World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1834
Before Lu Qilian, in world of Nine Heaven was also strong side, but arrived along with massive Temple, many True God Profound God appeared in world of Nine Heaven, where her strength was too not strong, now arrived at this Gods. Therefore she must depend upon Shen Xiang, but Shen Xiang has also waited for her to come up. When do you come?” After Shen Xiang enters the room, very impolite sits, takes up the fruit on tabletop to eat. Lu Qilian removes change appearance on face, restores her beautiful appearance, cannot help but badly looks at Shen Xiang to smile. Came to be very long! Your matter I heard, your really same as usual, goes to such to toss about where.” The Lu Qilian expression is having the blame, she does not hope that Shen Xiang that high-sounding talk, this will not be disadvantageous to Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang laughed, touches the face of Lu Qilian: Sister Qilian, thanks the care, amn't I am all right now?” Lu Qilian sighed lightly: Did not say these, has not thought that you will come to here really! I heard that this Goddess City will have Dan God to come, therefore I also come to here, can look contact with you!” Shen Xiang comes time, does not come to that Dan God. Sister Qilian, do you know the whereabouts of his her girl? Do they have the wood to have Gods?” Shen Xiang only meets Lu Qilian now. Lu Qilian shook the head: No, but you do not need to worry that at that time they accompany together, moreover how long not to have passed, waited for a period of time again, when they had certain strength, can definitely contact with us.” Shen Xiang said: Feng Yujie in Goddess Palace, you must now join Goddess Palace is very definitely easy, perhaps also has not the low status, does not need such in all directions to drift.” Lu Qilian is holding the fragrant cheek, saying of Youyou: „Haven't you understood me? You should most understand my man.”

Shen Xiang said with a smile: Also right, depending on your temper, should to establish own Temple to be right!” Lu Qilian said with a smile lightly: Actually Temple also such, I now only want to become by myself stronger, does not need to fear that this fears that! I want to found empire of the god in this Gods, ruler who I must be all Shen.” Ambition is big, but I like...... Hehe, when the time comes I am the man of your this ruler.” Shen Xiang Ha Ha said with a smile. Lu Qilian spat one tenderly, she arrives at Gods to be so long, has felt very lonely, now meets Shen Xiang, lets her is very happy. Sister Qilian, does divine coin suffice to spend?” Shen Xiang puts out divine coin that he had just gained, how Lu Qilian said that was also his half woman, used to money own woman, was the natural matter. You are remaining, you also feared that I can't gain divine coin?” Lu Qilian has rejected, she said with a smile to Shen Xiang: What words you had directly saying that you and did I also need such cautious?” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Sister Qilian, I want to practice that with you...... Life Slaughtering Technique, I want to make to be many some Sacred Level herbs, tries our present levels while convenient, how cultivates that Life Slaughtering Technique to be able!” Lu Qilian lightly snorted, said with a smile: Knows that you are thinking this, I also want to try actually.” Practices Life Slaughtering Technique together, wants the kiss mouth, in their heart may not only want to practice Life Slaughtering Technique together, what thinks when is that type of wadding entangles the thick love of bringing. Shen Xiang is most initiative, Lu Qilian complies, he in the past was holding Lu Qilian, making her sit on the thigh, is holding Lu Qilian small mouth...... They were the absorbed violence have kissed first, started revolution Life Slaughtering Technique, concise that type of spirit bead......

After a double-hour, they separate, Lu Qilian puts out a grain of cherry size from the mouth the silver-white bead, before them the spirit bead that comes out concise is bigger, moreover the color is also different. This spirit bead should change fierce, if can concentrate High-Grade saint medicine to be good fast!” Lu Qilian said: Your my present strength, most needs should be High-Grade Saint pill!” The Shen Xiang nod said: Good, but heard that the High-Grade saint medicine quantity are not many, moreover refines High-Grade Saint pill to need the home remedy, is not good to refine!” Then we first look for middle-grade saint medicine, how many divine coin your does there have?” Lu Qilian that grain of spirit bead does not receive, this is the crystallization that she and Shen Xiang kisses violently, at this time she has also approved Shen Xiang, is getting deeper and deeper to the Shen Xiang's sentiment. 35,000, this was I just sold...... Shen Xiang that dragon blood Saint pill traded to sell pill's process to tell Lu Qilian him, the brain of Lu Qilian transferred quickly, had fought with Shen Xiang in the past. Lu Qilian by in the Shen Xiang's bosom, is similar to the docile cat, Shen Xiang is also unable to put down is caressing her beautiful hair lightly. Divine Halo Saint pill who it seems like you refine perhaps has achieved very high standard, Ye Qin with will look to her Dan God father that three grains of Dragon Blood Dan.” Lu Qilian listens to the Shen Xiang's heartbeat, suddenly to induce to other strength: What is this? Is that White Dragon......” Long Xueyi said with a smile tenderly: Excuse me, disturbed you!” Lu Qilian wants to work loose from the Shen Xiang's bosom, but has not actually prevailed, Shen Xiang tight is hugging her, at this time Long Xueyi also ran from Hidden Jade Ring, she just came out, the body of that tender Xiao Ling jade was being hugged by Shen Xiang another hand. Then, Shen Xiang Hehe smiles hugs two to work loose him to embrace the handsome person. Lu Qilian helpless coldly snorted, she is not strange to Long Xueyi, let alone Long Xueyi or past famous Heavenly Dragon Great Emperor, therefore she is good to the Long Xueyi's impression.

Sister Qilian, bites this little rascal quickly!” Long Xueyi said with a smile tenderly. More bites him, perhaps he is happy.” Lu Qilian has used not the small vigor, finally has worked loose Shen Xiang that in the bad hand that on her paws. Lu Qilian white Shen Xiang, the sound became serious: Said the proper business!” This time Lu Qilian, had in the past that Empress style. Long Xueyi is also peaceful, clever sitting there, asked in a low voice: Sister Qilian, what means you have, making this little rascal gain to many divine coin?” Lu Qilian shakes the head saying: „It is not, currently speaking, he needs is not many divine coin, but refines high rank Saint pill, but High-Grade saint medicine and home remedy are not good to look, some middle-grade saint medicine also difficulties, therefore needs certain divine coin to support!” Shen Xiang asked: „Do we want to do? Sells dragon blood Saint pill?” Ye Qin takes your dragon blood Saint pill, definitely knows that is you refines, when you compete with alchemy on the same day, one time refines 15 grains to have Divine Halo dragon blood Saint pill, at that time pink clouds Pill Saint also on the scene.” Lu Qilian said: in other words, Goddess Palace knows that now you arrived here. You should better hide the identity, although Feng Yujie is not low in the Goddess Palace status.” Shen Xiang and some Long Xueyi doubts, Lu Qilian said that must guard against Goddess Palace!