World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1835

Why Lu Qilian saw Long Xueyi and Shen Xiang is puzzled she saying that explained: Main is not guarding against Goddess Palace, but is guarding against that in Goddess Palace inside Dan God! Shen Xiang you practice Heaven Refining Technique, so long as is Dan God, wants to obtain this divine art, therefore against person's heart must have.” The Shen Xiang nod said: How before has not clarified that Dan God moral behavior, other my best exposed, therefore I cannot now with the Feng Yujie contact, right?” Lu Qilian shakes the head saying: No, if you want means and Feng Yujie relate in secret, how only then she exactly knows that Dan God! I thought that Dan God suddenly appears somewhat is here strange, because I heard that this Dan God threw here many years the daughter, has not come many times.” Shen Xiang did not know about this Dan God that only knows Ye Qin is his daughter, moreover this Dan God and Goddess Palace Palace Master has ambiguous relationship probably. „Can Ye Qin be this Dan God and Goddess Palace Palace Master daughter?” Shen Xiang listened to that black clothed old man to say. „It is not, Goddess Palace Palace Master cannot have the children and companions, therefore this is impossible! Before Feng Yujie and I have mentioned Goddess Palace something, therefore this is only the rumor, but I suspected that this Dan God and Goddess Palace Palace Master relationship was great, possibly was family member relationship.” Because beforehand Feng Yujie must invite Lu Qilian to join Goddess Palace, therefore Lu Qilian also seized the chance to ask about many Goddess Palace matters, will therefore compare to understand these matters. Lu Qilian said: Relates the Feng Yujie matter to give me, you and Xueyi seek for convenient inexpensive middle-grade saint medicine and High-Grade saint medicine.” Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi nodded, leave this house, is divided into two groups, alone goes to these pills shops to inquire the quotation, has a look not to have convenient middle-grade saint medicine. The spirit bead that Shen Xiang and Lu Qilian about cultivating, can make quality extremely bad herbs the quality is very good, therefore this can omit their many divine coin.

God Han pill spreads, here sells pill! It looks like the business is good, these many people in inside.” Shen Xiang passed by one to decorate lordly shop very much, several story-high, the position is also very good, understood at a glance that is not the shop that the average person opens. Shen Xiang goes, sees on wall to hang a banner, above writes some characters „the High-Grade Saint pill special price markdown sale of exclusive secret recipe. This shop has High-Grade Saint pill to sell, explained that the shop has good Pill Saint to provide in alchemy, is very competent, especially High-Grade Saint pill, truly needs the exclusive secret home remedy to refine, but must obtain these home remedies not to be easy, must pay can obtain. These home remedies do not permit optional to divulge to an outsider, once discovered that will draw on the punishment of Dan God, to obtain the High-Grade Saint pill's home remedy, needs to look for Dan God to buy, expensive. Dry Saint pill who our exclusive secret recipe refines, but many Sage Heavenly God approve, after eating up, can strengthen Divine Power, even if will be Profound God eats will have the good effect.” Shen Xiang inquired that a old man this exclusive High-Grade Saint pill is anything, gets a such answer. The High-Grade Saint pill's name are many, this is because of home remedy too many reasons, but many are mostly the same except for minor differences, is only the effect difference is different, if effect remarkable High-Grade Saint pill, majority are very famous, Shen Xiang has heard several types. The famous High-Grade Saint pill's home remedy, is some Dan God studies with many years, therefore is not only precious, is very difficult to obtain. This does Saint pill not to open temporarily sells, in front of us has sold several to approve, each group of many people snatch, therefore propagandizes now, making everybody prepare divine coin.” That old man also said.

Shen Xiang leaves this god writing shop, inquired to outside, knew that does Saint pill is very truly good, after eating up, Divine Power will have the obvious enhancement, especially itself Divine Power is quite weak, the effect is more tangible. This does Saint pill not to promote cultivation base and Divine Power reserves, but strengthens Divine Power, therefore will be very popular. Then, Shen Xiang also inquired the background of this god writing shop, has not thought that unexpectedly and a God of Wealth big apprentice has relationship. This apprentice Shen Xiang is very familiar, is that Plentiful God! But opens the person in this shop, is the Plentiful God son, named Li Zhonghan! Afterward, he also inquired that a quite interesting matter, is this Li Zhonghan far away runs to come to here to open the shop, main purpose unexpectedly to pursue female of Ye Qin Dan God! The Li Zhonghan strength is very very strong, is Profound God, itself does not understand alchemy, but he called two title Pill Saint to assume his shop, therefore his shop besides Goddess Palace, the business was here best, gains divine coin is also most. „A grain does Saint pill to want hundred thousand divine coin, he sells a number of hundred grains each time, but can actually earn surely divine coin.” In the Shen Xiang heart is exclaiming in surprise secretly, sells high level Saint pill is very really good to gain: If I sell middle-grade Divine Halo Saint pill, possibly is only 2-3 accidentally grains, the refinement difficulty is also big, has pill to be also few!” middle-grade Saint pill is not very good to refine, although does not need that secret recipe, but actually needs many middle-grade saint medicine to fuse together, refines to be strenuous. Refines middle-grade Saint pill and High-Grade the Saint pill's difficulty is equally big, reason that High-Grade Saint pill be higher than a stage middle-grade , because High-Grade Saint pill needs the secret recipe, as well as some High-Grade saint medicine.

Shen Xiang went to several pills shops, inquired middle-grade saint medicine that is quite expensive, ordinary point wants more than 5000 divine coin, good rare even wants over ten thousand tens of thousands. Night, he and Long Xueyi returned to the Lu Qilian house, he and Long Xueyi come out the price report. „The present pills price rose, possibly this is reason that because Hell Temple dumps.” Long Xueyi said: I had asked some people, they said that in the near future rose.” Shen Xiang asked: Why can dump with Hell Temple has relationship? This has no reason!” Long Xueyi spits the tongue: I am how clear, in brief these profiteers to rise in prices in the good reason, manages you are anything, because the pills price for many years was too low, now does the pills business grain bin also to have massive pills, therefore colludes with rise in prices.” Lu Qilian shakes the head saying: Should not be this, before my Hundred Flowers Palace because some situations need to slow down to sell pills, to guarantee certain pills sell, we will rise in prices large scale! For example we face great war, oneself need to consume massive pills, we will rise in prices, such will come the speed of pills sell to be slower, this will not be out of stock.” Shen Xiang knits the brows: „Do these sell pills Temple urgently needed to consume massive pills these days? This what happened?” Lu Qilian said: I have obtained to relate with Feng Yujie, she tomorrow will possibly come here, I think that she should clearly what happened.”