World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1837
Feng Yujie likely is not the injured appearance, but looks like very thin and pale, like is the consumption excessively. Shen Xiang and Lu Qilian were waiting for she spoke, she closed the eye, has attracted several tones slightly, after putting out a grain of golden pill pellet clothing/taking next, the complexion was good. I am all right, was only the Divine Power consumption are too many.” The Feng Yujie sound is very low, understood at a glance that she is very weak. Shen Xiang asked: Why can like this? You should safely be very right in this city, were you and others fight?” But Feng Yujie now Heavenly God, if there is Heavenly God to hit here, so long as knows in the city, only if in audiences Temple in that space. Feng Yujie shook the head: „It is not, I have used secret method, this is for not exposed I. I have been monitored now, to see you, I only then used that secret method.” Shen Xiang and Lu Qilian have neglected one, before Lu Qilian guessed correctly that Feng Yujie is not good because of the Goddess Palace situation, now really so, moreover looks like imagine terrible compared with them many. Is that Dan God?” Lu Qilian asked: Your present strength is not weak, even if quite fierce point Heavenly God, perhaps is unable to threaten you!” Feng Yujie shook the head: „It is not leaf Dan God, but is the Supreme Devil God fellow, he now in Goddess Palace!” Hears Supreme Devil God, in the Shen Xiang heart jumps suddenly! Supreme Devil God recognized that Divine Mirror of Six Paths had been stolen by the young nine girls, but Feng Yujie and young nine girls are similar to the sisters, therefore she will stare at now by Supreme Devil God. This fellow is seeking for supreme treasure, he said that this thing was taken by the young nine girls, he thinks that the young nine girls can look for me, therefore he has been monitoring me.” Feng Yujie somewhat helpless saying: Now I know that we have wrongly accused the young nine girls!”

In world of Nine Heaven that demon emperor at is not the young nine girls, but is a substitute person, moreover that substitute person only listens to the Supreme Devil God words. These are Supreme Devil God tell Feng Yujie! Feng Yujie does not know that Divine Mirror of Six Paths on Shen Xiang, does not know that Shen Xiang sees the too small nine girls, now Shen Xiang will definitely not speak irresponsibly, because Feng Yujie was being monitored by Supreme Devil God, if he said inadvertently, perhaps Supreme Devil God will run in Divine Prison to look for the young nine girls. Sister Feng, then you now very danger(ous)?” Shen Xiang asked that he wants to make Feng Yujie be far away from that Supreme Devil God. Feng Yujie said: You do not need to worry that my safety, Supreme Devil God has not dared to kill me, if the homicide I, he will also face very big disaster.” In the Shen Xiang heart relaxed, he has not thought that he obtains Divine Mirror of Six Paths, will implicate Feng Yujie, this made in his heart somewhat feel sorry. Lu Qilian does not know that Supreme Devil God is any background, asked: What strength this is Supreme Devil God? unexpectedly makes Von clean so!” Feng Yujie sighed one: This fellow is Highest God, before being very long, with Nine Spirit Kings is the sworn enemy, he to seek for supreme treasure, has controlled Infernal Demon Emperor, he said that sought, but was taken by the young nine girls!” Afterward Feng Yujie also told Lu Qilian to have the matter about young nine girl, that quite therefore her younger sister, still does not have the name. Shen Xiang wants to tell Feng Yujie to have the matter about young nine girl very much, but he does not dare, was worried that can harm the young nine girls and Feng Yujie, the ghost knows that Supreme Devil God in the nearby. Did not say these! Can see that you are really good, I am very happy.” The Feng Yujie complexion was better, shows the charming moving smiling face.

Lu Qilian also smiles, nodded. Shen Xiang asked: Sister Meng'er and Xianxian their how many? Has to arrive at Gods?” Feng Yujie said with a smile: Naturally came, but they in Goddess Palace, they do not arrive, went to the Divine Weapon palace, they are Jiang Sheng go together, should want to study something!” If Divine Weapon Palace Master refines Divine Weapon divine tool Temple, they and Jiang Sheng go, Shen Xiang was not worried that they can arrive at Gods, had certain strength. Sister Feng, recent pills rose these many, do you know reason?” Lu Qilian asked that this was she and matter of Shen Xiang continuously doubts. Hears Lu Qilian such to ask that Feng Yujie has sighed deeply: Mainly was each big Temple Dan God comes back! Once this crowd of Dan God gather together, the first matter makes Divine Pill compared with trial. But refinement Divine Pill needs massive Saint pill to take the home remedy, for example refines low-grade Divine Pill, said low-grade Saint pill who needs at least on the hundred thousand grain, High-Grade Saint pill also needs to be many.” These Dan God compete with alchemy, not only but refines one grain of two grains to be so simple, therefore now each Temple every large or small alchemy master, is Dan God refinement Saint pill.” Divine Pill home remedy unexpectedly is this, needs to increase that many Saint pill to assist, Shen Xiang first time heard. Refines Divine Pill anything, although Shen Xiang wants to have a look, but he thinks own not that opportunity . Moreover the time when the time comes the Dan God competition, requires is very definitely long. Shen Xiang Hehe said with a smile: „The Sister Feng elder sister, were you now Dan God? Your previous time said that you started to refine Divine Pill!” Feng Yujie sees appearance that Shen Xiang this is smiling, knows that Shen Xiang is having her idea, tenderly snorted: Good, I now was Dan God, but do not count on that I helped your alchemy, I do not have the time now! I must a bit faster promote the strength, I do not want to stare by that Supreme Devil God.”

Shen Xiang said with a smile: „The Sister Feng elder sister, I wants to make you give me some home remedies, I must refine High-Grade Saint pill now!” Feng Yujie and Shen Xiang compete with twice, have defeated miserably, Shen Xiang each time want her to give the home remedy very much now, she cannot help but smiles: little rascal, aren't you very fierce? Should be able to create good home remedy, my home remedy can only refine very disappointing High-Grade Saint pill, perhaps cannot enter your eyes!” Shen Xiang curls the lip saying: You leave that stingy! Haven't I won you twice?” Feng Yujie purses the lips saying: I must stingy, who make you not understand that is letting others, let alone I am a girl!” Sees Feng Yujie to act like a spoiled brat, Shen Xiang did not have the means thoroughly, helpless looked at Lu Qilian, stirred up the Lu Qilian in a low voice chuckle. How can give me the home remedy?” Shen Xiang knows one a blood, is unable to obtain the home remedy from Feng Yujie here. On the Feng Yujie face full is the haughty smiling face, cracks into a chuckle: You comply to help me refine 100 grains of High-Grade Saint pill, I give you! This is that Dan God gives my duty, is very exhausting!” If low-grade Saint pill, let alone 100 grains, even if 1000 grains, Shen Xiang also met the brow not to wrinkle directly complies. But this High-Grade Saint pill was different, he has not refined, if several days can refine one grain, must build up 100 grains of that is the greatest suffering.