World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1836

Lu Qilian that quickly relates Feng Yujie, this lets Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi somewhat admires. Feng Yujie her present situation probably is not good, otherwise depending on her and our relationship, definitely will immediately come to meet with us, but she will say wants tomorrow, moreover when will not determine tomorrow! in other words, she must meet with us, needs very discretely, this possibly because of your reason.” Lu Qilian thinks of many things, this is her intuition. Sees Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi is serious, Lu Qilian smiles: Possibly was only I wants! Does not need to be worried that the Feng Yujie background is not after all small, now also has the Heavenly God strength, currently speaking also calculates that had the good strength!” Shen Xiang, how can you then use divine coin in our hand to earn?” Shen Xiang sighed: I want to refine High-Grade Saint pill directly, but does not have the home remedy! From the refinement difficulty, High-Grade Saint pill is the same with middle-grade Saint pill, if possible, refines High-Grade Sacred Dan Gathering to be quite good directly!” Lu Qilian exits not only to relate Feng Yujie today, did fully the schoolwork in the Saint pill aspect, said: Refines High-Grade Saint pill, at least needs two High-Grade saint medicine and three middle-grade saint medicine matches the composition home remedy to be good, but Sacred Level High-Grade herbs, one type at least needs two ten thousand divine coin! Even if there is a home remedy, refines herbs that High-Grade Saint pill needs also to purchase with six 70,000 divine coin.” Shen Xiang nodded: Good, this divine coin does not need to be worried, so long as there is a home remedy, these are not the issues!” Lu Qilian said: So-called home remedy, is different middle-grade High-Grade herbs carries on the mutual tie-in sale, as well as enters the time-gap of furnace, when the component of being used as medicine, different herbs smelting crucial moment, during this coordination. Therefore in not having home remedy situation, wants to try to find out that needs to carry on very multiple attempt to be good.” Shen Xiang sighed one, nodded: Good, when refines High-Grade Saint pill, was not casual several saint medicine combines that's alright, if were five top rank saint medicine fuses together refined into pill, perhaps did not have low-grade Saint pill to be good, but if there is a good home remedy, matched with ordinary High-Grade saint medicine, can that casual five top rank herbs matching was better.” Long Xueyi lies in the tabletop, said: „Can that be able to attain home remedy? Right, Feng Yujie can refine High-Grade Saint pill probably, tomorrow she came to ask her!” This is also the Shen Xiang beforehand plan, he asked Feng Yujie to give, Feng Yujie will definitely not reject his request.

Now is the night, on the Shen Xiang face brings badly to smile, said: Sister Qilian, we manage proper business, evening's time, we can cause many that type of spirit beads.” Long Xueyi naturally knows that they must make any proper business, pū chī smile, then enters in Shen Xiang's Hidden Jade Ring, Shen Xiang walked, holds Lu Qilian, enters in the room. Cannot act unreasonably......” Lu Qilian just saying that Shen Xiang's touched her front sensitive place, but also rubbed to pinch gently, making her shout one tenderly. rascal, cannot paw!” Lu Qilian is counter-attacking, has pinched a Shen Xiang meat vigorously. Shen Xiang and Lu Qilian Divine Soul already double cultivation, but that is only Divine Soul, Lu Qilian too did not adapt to by Shen Xiang so intimate contact some in the reality, but she cannot be what kind of now, can only obey Shen Xiang...... An evening quick on the past, regarding Shen Xiang is very happy short, he of sleeping soundly, was waked up by shouting by Lu Qilian, at this time Lu Qilian in the wear clothes that his side hurries. A bit faster reorganizes, Feng Yujie must come quickly, cannot make her know that I and you......” Lu Qilian look at that on snow white bedding to wipe bright red, is biting the lip lightly, cannot help but recalled that last night she and Shen Xiang that crazy and happy, making her lifelong unforgettable. Looks that a Shen Xiang also face badly smiles to look at her snow white beautiful luster of the skin, she has pinched the Shen Xiang's nose maliciously: Also not a bit faster!” Shen Xiang then leisure wears clothes, said with a smile: Has not thought after our true double cultivation, effect unexpectedly so will be good, the spirit return that concentrates is the crystal, later we must carry on much.” Lu Qilian tenderly snorted, she has worn the clothes, starts to comb beautiful hair, simultaneously looks at that more than ten grains of purple crystal beads on makeup stage, that is she and Shen Xiang the wadding entangles, while cultivates the spirit bead that Life Slaughtering Technique concentrates, looks like truly before them concentrates is much better.

Shen Xiang from behind is holding Lu Qilian, at this time Lu Qilian is his woman, can have Lu Qilian completely, making him very satisfied, this makes him love Lu Qilian. Sister Qilian, has not thought that so is usually severe, I also think that last night must be tossed about dead, has not thought that you are putting on that gently!” Shen Xiang tastes Lu Qilian that tender feelings, in the heart is having a peaceful feeling beyond description: I loved you!” Lu Qilian supple sound track: Ok, should not be disgusting! Prepares well, do not let Feng Yujie see that I and you had that relationship.” Shen Xiang does not understand why Lu Qilian must such do, asks: Why? Let her know that nothing!” Lu Qilian has patted gently his head: Fool! I have not wanted too many to know me and your matter now, if Feng Yujie knew, she goes back definitely to tell Meng'er their several, if later met Meiyao and Youyou...... that say nothing of!” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile: I understood, my Divine Country Empress does not want to make others know that I am her husband!” Long Xueyi said with a smile tenderly: Relax, I, although witnessed the process, but I will not say!” The Lu Qilian jade face is red immediately: What? Can Xueyi see in inside? Also...... Witnesses the entire process......” little girl, you...... You are worse!” Lu Qilian is mad unable to speak, she does not know this. Ok, did not matter, in any case I and you have had many matters, this dragon brat is an observer.” Shen Xiang said with a smile.

The Lu Qilian deep breath several tones, slowly accepted. Outside suddenly hears the knock, Feng Yujie arrived, Shen Xiang also hastily reorganizes the good clothing, then goes out greets Feng Yujie. After opening the door, seeing on a face to bring the silver mask, wears the person of black robe to walk, this is Feng Yujie! But she hides herself this, seems like to avoid others tracks. She so is discrete in her domain, really before and Lu Qilian, such that guessed, Feng Yujie has encountered some situations in Goddess Palace, causing her to handle affairs very discretely. After coming, Feng Yujie had not felt relieved that fast waving cloth next several barrier, take down the mask, that thin and pale incomparable face that reveals, looks at Shen Xiang secretly to love dearly, hastily held her to sit down in the past. Lu Qilian is also so, the running together of two syllables in rapid speech inquired: Sister Feng elder sister, how?”