initially that red hair old demon does not know Shen Xiang has taken Divine Mirror of Six Paths. However Heaven Punishment God did not feel relieved, if makes the unsurpassed old demon know Divine Mirror of Six Paths in the Shen Xiang hand, perhaps then Shen Xiang also obtains in Hell to hide. Shen Xiang also can only continue stay here now, he well plans the matter that from now on must handle now, the matter that he must handle was really too many, currently speaking most important in ten years of endomorphism stronger, then went to Supreme Temple to try to practice. „Has Xueyi, in your incomplete memory, been related in the thing of this fellow? Is this fellow really a God king grandson? Then his father is any background, unexpectedly cultivates Heaven Body and Heaven Refining Technique these two taboo divine art.” Shen Xiang hopes that Long Xueyi can turn out a point anything from her memory. Before gathered Divine Mirror of Six Paths time, was Long Xueyi tells the Shen Xiang method. Long Xueyi shakes the head saying: Does not know, if in my memory has, sees him in me first, the memory will brave.” The memory is this, perhaps you can remember the names of many acquaintances, but must suddenly completely say the names of these acquaintances was very difficult, but after seeing that group of acquaintances, can relaxed say.

Shen Xiang does not dare to put out Divine Mirror of Six Paths, is worried to be induced by that Supreme Devil God. But I know that Supreme Devil God is any background, this fellow is also in Supreme Temple one, he is mainly responsible for Devil Path in Six Paths, why I concrete is not clear, in brief is very fierce! Is one of the Supreme Temple inside Six Paths God king.” Shen Xiang heard Long Xueyi saying that hastily asked: Then this Divine Mirror of Six Paths does do? Is that Six Paths God king makes?” Long Xueyi said: „It is not, Divine Mirror of Six Paths probably is the nature formation, the concrete use I do not know, possibly after my memory restores, I will know.” Helps Long Xueyi restore the previous generation the memory, is a very important matter! Soon, Heaven Punishment God came back, he nodded to Shen Xiang: Now you can go back!” ...... Shen Xiang returned to Demon Execution Temple, Demon Soul Executing City not to have what damage, because the battlefield was Hell Temple! In Demon Execution Temple, he sees many injured disciples, this fights the disciple who Demon Execution Temple had not died, is mainly Demon Execution Heavenly God and more than ten formidable Heavenly God apprentices together comes up, quick captures Hell Temple on according to overwhelming strength. Demon Execution Heavenly God is resting at this time, he to reduce the casualties, exhausts from the beginning fully! Therefore Shen Xiang can only see Demon Execution Heavenly God clone now. Knows Shen Xiang to come back, Demon Execution Heavenly God makes him arrive at the secret the floor, he from Heaven Punishment God there had learned that Divine Mirror of Six Paths falls into the matter in Shen Xiang.

„Before Divine Mirror of Six Paths has not repaired, do not put this space, once makes Supreme Devil God induce, the consequence is serious.” Demon Execution Heavenly God sees Shen Xiang, enforces to exhort. Shen Xiang nodded: Temple Master Heavenly God, what use this does Divine Mirror of Six Paths have? I obtain Divine Mirror of Six Paths, how can use?” Demon Execution Heavenly God sighed: Divine Mirror of Six Paths is divine object that Six Paths breeds, I not clear true use! In the past this Divine Mirror of Six Paths once fell into the Supreme Devil God hand, afterward was robbed by Nine Spirit Kings, before Nine Spirit Kings was missing, once was used to fight by Nine Spirit Kings God king, seriously after being damaged, missing. We also recently knew in Hell.” What strength Shen Xiang currently very curious Divine Mirror of Six Paths has, he can only wait for Divine Mirror of Six Paths to repair now to take well to study. I have delivered to friend there Xiao Chou, this is to let him has confidence through trying of Supreme Temple practices. You later must consider this matter.” Demon Execution Heavenly God said: Practices the aspect in you, I do not have anything to direct, depended entirely on you to comprehend, only by doing so, you can take your path!” Demon Execution Heavenly God has exhorted something, makes Shen Xiang leave. After Shen Xiang comes out, immediately looks for Wang Jinshi, Wang Jinshi also in he. Senior Sister, haven't you been injured?” Shen Xiang sees the Wang Jinshi complexion to be somewhat white, cannot help but is worried. Naturally is all right, whose daughter also does not have a look at Senior Sister I am.” Wang Jinshi said with a smile tenderly: Later you do not need to worry that Infernal Demon Emperor pestered you again, this fellow should heal from a wound now, his under these ineffective and worthless troops, our Demon Execution Temple will continue to chase down.” Shen Xiang nodded with a smile: Really many thanks you, later I will be more relaxed!”

Wang Jinshi touches the Shen Xiang's head: You prepare to deal with trying of Supreme Temple to practice relieved, I then must close up, when you will see my time next time, I was Heavenly God!” Afterward, Shen Xiang and Wang Jinshi go to the Divine City hotel, their one group of people are drinking to heart's content with Zu Chao Ren Tianyong, finished to the dawn. After dawn, a Shen Xiang person left Demon Soul Executing City. The day Brilliant God city, Divine City of Brilliant God construction, Shen Xiang arrived here, directly soars the Yang Yan hotel, at this time here was still discussing the matter of Hell Temple rout. Although God of Wealth has cooperation relationship with Infernal Demon Emperor, but beforehand great war, God of Wealth has not lent a hand to help, other and Hell Temple has intercourse relationship Temple is also so, obviously is the fear provokes Demon Execution Heavenly God. In addition Infernal Demon Emperor for many years secretly had made many shameful deals, audiences Temple many Temple Heavenly God had the tacit understanding. Yang Yan is Profound God, looks like he idles about all day, likely is a playboy, but in the Shen Xiang eye, this Yang Yan is a very fearful character, hides very much deeply, luckily is not his enemy. This time he sees Yang Yan not to be easy, because Yang Yan in the hotel, did not exit, Shen Xiang can only patiently wait here.