World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1831
Yang Yan has confessed the storekeeper in this hotel, so long as some people look for him, will obtain very good entertainment, Shen Xiang very much enjoys at this time the soaking-bath in the hotel that. He waited for quite a while to be many, Yang Yan returned to the hotel, Xiaoer (waiter) informed his. Arrives at Yang Yan to entertain the hall of guest, Shen Xiang sees Yang Yan, gives Yang Yan sound transmission: Big brother Yang, I am Shen Xiang!” Yang Yan nodded, smiles: I know that you will come, in we enter speak in detail!” Shen Xiang and Yang Yan come to a secret room, Yang Yan emotionally said: Your previous time , in Divine Prison, I know after you, can develop one's ability to the full surely, has not thought that such quickly confirms the idea in my heart.” Previous Shen Xiang when audiences Temple when compared with, the strength that shows will make the Yang Yan impression profound. Big brother Yang, you are also good, hide suffice the depth, I cannot see you now am any strength!” Shen Xiang he he smiles. Demon Execution Temple defeated Hell Temple, Infernal Demon Emperor did not have Temple, moreover Demon Execution Heavenly God also produced some evidence, requesting Heaven Punishment God to punish Infernal Demon Emperor, now Infernal Demon Emperor ran, his subordinate was seized by Heaven Punishment God completely. Although has been short of the threat of Hell Temple, but now Shen Xiang very carefully, Yang Yan also is still very clear this. Previous Shen Xiang looks for Yang Yan, is holds him to help to purchase some Sacred Level herbs, or is seeks for the purchase the channel, Shen Xiang must start to refine Sacred Level Middle-Grade Dan and High-Grade Dan. middle-grade saint medicine these days price is quite high , shortly after just rose, many get rid the middle-grade saint medicine shop to be out of stock specially, if you need a good price to buy massively, I suggested that you go to Goddess City to stroll, that inside female planted this Hua Hua carelessly.” Yang Yan puts out an envelope, gives Shen Xiang: If when the time comes meets there inconveniently, you can give Goddess City City Lord this, she is my wife! I finish here matter, I will go after a period of time also to Goddess City.” Shen Xiang receives, somewhat surprised [say / way]: Big brother Yang, you very fierce, Goddess City City Lord unexpectedly is your wife!”

Yang Yan shakes the head smiles: This is my father helps me take care.” Shen Xiang does not have divine coin now, although he some Godhead, but he does not hate to sell, moreover in some Godhead has the Heavenly God brand mark, cannot take at will. Must make to select divine coin to be good!” This is matter that the Shen Xiang comparison has a headache about, luckily before him, grasped has refined the Divine Halo Saint pill's method, moreover can refine much, so long as he took away to sell, in a short time can get so far as many divine coin. Goddess Palace only then the female can join, but Goddess City is the city that Goddess Palace constructs , many people in the city, Shen Xiang came from the day Brilliant God city, thought that here is livelier than the day Brilliant God city. He heard before that many men come to here, to try one's luck, looks to marry to Goddess...... Shen Xiang just arrived at Goddess City, hears an astonishing news! Feng Yujie unexpectedly arrived at Gods, moreover now or Goddess Palace two Palace Master, it is said later Goddess Palace may govern by her! Feng Yujie can arrive at this position, it seems like her strength restored to the peak, at least is also Heavenly God!” The Shen Xiang heart said. Since Feng Yujie is Goddess Palace two Palace Master, Shen Xiang thought that he does not have divine coin, can from Goddess Palace taking advantage of herbs, later his refined into pill sell out again. Long Xueyi said: Feng Yujie came, Meng'er and Xianxian they should also with!” Initially these females completely had separated, each one handled own matter, had Liu Meng'er, Xue Xianxian, Dongfang Xinyue and Dongfang Jing. Shen Xiang already impatient must go to Goddess Palace, the speed that at this time he walks changed quick.

Arrives in front of Goddess Palace, Shen Xiang is despising Demon Execution Heavenly God secretly, this Goddess Palace Temple Master is much lordlier than Demon Execution Temple, is high and big, square, is similar to holds up the day square column, high does not see the top. How can go in?” Shen Xiang sees that several wear formidable divine armor valiant Goddess that guards a gate, does not dare to act unreasonably. He walked, when distance that enters the Goddess Palace grand front door, he was drunk to stop. Man halts.” A female gate guard shouted to clear the way coldly. I want to look for your two Palace Master, can help my circular!” Shen Xiang hurriedly said. Cannot, please return!” Shen Xiang also wants to say anything, but after thinking, turned head! He wants to see the Feng Yujie words, can only indicate the status, but he worried that can affect Feng Yujie, now Feng Yujie mixes in Goddess Palace enjoys the sight and sound of the wind whipping up the water, if involves with him on, he brings troublesome to Goddess Palace, will also implicate Xue Xianxian their several females. Waits later to have the opportunity again alone and Feng Yujie meets, after all she is two Palace Master...... Demon Execution Temple Palace Master usually also little makes an appearance.” Shen Xiang after oneself few divine coin rent a house, puts out two Blood Dragon Ginseng! He refined these to have Divine Halo dragon blood Saint pill to finish eating before, now he plans to refine two grains again, then takes away to sell divine coin. Should be able to refine three grains of Divine Halo Saint pill, does not know when the time comes can sell many divine coin!” Shen Xiang puts out pill furnace, above has the fissure, this is Yuan Baibing gives his divine furnace, because previous time simultaneously refines 15 grains of Divine Halo Saint pill, explodes continually three times, causes this divine furnace split open. divine furnace must trade, how does not know Sister Meng'er their present refiner levels!” Shen Xiang is also keeping thinking about his divine ship.

After several double-hour, room suddenly that Shen Xiang rents shakes, falls many dust, that divine furnace also turned into the fragment, rotted thoroughly. In his heart cursed several, Yuan Baibing gives his divine furnace is really not the good thing, like this shattered. Has succeeded luckily, should be able to sell many divine coin!” Shen Xiang looks dragon blood Saint pill who that three grains of Divine Halo send greatly, in the heart was more comfortable. Must sell Saint pill, should better is goes to the pills shop entrance to stay at a selected place, so long as sold compares in the pills shop convenient that's alright! Naturally can also sell to here pills shop, but the price is very low. In this Goddess City, the best pills shop, is Goddess Palace opens certainly, Shen Xiang inquired casually found. When he arrives at the shop entrance, actually sees many people to gather round outside, he talks from this crowd of population knew that pink clouds Pill Saint in this shop, it is said for these days will have the opportunity to see her on the spot alchemy, but can also buy pill who she refines. Before Shen Xiang had competed with this pink clouds Pill Saint, this pink clouds Pill Saint was also very fierce, Shen Xiang also drilled into the crowd to join in the fun! Feng Yujie is also alchemy, does not know that which she with this pink clouds Pill Saint is fiercer!” In the Shen Xiang heart is pondering over, the Feng Yujie deep conceal does not reveal, now also has the Heavenly God Realm strength, can perhaps refine Spell Bound Pill.