World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1838
I can only refine dragon blood Saint pill now! If I must refine 100 grains of High-Grade Saint pill, I require some time...... You now are two Palace Master, is Dan God, divine coin did that many, buy directly cannot?” Shen Xiang said: Why can move unnecessarily?” Feng Yujie said with a smile: „Do you comply, did not comply with that! Leaf Dan God assigns High-Grade Saint pill who I refine, only then I have the home remedy, he does not have, therefore I can only refine.” Feng Yujie knows that Shen Xiang sold three grains of Divine Halo dragon blood Saint pill here, Shen Xiang progressed so amazingly quick, therefore she believes that Shen Xiang can certainly complete the matter that she transferred. The Shen Xiang heart central disk considers as finished, finally complies, the home remedy does not have divine coin to buy, otherwise that Dan God will not need Feng Yujie to refine these High-Grade Saint pill. herbs calculates my, in one year refines to me!” Feng Yujie throws to Shen Xiang storage pouch, then fingertip on the Shen Xiang's forehead: Now I give you home remedy, but this home remedy in the past Nine Spirit Kings the king of that Dan God.” Shen Xiang obtained that home remedy quickly, looks like somewhat complex, but cannot baffle him. „Did the Sister Feng elder sister, say some of you good home remedies?” Shen Xiang is very happy asking. Naturally, but do not count on that I pass to you, because I have promised him, some secret recipes cannot the to divulge to an outsider!” Feng Yujie sticks out one's tongue to say with a smile: Shen Xiang, you if later wants to become Dan God, oneself found the home remedy to! Reason that Dan God are so few, generally by home remedy catching.” The Divine Pill home remedy is definitely more complex preciously, Shen Xiang thinks that has! That Dan God should give you many advantage, otherwise you will not help his alchemy, you give me this bitter free wheeling now, crisply was you.” Shen Xiang the face was saying painstakingly. Feng Yujie said with a smile: You have occupied very big convenient, how many don't you believe to inquire my this High-Grade Saint pill's home remedy value? That Dan God wants me not to him, only if he uses the Divine Pill home remedy to receive in exchange.”

She has patted Shen Xiang that balsam pear same face, then said to Lu Qilian: I must walk, if no any important matter, we are rare the surface, I do not want to make that Supreme Devil God know that I have the good friend here, I worried that can implicate you.” Lu Qilian nodded: You are careful!” After Shen Xiang and Lu Qilian Feng Yujie delivers, Shen Xiang immediately takes a paper, lists saint medicine that home remedy needs. Rises Yuan Saint pill, after this Saint pill eats up, the main function can in a double-hour, Divine Power strengthen many, looked specifically itself cultivation base decides, generally speaking, High-Rank True God can strengthen five times, had two times to Low-Rank Profound God, Middle-Rank Profound God is one time!” Shen Xiang exclaims: This liter Yuan Saint pill is very fierce, unexpectedly can promote several times of Divine Power intensities, moreover what side effect will not have, this home remedy so is no wonder unusual, how many times after doesn't know I eat up, will promote?” „The High-Grade saint medicine two tastes, the middle-grade saint medicine three tastes, are very expensive things! High-Grade saint medicine is Fire Ivory Grass and Xiong Houhua! middle-grade saint medicine is Bewildering Strengthening Fruit and brute force fruit and Violent Power fruit, these three fruits are also called Three Saint Strength Fruits.” Shen Xiang lists these herbs names. He naturally does not need to purchase now, because Feng Yujie has given him 100 herbs. Did not mean that knows these five herbs, piecing together can refine that liter Yuan Saint pill, but the component of being used as medicine, the opportunity of smelting, herbs enters the news foreword of furnace to have the difference successively, this is the home remedy most essential is. If knows that needs any herbs, even if carries on various fumbles, needs to try to find out for a long time, even forever possibly has not tried to find out to obtain, it is said Dan God of many foundation home remedies, in most situations are by chance. Only then minority fierce Dan God, can acts according to the herbs different natures by the feeling and experience fast, carries on various combinations to create the best home remedy.

Lu Qilian puts out a grain of spirit bead, when this is she and Shen Xiang kisses concentrates, was not they double cultivation on the bed built up the strongest that purple last night. First gives a try this type!” Lu Qilian puts out one bowl of water, puts in inside that grain of silver-white spirit bead, the spirit bead melted quickly, but that bowl of clear water turn into the silver immediately, is similar to one bowl of melted silver such, very thick. Shen Xiang asked: „Can Sister Qilian, according to your experience, how many Fire Ivory Grass this bowl of elixir duplicate?” Lu Qilian shakes the head saying: I do not know that I do not have what concept regarding saint medicine! Now first gives a try.” She takes Fire Ivory Grass, this Fire Ivory Grass is similar to the tooth is the same, is fiery red, like is burning the flame tooth. Her careful cuts in half Fire Ivory Grass, then puts in that bowl of silver water. Soon, that has very thick silver water, suddenly becomes limpid, these silver energies were absorbed by Fire Ivory Grass completely, by cutting in half Fire Ivory Grass, was turned into two complete Fire Ivory Grass now . Moreover the quality compared with beforehand being much better. Is so fierce!” Lu Qilian is somewhat surprised, that is High-Grade saint medicine, she and Shen Xiang kisses Spirit Clan that comes out concise casually, a grain can duplicate High-Grade herbs to come, she was very satisfied. Shen Xiang said with a smile: Tries that purple, purple is definitely fiercer, after all that is we...... Hehe!” Lu Qilian lightly snorted, puts out the purple spirit bead, after putting in clear water inside, immediately emits purple light glow, makes that bowl of clear water turn into the thick purple light liquid instantaneously. This should be able to change four!” Lu Qilian slivers even four Fire Ivory Grass, puts in that bowl of purple light elixir, soon, purple light elixir vanishes, sees only in the bowl to have four small flames Fire Ivory Grass.

Lu Qilian said with a smile: Effect is really very good, later our strength promotion, even if duplicates divine medicine to be also quick!” Was only a pity that this liter Yuan Saint pill is not suitable to promote cultivation base, but can have the explosive force instantaneously, I must get so far as promote the strength home remedy to be good rapidly!” Shen Xiang can only complete this assignment now temporarily, this can make Feng Yujie continue to provide the home remedy to him. The Lu Qilian nod said: I first duplicate several to give you to practice, this pill promotes the strength not big help to us, can only play the role of transient rise, therefore I will not duplicate too many.” Although did not have the good home remedy, but Shen Xiang is very happy: Sister Qilian, I know that your I cooperate am best, later we must many...... cough cough!” Shen Xiang now first is careful analysis that home remedy, remembers these difficulties, refinement time must avoid as far as possible! According to this home remedy, herbs can only refine one grain, but must bleed off the dose of part to succeed intentionally, the fellow who creates this home remedy was also too irresponsible.” In the Shen Xiang heart has not to be feeling well, when alchemy runs off the majority of doses intentionally, will make him feel the meat pain.