World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1833
Shen Xiang knows that this middle age is a spineless person, if there is skill, will not make him go to outside the city to go to duel! The full beard middle age was mad becomes flushed face, the fist has pinched very tightly, a very ominous appearance, seemed like very scary, but Shen Xiang actually did not fear, this full beard does not dare here fight. Peaceful!” But suddenly to the light and lively voice, making the complexion of that full beard immediately moderate, because this is the Goddess Palace female, he does not dare so to be here ominous. What happened?” An appearance delicate blue clothes female walks, was inquiring in a soft voice, seeing her to wrinkle the delicate eyebrows, the look of that full beard middle age was evasive, already not a moment ago that overwhelming power rogue appearance. The blue clothes female looks to Shen Xiang, because she walked a moment ago, sees the full beard to stare Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang said with a smile: Not anything, but opposite this wants to make me to go out of town to get one.” The facial expression that on blue clothes female face reveals a loathing, dislikes the matter that kills likely. Places the tabletop pills that you need to sell, if I think that can purchase, I will be direct the initial price.” The blue clothes female enhanced the voice, as soon as she appears, the people appear very cautious, only then Shen Xiang is smiling. This is because Shen Xiang does not know the status of this blue clothes female, but depending on the Shen Xiang's individuality, even if knows that he will not think has anything. little brother, your best politeness, not to stare at the leaf miss to look.” Sits in Shen Xiang black clothed old man to Shen Xiang sound transmission, because Shen Xiang eye some dishonest looks at that leaf miss. Shen Xiang already guessed correctly that the status of this blue clothes female is not simple, sound transmission inquired that black clothed old man: What background is this miss? How here person very much fears her!” Black clothed old man replied: Her named Ye Qin, the father is Dan God, she is also Pill Saint, although is also not title Pill Saint, but has been considered that she can refine Divine Pill Dan God, but does not have the evidence to confirm that after all her father is Dan God!” Now her the father comes back, is a guest in Goddess Palace, Goddess Palace does not give the man to go, but Dan God can be exceptional . Moreover the leaf miss grows up in Goddess Palace since childhood, later also will become the Goddess Palace important leader.”

Shen Xiang knew after Ye Qin status, unavoidably surprised, unexpectedly is the Dan God daughter, this makes him cannot help but more careful looks at Ye Qin. Black clothed old man gives Shen Xiang sound transmission: Some rumors said that leaf miss is that Dan God and Goddess Palace Palace Master daughter, although is the rumor, but ten have ** real! You also look...... Angers the leaf miss carefully.” The people place the tabletop their pills, that black clothed old man is also placed these swarthy pill pellet that oneself refine in the tabletop. Shen Xiang has put out a jade box, he has not opened the box, because inside puts Divine Halo Saint pill who three grains can shine the blind dog eye. Ye Qin is stepping the lotus steps, walked several, but frowns, could see that has not let pills that she looks at to glance. Shen Xiang has also swept on other tabletop, although some middle-grade Saint pill, even High-Grade Saint pill has, but the quality is not quite good! Naturally like Goddess Palace this upscale shop, Saint pill who will not sell the low quality. You are sell jade box?” Ye Qin sees in front of Shen Xiang to suspend a jade box, asked lightly. Although is the female of Dan God, status is honored, but Ye Qin is not the lovable girl of that keeping aloof, otherwise she will not meet this living. Shen Xiang hastily explained: What in me is Divine Halo Saint pill, although is only low-grade Saint pill, but the ray is very intense, therefore I did not take.” Divine Halo Saint pill! This made Shen Xiang black clothed old man stare perfectly round, a moment ago and Shen Xiang that pair of wrinkled old eyes has the corners of the mouth conflict the full beard, somewhat surprised with did not believe. You can refine Divine Halo Saint pill, will you lack divine coin?” Black clothed old man said: Has this skill...... Should not depend upon to sell pill to live is right!” Ye Qin arrives at Shen Xiang behind, takes that jade box, slightly opens a slit, red light sprays immediately, what strange is, red light outside is wrapping golden light fog, but also follows the rich smell of blood.

Is dragon blood Saint pill!” Ye Qin is very surprised, she as the female of Dan God, nature bright White Jade box inside dragon blood Saint pill is any standard, even if top title Pill Saint cannot refine easily, in her eyes, has the Dan God alchemy level indistinctly. Right, how many divine coin one grains can sell?” This is Shen Xiang most cares. Can make Ye Qin have this complexion, explained that dragon blood Saint pill is not very common, but the people that probably are poor for several hundred years not to eat an appearance of food from Shen Xiang, this dragon blood Saint pill at is not he refines. Is who gives you?” Ye Qin asked that she does not believe that was such a fellow refines, if can refine this pill, how to lack divine coin? Will not know the value. This is the ordinary dragon blood Saint pill's more than 20 times of prices, can value ten thousand divine coin. I...... I pick, your if wanted , did not want me to change the place to sell.” Shen Xiang wants saying that is refines, but thinks or thinks to consider as finished, so as to avoid comes out own status exposed. 35,000 thousand divine coin!” Ye Qin has not closely examined other, said the price. Ordinary dragon blood Saint pill is also five ten divine coin one grains, has Divine Halo dragon blood Saint pill to be higher than 20 times of this, three grains add to sell this price, was the price in Shen Xiang heart. Good!” Shen Xiang readily agreed. His grinning received these divine coin from the Ye Qin hand, then said the sound said goodbye, flushed to wash away this hall. After leaving the shop, Long Xueyi said: „Hasn't Yang Yan given you a letter? Said his wife when here City Lord, can look for his wife!” Does not want to go, depends on itself to be quite good.” Shen Xiang had small divine coin, he planned that buys some inferior middle-grade saint medicine, then uses elixir to process, can alchemy.

Shen Xiang arrives at the rural fair that spreads one's wares on the ground for sale, actually suddenly sees on a wall to have very familiar secret marks, he walks to look that immediately is joyful, because this secret marks are Lu Qilian stay behind. Lu Qilian came Gods finally! „Shortly after this mark just stayed behind!” Shen Xiang combines to obtain the simple news according to these secret marks, afterward he leaves the rural fair, arrives at a residential district, here is constructing many small houses, is equally big, is mainly used to hire. Here environment is good, Lu Qilian should have many divine coin.” Shen Xiang according to the door plate of house, arrives at that Lu Qilian is. He knocks the front door of house, some quick people are opening the door. After the gate opens, Shen Xiang sees an appearance to be ordinary, but stature actually very proud female , he as soon as guesses that knows this is Lu Qilian, but change appearance. Sister Qilian?” Shen Xiang smiles to ask. The females nodded: Comes in!”