World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1832
On the same day when compared with, other pink clouds Pill Saint and famous title Pill Saint, although cannot take first, but has not actually affected their reputation, at this time pink clouds Pill Saint appears, can bring in these many people to look. Shen Xiang mixes in the crowd, patiently was waiting for appearance of pink clouds Pill Saint, which knows what now suddenly walks is a pretty young girl, she told the people, says pink clouds Pill Saint not conveniently now outside alchemy. This disappoints the people, they waited to be so long, unexpectedly can be such a result, when the people sighed disappointedly, the young girl also said: Pink clouds Pill Saint, although cannot outside alchemy, but can in inside, in our shop halls not be small, everybody wants not to be noisy in inside, can go to watch pink clouds Pill Saint alchemy.” This is the Goddess Palace domain, who dares to kick up a fuss in inside, definitely will not have the good fruit to eat, afterward people's systematic lining up enters in the shop hall. Shen Xiang naturally also goes, he and several thousand people goes to that hall, is very big, even if now several thousand people, but does not have the crowded feeling. This hall is divided into two parts, is very spacious, comes to watch the alchemy person in this part, but other while has the transparent crystal wall to be away from, has dozens alchemy masters in that side in alchemy, has pink clouds Pill Saint. Everybody present can see these alchemy masters in closed eyes alchemy, everybody's line of sight centralized on that pink clouds Pill Saint. What pill are they refining?” Male whispered: alchemy master alchemy, usually does not refine in own alchemy room? Gathers together alchemy, should be is competing!” Goddess Palace that young girl responded: They truly are competing, they are our Goddess City price ratio outstanding alchemy masters, even if not the Goddess Palace disciple, so long as has the contribution to Goddess City, they can compete with, three alchemy masters who wins now here, has the opportunity to obtain the direction of Dan God!” The people hear, exclaims in surprise again and again, can obtain the direction of Dan God, in other words, at this time Dan God is a guest in Goddess Palace, therefore these alchemy masters will have this opportunity. It is said each big Temple and Dan God relationship is good, even some Temple have Dan God to assume personal command, but these Dan God usually little make an appearance, even is very mysterious! Although pink clouds Pill Saint the fame is very big, the alchemy level is very high, but can obtain the direction of Dan God, for her is also very rare opportunity.

The Shen Xiang suddenly heart movement, he has not seen Dan God, he also wants to be directed, but he did not have that opportunity. What pill are they refining? What way according to evaluates first three?” old man asked. The young girl replied with a smile: High-Grade Saint pill of refinement, the way of assessment refines pill to look to that Dan God them that is chosen by that Dan God.” pill who refines must to Dan God look that therefore this time alchemy master pressure is not small! Shen Xiang saw pink clouds Pill Saint, but is away from by far, he also wants to watch a meeting, but knew that refines High-Grade Saint pill, this requires the time, he does not want to wait, then must leave this hall. The young girl sees him to leave, then walks to ask: This big brother, where do you want to go? Do not run around, I lead you to exit!” Then, the young girl looked at the crowd, inquired in a soft voice whether some people must leave. Inside person sees Shen Xiang to leave, despises looks at Shen Xiang, just came in shortly after to walk, does not give others the pink clouds Pill Saint face. Shen Xiang disregards their looks, he is only joins in the fun, he mainly sells Saint pill to receive in exchange for divine coin. Only then Shen Xiang must leave, young girl leads him to go out of the hall, at this time Shen Xiang start to talk inquired: „Does miss, your here purchase Saint pill? My on hand several grains, if the price is appropriate, I want to trade to select divine coin.” The young girls smile the nod saying: Naturally the purchase, please come with me, my this leads you to go! But we purchase Saint pill to have the quota, in other words only defines purchase certain quantity every day, if the quantity is too big, this needs to inform some elders, making these elders arrange.”

I only sell several grains!” Shen Xiang is only searches price now. How that must have a look at your Saint pill quality, when the time comes to have in special alchemy Master to come evaluates.” The young girls walked several steps, arrives in front of sliding door, she opens the door, said in a soft voice: Entered inside patience to wait for that's alright!” After Shen Xiang goes, seeing here to have more than 20 big round tables, each round table more than ten chairs, here sat many people, had several idle positions. Shen Xiang looked for a vacancy to sit down, he learned from other people's talks, came here must sell pills. little brother, are you sell pill to sell the medicine?” Asks with black clothed old man that Shen Xiang shares a table. Sells pill, Senior you?” Shen Xiang smiled, inquired the opposite party. Black clothed old man puts out small case, said with a smile: Old man also sells pill, because the luck is good, therefore has brought forth a furnace quality excellent low-grade Saint pill.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Then really must congratulate!” Refines a furnace quality excellent pill, because the luck is good, in the Shen Xiang heart thinks somewhat funnily. Sits says with a smile in a Shen Xiang opposite full beard middle age: That at best is only medium quality low-grade Saint pill, could not sell several divine coin, Goddess Palace if wanted or a matter!” Black clothed old man has not paid attention to this guy , to continue to talk with Shen Xiang: little brother are you also the alchemy master? pill who you sell is refines?”

Shen Xiang nodded, said modestly: Is I refines, is because the luck is good, therefore left three furnaces!” What quality?” That old man hastily closely examines. Shen Xiang just wants to reply, saying that the middle age of that whole face beard taunted: Can have any quality, can refine low-grade Saint pill, he should feel the day to thank.” Shen Xiang smiles lightly, said: What I refine is quality very good low-grade Saint pill! Opposite this, it seems like you are also a alchemy master, you refine is it possible that is Divine Pill is inadequate!” He said the sound intentionally very greatly, making all people in this hall hear, everybody really looked. That full beard middle age fierce stands, exclaiming of devils: brat, is the skin itchy is?” Sitting that Shen Xiang looks completely relaxed there, smiles pale: My skin is a little itchy, flexure flexure was good. But is always much better compared with certain mouth inexpensive fellow mouthful spewing. Right, Sir Dan God, does not know that you can build up system mouth inexpensive pill?” The people cannot help but send out one to laugh, making that middle age infuriated, lu had the sleeve, although his four limbs are developed, but the brains are not simple, not immediately and Shen Xiang starts, after all here is the Goddess Palace shop, here causes trouble does. brat, has to plant and me goes out of town!” Guy angrily said. Has to plant you here to punch me! You want to punch me, but also wants to make me far away run to go out of town punches to you, you think that I so will be stupid like you?” Shen Xiang he he smiles: „ Naturally, if you carry to go out of town me, I will consider.