World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1839
Lu Qilian said: This home remedy was this, you were not feeling well, but can be what kind of? Can you also transform this home remedy to be inadequate?” Shen Xiang is also clear, reason that must drain like this intentionally , to concentrates pill to compromise successfully, in his heart has this idea, wants to transform this home remedy well! But this easier said than done, therefore he can only refine first, first is familiar with this liter Yuan Saint pill's building up law to be good. Shen Xiang before the refinement, went to one here to sell the pill furnace place, using several hundred divine coin to purchase one most disappointing that. After coming back, he enters in a narrow and small secret room, starts to refine to rise Yuan Saint pill. Shen Xiang has to refine the Divine Halo Saint pill's solid foundation, now had the complete rising Yuan Saint pill's home remedy, therefore he begins is quite easy, but discarded several herbs to refine the quality also to calculate good rising Yuan Saint pill on the success. This also used he more than ten days. Feng Yujie has only given him 100 herbs, but each share can only refine one grain, therefore then he cannot appeared failed repeatedly, otherwise flaw needs itself to fill. After Shen Xiang has refined several grains, did not have the thoughts to continue to refine, because in his opinion, if not drain these rich medicine air/Qi, at least one furnace can three grains! He attempts to preserve these medicine air/Qi, wants to refine behind to have a look, which knows after he deviates the home remedy above overall route, starts to present the serious mistake, almost blasts inexpensive pill furnace that his just bought. Limitless building up and too extremely builds up does not have what help!” Because Shen Xiang wants to attempt to preserve these medicine air/Qi, built up to abandon several. Only can have a look in Heaven Refining Technique to have the method to make up for this issue.” Shen Xiang does not have sharply to go to comprehend Heaven Refining Technique now, the first reason that but found the failure, he has a direction like this.

After his careful analysis, had found the reason of failure, is mainly various medicine air/Qi needs a suitable quantity to fuse together, will otherwise explode, even if with too extremely builds up to fuse forcefully is not good! Because these medicine air/Qi are quite formidable, strength that more forcefully, erupts is formidable. Beforehand too extremely builds up or 2-3 types that single herbs for pill refines, but present is not only High-Grade Saint pill, is in several types High-Grade Sacred Level herbs, therefore gets together the ability that erupts, has gone beyond the control area of too extremely building up. If the method that other alchemy masters use, is similar, when is hard to control the polymerization Long Life instantaneous explosive force, therefore can only weaken various herbs medicine air/Qi. Then so long as to certain quantity, this medicines is mad unexpectedly to fuse together on own initiative, but does not need to abandon too many spirits. Shen Xiang according to the home remedy that Feng Yujie gives, the quantities of various accurate control medicine air/Qi, so long as meets the home remedy above standard, basically can succeed, at least slightly tried several that's alright. If no home remedy, possibly needs to try many times to obtain that suitable quantity, even is unable to attempt to come out, therefore founds the home remedy also to need certainly is by chance good. Shen Xiang has pondered the period of time carefully, the heart said: If I can solve this problem, then I, so long as knows that other pill with which several herbs refinements, I can obtain the home remedy!” After having solved this subject matter, enters the priority order and time of furnace as for that herbs is unimportant, because this also to let various medicine air/Qi can fuse the step. Shen Xiang believes that in Heaven Refining Technique has certainly solution, this is one of the four big taboo divine art, can refine the world myriad things, before Shen Xiang met many difficulties on alchemy, basically comprehends Heaven Refining Technique, studied some methods, then smoothly solved, making his alchemy technique to bring it up a level. Racking brains Shen Xiang, has closed for ten days in the secret room, has not harvested, he comes out after the secret room, seeing Lu Qilian to instruct Long Xueyi to practice anything. „Are you are teaching her Life Slaughtering Technique?” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile.

What are you happy?” Long Xueyi spits the fragrant tongue to him, she studies very earnestly, moreover probably studies also well, can concentrate a little elixir on the tongue. Lu Qilian also white his eyes, asked: How many grains refined to rise Yuan Saint pill?” Asked this, Shen Xiang could not smile, because his grain has not refined. Has not refined, according to the building up law of that home remedy, I do not have the power, was really a native of Taikeng!” Shen Xiang sighed one: I think well that can find the new method from Heaven Refining Technique, when the time comes I cannot such aggrieved alchemy.” Refines according to others' formula, moreover must waste that many herbs, regarding Shen Xiang is very aggrieved building up law. Shen Xiang alchemy does not take common road frequently, Lu Qilian and Long Xueyi are clear, therefore they can also understand Shen Xiang at this time. I cannot help any busy on alchemy.” Lu Qilian sighed lightly that she can only encourage Shen Xiang. All right, can with your together, I very be happy.” Shen Xiang laughed, walked to hug her. „A perspiration taste, takes a bath first!” Lu Qilian has shoved open Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang badly with a smile embraces tightly her, then hugs her to enter in the bath room, afterward only hears Lu Qilian various charmingly angry and recites the sound lightly......

Long Xueyi also wants to go to join in the fun, but in her heart has some worry, therefore for many years she always had not crossed a that final ridge with Shen Xiang, although on their Divine Soul already happy excessively multiple. After the Lu Qilian duplicate rain turns the cloud, the Shen Xiang body and mind is happy, long time racks one's brains wearily disappears to be spatial, in order to makes Lu Qilian that brings soon that Divine Country Empress, he must result in comprehend to leave does not need to walk the alchemy method of home remedy route. After entering the secret room, Shen Xiang immerses in the Heaven Refining Technique that sutra chant sea quickly, fast explanation, fast understanding, with the aim of seeking for the difficult problem that solves him currently to face. The comprehend process is very long, Shen Xiang has not discovered passing of time, quick on the past one month. Has used for one month, Shen Xiang also had the harvest, finally the discovery the difficult problem that from Heaven Refining Technique may be able to solve him to face. Source syngenesis! between Heaven and Earth all strange flowers different grass, are absorbs the between Heaven and Earth vigor to grow, Spirit Qi attribute that although absorbs is different, but these Spirit Qi are also world breeding, in other words all strange flowers different grass, are breeds by the similar energy.” Shen Xiang at present one bright, in the heart secretly rejoices: in other words, all strange flowers different grass are lives with the root, such one, quite in having blood relationship relationship. If so, so long as fuses all the same energies of strange flowers different grass interior implication, can lead other different herbal Spirit Qi to fuse together.” In Heaven Refining Technique has the method of this aspect, Shen Xiang will name as building up of source! So long as he seeks for successfully all herbs same root herbal Spirit Qi, reconciling, can lead other attribute Spirit Qi polymerization that is hard to fuse. Such one, he does not need to follow the home remedy above procedure!